Letters September 16 2014

Fijiana Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu Congratulations to the Tanivula-coached Fijiana team for winning the Women’s Sevens World Series qualifier in Hong Kong after beating France 24-19 last Saturday night (Fiji time) to
16 Sep 2014 11:25


Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Congratulations to the Tanivula-coached Fijiana team for winning the Women’s Sevens World Series qualifier in Hong Kong after beating France 24-19 last Saturday night (Fiji time) to confirm its spot in the upcoming 2014/15 IRB Women’s Sevens World Series.

Now we Fiji 7s fans get to watch and cheer both series and we all hope that some of our girls could go on and earn big money like some of our male 7s players.

The Milo Kaji Rugby is only for boys, can we start building our future Fijiana reps from the Kaji level?

Go Fiji go.

Roads and footpaths

Tomasi  Boginiso, Nasinu

It’s so nice to see roads being widened to have free flow of traffic, but they seem to be removing the footpaths to better traffic and put people’s life in danger. Hope they complete the roads and the paths at the same time. Also in certain areas that have roadworks completed have not bothered to make footpaths. This is in Nadawa which is a very populated area.

The entire Ratu Dovi Road needs a footpath from Nadera to Nepani. The footpath also keeps the society healthy for their daily runs and walk.

Narere is another area that needs footpaths. Nakasi is also a densely populated. There are dangerous roads like Naveiwakau and Newtown areas. Street lights on these footpaths will be perfect.

Best wishes for Term 3

Rajnesh Lingam, Nasinu

I have been inspired by the words of C. S. Lewis and I quote: “The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts” unquote.

Term 3 has finally approached and week one has gone into history books. No doubt Term 3 will make all stakeholders realise that this term will require heaps of tolerance, patience, understanding, comfort, sympathy and empathy as students are preparing for the upcoming external examinations.

Teachers will leave no stones unturned in nurturing the children and preparing them mentally and psychologically to tackle exam based questions and provide learning tips to write good essays and answer questions with a lot of confidence.

My humble plea to the parents is to spend quality time with their children to ensure that their study needs are met. Parents must realise that the whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

Finally, best wishes to all the students who will be sitting for external exams.

Give your best shot and prepare well for your papers.

Hard work is the key to success. With blessings from the great God and your parents, passing with a quality mark should be your ultimate goal.

I leave you with the thoughts of Allan Bloom that “Education is the movement from darkness to light.”

Sekoula trees

Allen Lockington, Nadi

I wish to make a request to the contractors who are building the outside shelter at the Lautoka Market. Please take a little more care when trimming the branches of the two Sekoula trees located there.

Please use a chainsaw and prune the branches nicely. Don’t use the bucket of the digger to break off the branches. I could see the bucket going up and breaking the branches. Please take a bit more care because the two trees are dear to us.”

I hope it’s not too much to ask.

Learning from  Mandela’s story

Josaia Rayawa, Savusavu

The South African story presents a classic case to heed.  Both sides of South Africa’s political fences never wanted to come together.

However it was more of Mandela’s faith in God and his live-by-example lifestyle that attracted and drew people with opposing views towards his vision – both blacks and whites, alike.

He used every vehicle of change available to him to bring about the consensus. Some of these vehicles of change (sports, religion, political dialogue, and ultimately the goodwill of the people) are now well-recorded in the annals of South African history.

He never forced his message; he just made them realise it and then they believed it.

That requires of a lot of giving of the soul and spirit for one to achieve – if the heart is where you want your message to reside. Mandela was exceptional indeed.

Long loaf 

Arun Prasad, Nausori

Nothing beats the famous ‘white’ long loaf bread.

But alas, you hardly find that in the bakeries now, particularly at some Raiwaqa and Nakasi outlets.

I guess the same goes with medium-sized bread in other outlets as well. They will have long loaf, but ‘brown’ whole-meal.

Yup, I guess it’s a way to beat the price-controlled ones.

I am sure many of you have noticed that too.

Isa my long loaf!

Reading problems

Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

It is interesting to read concerns raised by people on the reading disabilities of our young ones. I hope someone has done a research on who the non or poor readers are. They are ones who:

– Hardly pick up a book to read or even see and appreciate the pictures in it.

– Have no regard for leisure time reading.

– No priority to attend sc-hool.- absent for whatever reasons.

For some the rituals at home are more important than attending school.

– Disregard homework and spend time doing anything except studies.

– Not supervised by parents

– Simply do not want to re-ad.

Remember to learn to swim, one must go into the water deep enough. Such is the case for reading as well. One must be immersed with books to learn to read.

By the way they can read the text messages well or can write on the walls very ably and select which song to play on the mobile phones with the headphones plugged in their ears.

As I have always been writing, it is the family that is the controlling authority that decides whether the child born will be a strength or become a liability for the nation. Stop blaming others for our own faults.

A little change in our family affairs can become a source of inspiration for all the goods we expect.

I had asked a group of senior students at a primary school if they had read the book “Cinderella”.

Unfortunately, they had not.


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