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Election results Ravulolo Tuikubulau, Lautoka Now that it is finally over, let us just thank God for the results of our peaceful election. We had been praying, fasting and asking God
19 Sep 2014 08:57

Election results

Ravulolo Tuikubulau, Lautoka

Now that it is finally over, let us just thank God for the results of our peaceful election.

We had been praying, fasting and asking God to choose the people of His choice and not our choice. So, whoever will sit to represent us in the next Parliament is His choice for us. Paul says in his letters to the church people….

And let,” the peace of God rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And, be thankful.” (Colossians 3:15) God bless our new leaders.

Fijian democracy

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Never before the citizen of our beautiful nation of Fiji are so willing to cast their vote, all in the name of democracy.

People forget what type of position they hold in their work, or what class of chief they come from or a being celebrity or being whatever race you are considered as, on these particular September 17, everyone was the same. Everyone stood in the queue to await their turn. Even the President of Fiji, the present Government ministers the political party leaders were all in line with the others.

And should we be proud individually of what you have achieved on this day. Fiji is relying on what we have done. The moment you made your choice you should be proud of yourself.

This election will be in history as the best ever. A huge amount of efforts has been put in and the smooth running of every polling station, the dedicated poll workers and the media coverage, it has made it the best ever.

Whatever the outcome might be, every Fiji citizen can say that they have done their part of the bargain. It is now the politicians who will have to do their part. Remember what you have promised the people.

We will be expecting you to deliver what you have promised.

To the fun part of this election that the Indian TV series at around noon wasn’t missed, followers either came early or after the show.

Male dominated at the polling during the time of show than females.

The other important factor is that it was a one day polling compared to several days.

People knew if they miss this opportunity there will be no other.

Even if polling were to start much earlier people would still be there.

And people were able to see and know the number of people living in their area.

We go to church, we ride the buses daily, we meet on the street, we met at our local store, but never before we were all together at one place.

In areas of Tailevu South, the villages that had polling stations in their community hall, put up a big feast and sharing kava to celebrate the occasion. Election has never been brought so close to their door steps.

At around 5pm villages, settlements and suburbs were quiet maybe of the amount of kava being consumed during the day or people glued to the TV awaiting the outcome or just relaxing after a hectic day of decision making.

To the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem and the whole team, congratulations for what you have done in whichever way to make this election a success.

To all the people of Fiji, vinaka vakalevu.


Tukai Loganilakeba, Nadi

Interesting to note that Dan Urai has now turned full time leisure fisherman of Lautoka after being rejected outright by our majority Fijian eligible voters during the September 17 election.

He now assumes and blames Mr Bainimarama and his Government for taking away one’s right to go leisure fishing.

He has decided to conveniently forget that through the LTA Act, all vehicle’s that wishes to use our Fiji roads must comply and go through the processes of vehicle’s registration, fitness test for road worthy, etc, and pay the necessary fees accordingly in order one can use the car at the owners discretion.

Dan was caught by Police last year driving his registered vehicle under the influence of alcohol on one of his so-called leisure drive.

MSAF is tasked and is the sole authority and regulator of Fiji’s 200 miles EEZ waters and similar to LTA, all motorised boats, water vessels and ships that want to ply their trade within our waters must all go through the same process whether the boat will be used for leisure or business.

For as long as Dan’s unlicensed boat has complied with MSAF of Lautoka, he can go leisure fishing 24/7.

The popularity of Mr Bainimarama’a leadership qualities and his Cabinet’s decentralising of government services to the people of this country indiscriminately and forging ahead with our countries’ economic developments, prompted the majority through their tick to give him another four years to implement his promises in the FijiFirst manifesto and more for all Fijian irrespective where they live

We hope that can be respected by all losing candidates and political parties.

It is now a fully fledged Fijian inclusive government including supporters of PDP, FLP and others as is protected under our world acclaimed 2013 Constitution.

A new dawn

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

The people of Fiji have spoken through their votes and the FijiFirst party has been given the mandate to lead our nation forward into a new dawn for the next four years.

I believe that this is also the answer to prayer and will have the blessing of Heaven as all Fijians are treated equally on a level playing field.

As a nation with a democratically elected government, all the assistance from other nations that were shut down will be restored.

Let us now forget about all the mud-slinging before the polls and unite as one under our national anthem and continue to support both the government and the opposition with our prayers.

God bless and forward Fiji.

Hospital service

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

While the Lautoka Hospital is doing such a great job that we normally get to read via this column, can they please pay attention to this crucial matter.

While being very sick and almost on the edge of fainting, we are to pick our numbers from the counter. This is where they ask for our card number.

Now in the situation as such where the card is stolen, we are given just the number again which is fine, but are told to feed the number straight away in our phone so that we don’t lose it.

How frustrating is this? Not being able to stand properly, barely taking out strength to wait for the waiting number and card number and then we are forced to enter it in our phone straight away. I wonder what was wrong with the staff there.

Probably she had a poor eye sight to see how weak and sick a person is in front of her. How hard is it for them to write the number and give it out?

Can the Ministry of Health please look into this issue?

Please don’t wait for someone to literally fall on the floor while waiting for some action to be taken.


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