Qetaki’s Success Recipe

General manager Alipate Qetaki has explained how they have raised the performance of the TLTB from 2009 to date. Today his contract expires and he pays tribute to all those
30 Sep 2014 12:21
Qetaki’s Success Recipe

General manager Alipate Qetaki has explained how they have raised the performance of the TLTB from 2009 to date.

Today his contract expires and he pays tribute to all those who have helped him lift the TLTB to where it is today.

He said the executive management had based its work through the formulation of a relevant rolling three-year Strategic Corporate Plan from 2009 to now “which is always a challenging task for any organisation or entity, the iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) included”.

“More challenging and testing is the task of the plan’s implementation, monitoring and evaluation,” he said.

“The objective has always been to ensure that the priority strategies and performance measures are effectively delivered to achieve the targets on time and within the approved budget allocation.

“TLTB is self-funded from poundage and fees and charges levied. The poundage due to TLTB was reduced from 15 per cent to 10 per cent in 2013. Approximately about 50 per cent of the TLTB’s operations fund is from that source. The other 50 per cent is from fees and charges.

Latest plans

“Our latest plan (2014-2016 Plan) is set on the theme ‘Inclusiveness and Innovative Land and Fund Management Practices’. It builds on the achievements and outcomes of the rolling Plan that was launched in 2009. “It also incorporates the expectations and views of the board chairman and Minister for iTaukei Affairs; members of the board of trustees; senior managers and other stakeholders.

“It is also shaped by the outcomes and recommendations of the Evaluation Reports for 2012 and 2013 of the Fiji Business Excellence Award Framework (Baldbridge Business Excellence Model). “Significant milestones have been reached in various areas of TLTB’s Operations and Corporate Support Services. This includes record income and trust funds collections from 2010 which continue to 2014. In 2013 a record sum of $51,927,128 million in rent income was collected for the landowners with the expenditure of $9,047,151 million (76% of expenditure budget). Income earnings in 2014 are expected to exceed 2013 figures and to set a new record high. Huge savings and improvements are recorded in most areas. The income against employment costs ration was at an acceptable level. “But there is still room for improvements.

“The Information Technology System commissioned in 2009 has assisted in lifting TLTB’s efficiencies level at both Operations and Corporate Services. IT Enhancement programmes/projects to ensure TLTB continues to have capacity and appropriate technology to meet the increasing needs for excellence, innovation and productivity. The IT had been responsive to deliver accurate and timely reports and data for sound decision making at all levels and should be developed to drive the mechanisms to effectively support TLTB’s Operations all around. With the enhancement of the IT System, it will drive the repositioning of TLTB as a modern, reliable, innovative and visible services provider.

Greatest asset

“Human Resources (our staff) is TLTB’s greatest asset. TLTB’s Workforce is developing to be a professional, qualified, competent, mature, caring, service-oriented and customer focused. “Relevant training and exposure are encouraged. The recruitment of senior staff from the private sector based on merit is expected to have a positive impact on TLTB’s performance delivery in the achievement of its targets and on the bottom line and on productivity and innovative thinking and practices. TLTB is an “Equal Opportunity Employer” and upholds the Fijian Constitutional Values.

“The Legal Department continues to be relied upon for sound legal advice, legal representation in (litigation) in all Courts and Tribunal and has the primary role in the enforcement of lease terms and conditions. It is important that TLTB acts in conformity to the requirements of the Constitution and the laws of Fiji.

TLTB has a budget and the SCP is to be implemented within budget. Cost-cutting measures are encouraged but not at the expense of quality or denial of performance of all the tasks within the SCP Plan. Income against employment costs ratio need to be kept below 40% and in 2013 it is 36%.

Significant strides

“TLTB had made significant strides in incorporating improvements in efficiency and its effectiveness and innovation and productivity. This had contributed to significant improvements in delivery of services and which had also contributed to satisfactory financial performances for 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 and to August, 2014. There are identified STRENGTHS and OPPORTUNITIES. There are WEAKNESS and THREATS/RISK. Measures are in place to address these which are also continuously being reviewed.

“In summary the TLTB has had in place a rolling SCP that enhances measures that are conducive to and support a paradigm shift and targeted at achieving TLTB’s objectives and Key Accountabilities. It incorporates the principles of visibility, inclusiveness and innovation as over-archiving concepts. “It ensures that the TLTB’s statutory role shall be exercised in accordance with the Constitution; iTaukei Land Trust Act (Cap. 134); other relevant laws; Board’s Policies and directives; Estates Officers Manual (EOM); and Sectoral, Departmental Manuals as well as Executive Management directives.

“TLTB provides other services apart from its core role for the landowners. The Landowners Affairs Department (LAD) was set up to address landowner issues and needs and advice landowners on the investment of their funds and on projects that they wish to carry out. It provides a link for the landowners to the Government agencies, municipalities, non-government organisations and the iTaukei institutions (MTA, TAB, TFB, TLTB, and CATD) and is essential to the achievement of the LAD’s role. The legal frameworks that established these Institutions will need to be reviewed also.

“All staff at all levels at TLTB are commended for their role as implementers of TLTB’s Vision, Mission and Priority Strategies. They are commended particularly for their performances against their set targets.”



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