Believe In Yourself, Stay Focused And Do Your Best

Joel Mastapha, raised in a rural community in the old Capital, Levuka, has come a long way in the capital City of Suva in his career as an accountant. Mr
04 Oct 2014 14:55
Believe In Yourself, Stay Focused And Do Your Best
Retired Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan (left) with wife Bansanti Narayan and President Jioji Konrote after receiving 50th anniversary of Independence commemorative medal at State House on October 27, 2020. Photo: Ronald Kumar.

Joel Mastapha, raised in a rural community in the old Capital, Levuka, has come a long way in the capital City of Suva in his career as an accountant.
Mr Mastapha is the former chief financial officer of Fijian Holdings Limited and is currently with the RB Patel Group.
He took on the accounting profession as a challenge despite hearing from friends it would not be an easy job. Today, he has risen above all odds and made a success of his career of choice.
“Initially I joined the accounting profession because friends told me that it’s not easy, so intuitively I had to join,” he said.
“After being in the profession for a couple of years, I decided to become a Chartered Accountant because it is where you get to make the big decisions and really add value to the organisation.”
Mr Mastapha’s father used to work for the Levuka Hospital. He said he was blessed to still have both his parents with him today.
“I went on to do my degree at USP. I am married to a beautiful partner and we have two wonderful boys.”

How has your experience been with the journey in this profession?
Tough at the beginning, but as you learn and grow in it, then it becomes exciting.

How has CA assisted you to reach where you are now?
Being a CA has given me a better understanding as to how organisations operate.
It has given me a holistic view of things, it basically has broadened my mind and has enabled me to make better decisions, both professionally for my organisation and personally.

What would your advice be to prospective accountants?
Be determined, stay focused, believe in yourself & never compromise your values.

What does it take to be successful in this career/field?
Honest hardwork, determination to succeed, drive to be the best in everything you do.

How would you describe accounting standards in Fiji?
In Fiji – organisations which are required to report their financial performances use the International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
This allows their reports to be globally acceptable and comparable.
Using these standards and the reporting requirements involved, the users of the financial reports are fully informed and made aware of the performance of the organisation.

How important is a CA for (i) a business (ii) a country?
I would say very important. A CA can greatly assist any organisation to achieve its goals.
When companies grow, these companies will invest further and expand their operations etc.
The benefit to the country is that new jobs will be created, more revenue for Government through taxes etc and ultimately a lot of people will benefit.

What are three challenges you have faced in your career?
1. Work life balance
2. Unethical Bosses
3. Assisting in managing an organisation without a clear strategy.

Do you regret joining this field?

Who in the business world in Fiji do you admire the most?
James Datta – he was very passionate in what he did.
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