Letters September 13 2014

Our soldiers, Tomasi Boginiso Nasinu Now that 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers are released should the churches be immediately organising a thanksgiving church service around the country or shall we always
13 Sep 2014 14:02

Our soldiers, Tomasi Boginiso


Now that 45 Fijian UN peacekeepers are released should the churches be immediately organising a thanksgiving church service around the country or shall we always wait till something happens?

Thank you Lord for your answering our prayers.

A prayer of thanksgiving, Berenadeta Lutua


Dear Father in Heaven, in awe of Your Greatness, we Your children in Fiji bow our heads and kneel with humility and thanksgiving before You, with tears of joy in our eyes.

We thank You for hearing our humble prayers and for Your divine intervention. We thank You for watching over our family members for the past two weeks while they were hidden from us. And we thank you for touching the hearts, souls and minds of our Syrian brothers so that they did no harm.

Similar to Your taming of the lions and their leaving Daniel unharmed when he was thrown into their den, we are dumbfounded and again boast of Your power and might which is now evident all over the world.

We give You the honour and the glory Heavenly Father, and we all thank You in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Huge relief, Floyd Robinson


What good news. The release of Fijian soldiers who were held hostage is a huge sigh of relief and one can imagine the happiness it means to immediate family members.

A big vinaka to those who worked behind the scenes to negotiate their release.  A huge relief to the nation and a blessed week.

Primary Schools IDC, Rajnesh Lingam


As the curtains drew on the primary schools IDC that concluded on a high note, I would like to congratulate the winning teams and all those hands that made the competition a success.

This competition unearthed new talents and soccer displayed was at its best as the youngsters had every reason to be at the mecca of primary schools soccer. Some of these players made their first appearance at the ANZ Stadium. What a proud moment for them and their families!

I take this time to thank the sponsors for the financial assistance in boosting the competition. The executives of Fiji Primary Schools Soccer, under the leadership of Bros. Ami Chand, Narendra Rao and Shalen Nagaiya, and all the zone officials, coaches and team management and teachers involved must be commended for doing so much for the development of soccer at the grassroots level.

The hard working executives of Suva, under the leadership of Bros. Adrian Kumar and Robin Dayal, deserve accolades for getting this soccer feast to the capital city. Parents and teachers who have been involved in the fundraising activities to ensure their children make the trip to the capital city must also be commended.

I was fortunate enough to visit some of the camps and I must commend the teachers for maintaining high discipline standards. What was most touching was the enormous support from the chosen parents who decided to billet with their children. These parents helped with camping chores.

Hence, congratulations to all the participating district teams, officials and referees. It was indeed a gratifying moment to join those who travelled from as far as Nadogo, Bua, Dreketi and Nadroga.

It is high time soccer emulates the success of our rugby brothers who have already laid the platform with the success of the Kaji Rugby competition.

Coup and military, Dorsami Naidu


Since 1987, we have been beset by military takeovers of democratically elected governments resulting in change in constitutions, and yet we seem not to have learned. We are fast approaching another general election. We have already been assured by the Commander of the Fiji military forces that he would respect and support the elected government and not be part of any form of instability or upheaval.

What concerns me though is that coups have been carried out when the commander and his senior officers are out of the country.

Can the present Commander and his Military Council, and the rank and file of the military, assure us that they will not participate in any upheaval nor will they interfere in the running of a democratically elected government unless assistance to maintain law and order is sought by the government?

iQoliqoli ownership, Jalesi Nakarawa

Hamilton, NZ

Traditional Fijian society did not have a concept of absolute ownership of iqoliqoli as implied under the Western legal system.

However, tribes had rights to fish in the nearby waters and reefs, which they extended to others upon request. As such exclusive boundaries were rare but rights were constantly negotiated.

The system of land ownership regulates the relationship of the people to the land, specifically the power of disposition over land and the right to use the land. As for the iqoliqoli the right to usage is basic to social existence, which is at times tied to traditional obligation.

The value of protecting indigenous rights is that, it increases their control, level of influence and authority in the management of natural resources, important to their livelihood.

Thus, is it too much for indigenous Fijians to assert ownership rights of the iqoliqoli in a legal system that is averse to the traditional notion of rights? If ownership can be legally justified through traditional usage from time immemorial; do we just ignore it?

The fear mongering of chaotic consequences on the recognition of indigenous rights to iqoliqoli is unfounded; but ignores the international convention that accepts indigenous ownership rights through traditional usage.

Suggestion, Allen Lockington

Kava Place

I would like to suggest to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) one important thing. Can you also issue a leg tax? Just like the wheel tax.

The reason I ask is because some pedestrians walk across the road at anytime even when a vehicle is approaching.

The LEG TAX will be attached to their forehead so that we drivers give them the right of way.

This will also entitle them to walk in the middle of the road. And some of them can also apply to have an emergency light attached on the top of their heads just like the Police vehicles or ambulance.


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