Buca Bay Road Opens Up Opportunities

The opening of the first completed stretch of the sealed Buca Bay Road is a sign of Government’s commitment to the welfare of people in the North. We know a
12 Sep 2014 11:30

The opening of the first completed stretch of the sealed Buca Bay Road is a sign of Government’s commitment to the welfare of people in the North.

We know a lot has been said about the ‘Look North Policy’ by politicians contesting the September 17 general election.

Realistically the Look North Policy has been made by politicians to lure votes.

We must congratulate the Voreqe Bainimarama-led government that it has a vision to transform the North, to extend to the people of Vanua Levu the same level of services Fijians enjoy on Viti Levu.

The government is carrying out developments around the country with the fundamental belief that every Fijian– no matter where they live – not only deserves the same access to such things as sealed roads, electricity, water, education, health and telecommunications, it is their right.

Past governments, to be frank, have neglected to develop our nation properly.

There is a lot of catching up made by the government but surely, developments made are bringing smiles to the forgotten people.

As the Prime Minister said: “Well, today, those decades of neglect come to an end as I proudly open the first 10 kilometres of the planned 30-kilometre sealed Buca Bay Road, which starts in Nagigi and will soon continue all the way to Kasavu. The total value of the project is estimated at around $40 million and is expected to be fully completed by May 2015.”

The sealed road will cut travel times and improve accessibility to a whole section of Cakaudrove, including a number of settlements along its course. Many people will directly benefit from this new stretch of road.

School journeys will now be faster for the students at schools along the road.

A proper road means more than just improved convenience for the people living in the North.

All over the world, the record shows that building modern roads in rural areas increases economic activity, empowers ordinary people and enhances their prosperity and security.

New roads enable people to access markets, sell their products and sell their labour because their travel times to potential employment are reduced.

What this new road does is allow people to now finally focus on the potential of their area and not worry about its remoteness and inaccessibility – to focus on all the opportunities it offers for future development.

For landowners, these new opportunities mean that land in the area will be more attractive to potential investors and businesses and as a result, the value of the land will increase and in some cases increase significantly. This is very good news giving landowners more choices about how to put their land to use.

Landowners should always remember that the sole intent of government is to create opportunities for them and then to help them take advantage of those opportunities, so that they benefit and Fiji benefits.

For people in the North, the Look North Policy will surely bring more positive things for them.

Another positive thing about the developments carried our in the North and throughout the nation is that there is no discrimination.

We know that in the past only some were enjoying developments carried out by past governments as they were using the Animal Farm rule – “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

Now it is the other way round and those in the North and the whole of Fiji must be glad that we now have a leader and a government that really cares for the welfare of all Fijians and carry out developments for all to benefit.

For those in the North the new Buca Bay Road creates opportunities for businesses and investors that make the surrounding land more desirable and worth more money. As a result, landowners will now have more options about how best to put their land to productive and profitable use.

Let us all support Government’s Look North Policy.



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