Following Number Plate Regulations

Number plate or License plate is your vehicle identity. The number displayed in your vehicle is also stored as your identification in the Land Transport Authority Registration and Licensing [RNL]
04 Oct 2014 17:26
Following Number Plate Regulations
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Number plate or License plate is your vehicle identity. The number displayed in your vehicle is also stored as your identification in the Land Transport Authority Registration and Licensing [RNL] system.

The LTA produces several types of number plates, these include two white number plates which can be either unique or the original registration plate used when a vehicle is registered for the first time in the LTA RNL system.

There are yellow number plates for all the different classifications of Public Services Vehicle [PSV], there are Blue coloured number plates only for Government vehicles, Red Plate for Rural Licensed vehicles and there is a maroon colour plate or Trade Plate issued to Authorised Motor Vehicles Dealers [AMVD] to allow new vehicles to be driven to their car yard upon arrival to any Fiji International Entry Port and clearance from the Customs.

Number plates are essential to keeping our roads safe. They serve a really important purpose of helping the LTA, the Fiji Police and other enforcement agencies identify vehicles.

The rules on displaying number plates are in place to make sure number plates are memorable and visible so vehicles breaking the law are easily identified.

These rules also make sure that only registered AMVD can produce a number plates. These suppliers must follow strict procedures, so nobody else can get hold of and use your registration number for fraudulent purposes.

Number plates (also known as licence plates) should show your vehicle registration number correctly. You can’t rearrange letters or numbers, or alter them so that they’re hard to read.

The Land Transport Regulations on the construction, make and purposes of number plates is very specific and this week we will be looking at six various Regulations that defines issues such as affixing of number plate and labels, form of number plates and labels, reservations and transfer of number plates, unique number plates, replacements of registrations certificates, labels and number plates and Trader permits or trade plates.

Under the Land Transport Act

Regulation 21 stipulates the Affixing number plates and labels

The Authority must issue and affix number plates and number plate labels assigned to a vehicles registered under the Act.

2 The owner of a vehicle must affix and keep affixed and in a clean and readable condition the registration label issued by the Authority

Regulation 23- stipulates the form of number and labels- The size of a number plate must not be less than 375mm in length and 135mm in width and letters and number must be on one line and must not be less than 82mm in height and every part of the letter and the number must not be less than 11mm stroke width except in the case of a motor cycle.

2]The size of number plates of a motor cycle must not be less than 185mm in height in length and 82mm in width and the letter and numbers must be on one line and must not be less than 50mm in height and every part of the letter and number must not be less than 6mm stroke width.

3] The Authority may change-a the series, types, format or colour of number plates issued to all vehicles or to different licence classes and may require all vehicles with superseded number plate to change to a new number plate and

B]the type, format or colour of numberplate labels issued to all vehicles or to different license classes and may require all vehicles with a superseded label to change to the new label.

4] The Authority may-a] by notice in the Gazette, set date not less than 3 months later requiring every vehicle to use a new number plate or

B] issue a series of number plate at time or registration or renewed of it.

5] The Authority may change a prescribed fee for issuing number plates or number plate labels.

Regulation 24 “Reservation and transfer or number plates”

1]The Authority may allow a person to reserve a number plate in the same form and within the same series of characters as the number plates issued by the Authority and if it is reserved the person must apply for the supply of the number plates.

2] Reserved number plates must only become available in accordance with the normal sequential issue of number plates.

3]If a reserved number plate is not affixed to the applicant’s vehicle within 3 months of the Authority giving notice that the number plate is available, the prescribed fee is to be forfeited to the Authority and the Authority may issue the number plate to another vehicle.

4] The Authority may upon application approve-

A] the transfer of number plates from one vehicles to another, regardless of the ownership of the vehicles involved or

B]the issue of a new number plates for a vehicles.

5] The transfer of number plates, the issue of new number plates and the issue of reserved number plates is subject to the return of any number plates previously affixed to the vehicles and to the revision of the registration certificate.

Regulation 25-defines the requirement of a Unique Number Plate

Subject to this regulation, the Authority may issue unique number plate.

2]A unique number plates may be in any form and display whatever combinations of characters the authority determines:

3] The Authority is the sole authority for the classification of unique number plates as being in appropriate for the issue and must not be permit the issue of such plates.

4] The Authority may sell a unique number plate-

A]by auction or tender at a minimum prescribed fee, provided that if the Authority is dissatisfied with

A] by auction or tender at a minimum prescribed fee, provided that if the Authority is dissatisfied with the highest price offered it may negotiate a price with the person offering the highest price or with any other person or may refuse to sell the plates; or

B]by private sale for an amount not less than minimum prescribed fee if the Authority is satisfied that the plate will not attract sufficient interest to justify an auction or tender, or if the amount offered is likely, in the opinion of the Authority, to exceed the amount offered at an auction or tender.

5] The Authority may approve the transfer of unique number plate from one person to another or from one vehicle to another.

Section 26 Replacement of Registration Certificates labels and number plate.

The Authority must upon application issuer replacement registration certificates registration notice s, registration or number plate labels and number plate provided that

A] the number plates issued to the vehicle concerned  are returned and

B]if the registration certificate, registration notice, registration label or number plate label or one or more of the number plates has been destroyed, defaced, stolen or lost, a statutory declaration is made to that effect.

(The writer is the Land Transport Authority Media Liaison Officer)

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