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Sony Improves On Its Vision Of A Perfect Smartphone

Sony Improves On Its Vision Of A Perfect Smartphone
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September 23
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Announced at the Berlin IFA earlier this month, Sony’s latest flagship mobile is the Xperia Z3.

Building on the Xperia Z1 and Z2 handsets, the Android-powered Z3 improves many areas of Sony’s older handsets.

Existing Xperia owners may not find enough here to merit an immediate upgrade, but anyone looking for a new handset should seriously consider this Japanese smartphone.


Earlier this year, Sony’s Creative Director noted that in the fast paced world of smartphones, Sony would not be wed to a specific design simply because of previous handsets.

The design difference between the Z2 and the Z1 was minimal, but there have more noticeable changes between the Z2.

While the basic ethos of the Sony Xperia Z3 design continues to use the Omni-balance design, it has been updated.

The biggest change is the increased curvature along the edges of the handset between the two sheets of Gorilla Glass 3 that make the front and back plates.

Where the Xperia Z2 handsets retained a vertical surface and a rather tight curve into the front and back glass plates, the Z3 uses the entire side for the curve.

This has created a much more comfortable grip – with no long straight edge the Z3 does not cut into your hand.

But it does lose some of the distinctiveness that made Sony’s handsets stand out against other Android handsets.

The other changes element can be found at the corners of the Z3. Four vinyl bumpers are now present.

While they disrupt the solid look of the chassis, they should help absorb the impact damage if the Z3 is dropped.

It should also allow a tiny bit more flex in the chassis to absorb a number of environmental factors. I’d expect the Z3 to be a touch more robust than the Z2.


– Slightly smaller in each dimension than the Z2 but is 11g lighter at 152g.

– In the phablet space, that drop in weight is very noticeable, and shaving a few tenths of a millimetre off each dimensions creates a nicer handset in the hand.

– Pair these with the extra curves on the edges, and the Z3 is a significant physical improvement on the Z2, albeit sacrificing Sony’s distinctive look.


– Sony continues to push the waterproof and dustproofing on the Xperia Z3.

– Sony has waterproofed the headphone jack, microphones, and speakers, so these are not a concern.

– With a physical camera button, the Z3 can be taken underwater on holidays for some photography, but the real benefit of the waterproofing is in general use.

– While the Z3 runs at 2.5 GHz (compared to the Z2′s 2.3 GHz) it is still a Snapdragon 801 processor.


– Sony has been generous with the battery. Clocking in at 3100 mAh, it’s over 10% more than the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S5.

– Along with the physical design to reduce battery consumption, the Xperia Z3 continues to benefit from Sony’s Stamina mode. With stamina mode activated, your data connection will be dropped when the screen is off, most apps will remain inactive, and the operating system will not use hardware to its maximum potential. This can push you from two days of use out to 14 days with careful use of the phone’s features.


– Sony has equipped the Xperia with what feels like its best camera unit, although there is a bit of a focus on going for large numbers rather than warm camera images.

– The 20.7 megapixel sensor is coupled with a wide-angle 25mm ‘G’ Lens, which gives a nice wide-angle to your pictures and video.


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