Letters September 30 2014

Elected leaders Suresh Chand, Nadi Exercising their democratic rights and voting, the 496,000 or so voters decided the fate of all the candidates who stood in this year’s election. Through
30 Sep 2014 11:30

Elected leaders

Suresh Chand, Nadi

Exercising their democratic rights and voting, the 496,000 or so voters decided the fate of all the candidates who stood in this year’s election.

Through their participation, 50 lucky ones have made it to the Fijian Parliament to be part of a nation building process for the next four years. No voter has been heard criticising the historic one-day free and fair election anywhere which indicates that Mohammed Saneem and his team did a marvellous election job.

Now the democratically- elected parliamentarians ought to rise and deliver the best for all Fijians in the country. They have to leave aside all negative thoughts and contribute positively towards developing the country where everyone benefits now and in the future.

When problems arise, the parliamentarians from all sides in Parliament must endeavour to solve them in constructive ways.

Like religions, no Parliament promotes anything negative for a country. The 50 elected top civil servants with attractive salary and perks cannot be expected to cause any hindrance to moving the country forward as pledged by them before election. We hope and pray that our elected parliamentarians will not let the electorates down in anyway. Work hard and be sincere so that you don’t regret in the next election. Respect voters and they will respect you. I wish all our elected Parliamentarians all the best.

May God bless Fiji?

Simple reason

Mohammed Afroz, Auckland, New Zealand

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to explain why SODELPA fared so badly in the last election.

Firstly their racist policies drove all the Fijians of Indian descent away, thus, reducing their chances of winning the election by an astonishing 40 per cent.

And since the other political parties announced their Coalition with SODELPA, the same can be said about them. And then they spent all their time and resources condemning FijiFirst policies and decrees rather than telling the people of Fiji what they had to offer.

If SODELPA looks back on their campaign trail, they were actually campaigning against Fiji First rather than campaigning for their own party.

That didn’t work out at all because people believed what they saw and not what they were told. From my perspective, voting for FijiFirst does not necessarily mean people support coups or coup makers but simply because no other political party offered anything better on the day.

The truth is that everybody knew that the Bainimarama Government was doing a good job by reaching out to the people of Fiji and making a difference where it mattered, so in order to swing the voters away from FijiFirst, SODELPA and its allies needed to do something extra-ordinary. No one even came close!

Shirley Park

Kirti Patel,Lautoka

While it’s true that development on Shirley Park will create more job opportunities, nothing changes the fact that this park is one of the most useful in Lautoka where a variety of activities take place.

For example, Arbor Day displays, church services, sports activities, etc. This park is at the centre of town and is a very convenient place for many.

This park, instead of being erased for the development purpose, will be better to upgrade it more so that it becomes one of the best parks in Lautoka. As it is there are not many good parks in the city at the moment.

As for the development, it can be done elsewhere. I am sure there are many place available for developments which will help boost job opportunities. One hotel is good enough in this area which we already have. Many people use this beautiful place for family picnics as well during the weekends.

Recently with so much developments taking place in Lautoka, very soon we might reach the stage where the green vegetation and fresh environment will be a thing of past. Let’s not forget with developments comes pollution of many forms which is harmful to our environment. So why not balance this in such a way where developments take place and the fresh, green environment remains unharmed.

I urge the minds behind this development to have mercy on people who are protesting with all their heart to save this beautiful spot which can be made more beautiful in time to come, should it remain.

Major agenda

Neelz Singh, Lami

Our first Parliament sitting will be very interesting since we now know our roles in Parliament.

I would like to congratulate our female role models who made it through. Now we think we should look at our every day issues and high cost living, unreasonable fee structure, minimum wages, quality of medical and health issues, e-ticking, accountability and transparency and bear in mind our Opposition reps.

Friends since we have a big potential gain in our economic as the Reserve Bank states, should there be ways to increase employments and pay rate. Don’t you think all CEOs, big boss and other people who are paid beyond their limits can improvise to our labourers and people earning less in a week? We should raise our voice to implement improved pay rates.

At last!

Charles Chambers,Lautoka

Thank you Lord for the rain yesterday.

Fijian Supreme Law

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The election is now over and it was the ultimate test of our Fijian character, our integrity, our courage and resolve to do what is right, just and democratic for our future Fijian generation who will follow.

With that the majority have spoken with a mandate and delivered a clear verdict choosing our 2013 Constitution as the Supreme Law of the State with Voreqe Bainimarama to continue leading our country as Prime Minister.

We must all gather the courage and resolve to uphold our Fijian Constitution and unite in our movement for an inclusive progressive and democratic Fiji for all.

I am personally at peace knowing that all in the Opposition bench of our new Parliament including those losing political parties, all their supporters who opposed the 2013 Constitution will have to abide by it as our Supreme Law.

In that they will not have to worry about sleepless nights as they will not lose their identity and heritage, their land, Adi, Ro, Roko or Ratu as protected in the Preamble including one’s right to a religion, join a union and every other Fijian rights.

Can the learned Madam Speaker please educate the public if the Opposition parties will also be sworn in under our 2013 Constitution?

I for one would like to recommend our ‘kai vata’ from Nadi Prem Singh to be appointed leader of the Opposition because he would have had tonnes of experience from his past term as Leader of the Opposition some 10 years back.

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