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FijiFirst- job well done Saras Maharaj, USA Today I stand here in America, pledging my allegiance to my little big country. Today I feel proud to be a Fijian because of
21 Sep 2014 09:05

FijiFirst- job well done
Saras Maharaj, USA

Today I stand here in America, pledging my allegiance to my little big country.

Today I feel proud to be a Fijian because of one brave man, with courage, faith and righteous believe in humanity, stood strong and tall took care of those years of abuse, discrimination, corruption, there are so many things to say, yet you don’t want to dampen this great moment.

All we have had in the past were liars, deceitful politicians, in the name of God created so many atrocities that may be they forgot that their final answer to whoever they look up to is yet to come to them.

Never forget, nothing stays the same, change is the only thing we need to accept and embrace.

To FijiFirst, I think we should have a new slogan “Rerevaka na Kalou ka doka na Bainimarama Government” All our prayers for a bigger and brighter future for Fiji and its gracious citizens who have finally spoken without fear.

Minister for Water
Thomas Murgan, Delainavesi

Congratulations to Fiji on having the elections! Now, can the new government please appoint a special Minister for Water?

Our people have been complaining about the lack of supply for far too long.

It would not surprise me that come the next elections, this problem will still be haunting us.

So can the new government please stand up!

Agape of Christ

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Election candidates including those who will make it into Parliament all need the agape or love of Christ in their lives.

It is interesting that the New Testament writers use this Greek word to differentiate our discriminatory human love with the love of God.

With the revelation of the number of votes a candidate gets from a polling station, one could get a feel if voters only supported the candidate by mouth only and that their hearts were on someone else.

To all successful candidates who will be sworn in to lead our nation; pray for the manifestation of the love of Christ in your lives, who, even though rejected and crucified on the cross as a criminal by his own people, still became the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.

The agape of Christ will make a leader serve the people equally without any discrimination as if they all had cast their one vote for him or her.

Magical 279

Shawyn Prasad, Suva

The result it seems was already in the famous candidate’s poll number 279. If you add the first 2 numbers 2 + 7 = 9 and then join it with last number it comes to 99.

If we equate this to per cent, than we are looking at an overwhelming 99 per cent against one per cent.


Allen Lockington, Mulomulo

Every cane crushing season we get soot or ash from the sugar mills.

This has been going on for years.

This is apart from the ash we get from cane fires.

I thought FSC would have found a remedy to the ash from the mills.

Just a thought!

Soccer fever

Rovil Rynal Kumar, Nadi
Fiji Football Association has done a tremendous and applauding work since it came into cabinet.

Though Fiji have played less international matches in the past years but the achievement of Fiji Under-20 has topped all of it.

The achievement will simply be cherished by all soccer lovers forever.

The two major football tournaments has been successful and National Football league is in its ending stages with teams like Ba, Suva and Nadi fighting hard to qualify for O-League add its own authentic taste to its conclusion.

As a soccer lover, I would like to request and plead the Fiji Football Association to play the Inter-District Championship in its old format.

I respect other tournaments being played 90 minutes soccer but let us make the IDC a 60-minute ball game.

The same sentiments many soccer followers have because being the most longest soccer tournament in Fiji IDC has its own status and it’s a dream of every player to play in the tournament. Inter-District Championship has been known as family affair with the finals played on a Sunday where the crowd gets its own hype and excitement which is no comparison to the new format.

Let the soccer followers have a glimpse of old format IDC as it will be affordable for fans and competitive for teams as well.

Go Fiji Go.

The people’s choice

Timoci  Gaunivinaka, Nausori

I commend the Nadroga Rugby Union officials, coaches and management for their hard work in defending the HFC Farebrother cup in the last couple of challenges, especially to the president Jikoibau Matawalu.

To the boys vinavalevu, for today keep the momentum going, play smart and show our tauvu (Ra people) how rugby is played at its best in 80 minutes .

This is the second time you have created history, last year  was in Cakaudrove and I hope this won’t be the last and I may recalled I stated last year that we should make a tour to the Lau Group similar in the early 1970s when the mighty Stallions tour the North.

By that time the late Tevita Rabuli (Dreu) was at his best with Nadro and the Fiji team.

This is the best way to show our token of appreciation to Ilisoni Taoba his nephew  Jikoibau Matawalu (current president), Paula Biu and to all those who got ties to the Lau Group for their perseverance, loyalty and allegiance to Nadroga Rugby Union not forgetting sweat, injuries, bloodshed they encountered for Nadroga  at Lawaqa Park and various grounds in Fiji.

This is also a good time to help the FRU in conducting rugby clinics to all Island Zones nearby.

Let’s put all things aside, come down in numbers with families to Ra Sports Ground and cheer both teams.

To the two teams, play your heart out and whatever the result after the game, let rugby wins it for the day.

Hakwa Nadro!!!

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