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Year 13 exams Anusek Kumar, Nadi The time has just flown away and the D-Day is almost four weeks away from now. Most Year 13 students might be rounding up
05 Oct 2014 13:40

Year 13 exams
Anusek Kumar, Nadi
The time has just flown away and the D-Day is almost four weeks away from now. Most Year 13 students might be rounding up with their revision or some might just start in the coming days.
Consistency, sacrifice, perseverance, dedication, patience are some of the factors that ensure students are on the path of success and glory. Most important is the scaling of marks that is spinning around the heads of students.
I am also one of the candidates and I always think of what my future holds in the coming year.  So now the next few weeks of preparation and then the release of results would be much anticipated and eagerly awaited for.
The drought period has certainly taken its toll on students and schools but let us think of it as a thorn in a bunch of roses. The new ministry  should release the loan scheme and scholarships forms so that it increases the hype of exam and makes students realise the value of education.
Let us hope that the Lord bestows blessings so that every individual sitting for final exams passes out with flying colours and better grades.
Out of context
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,
It is funny how a letter written for a specific purpose is rendered as discriminatory when printed late, raising comments from Kirti Patel and Anish Chandra without discerning that they are out of context.
My original letter under the heading “Christian Fiji” was written and sent on September 10, in a bid to remind Fijians that even though we are a secular state, Fiji will always be perceived as a Christian country if Christians remained the majority population in Fiji.
This letter was to counter the lies spread by some political parties that with Fiji being a secular state, we are allowing another religion to take over our nation.
Even one of my church members asked me this question when she heard that I was a FijiFirst party candidate.
My letter was printed after the election and two writers have responded to it negatively. Would they have responded the same way if my original letter was printed before the election?
To my brother Anish Chandra, this is my opinion as an iTaukei Christian and right now, I am on top of the moon as my successful FijiFirst party team members are ready to walk the talk.

Double time
Epi Satavu, Sigatoka
Aiyaz Sayed-Kaiyum (now Minister for Finance) said that all who worked during election day, Sept 17 would be paid ‘double time’.
Are polling day workers included in that? We started at 0600hr and finished around 2230hrs without breakfast, lunch or dinner!. Any allowances? But I enjoyed.  Just for the record.
God Bless Fiji.

Fiji FA constitutions
Nilesh Lal, Suva
The Fiji Football Association’s elections will be held at around this time next year. Being fully aware that the standard of the sport has slumped in the past few years, the current administration is very concerned about retaining their positions.
The by-elections last year provided a good indication of the number of votes that the current administration backed candidates will get. In order to assure their continued rule, the current administration is now attempting to introduce reforms to the Fiji FA constitution which will eliminate all competition to the incumbents.
These amendments will be tabled at the Fiji FA annual congress next week.
These reforms will make the nomination criteria the most restrictive ever in Fiji FA’s history and all but assure that the current administration will continue after 2015, despite their dismal performance. District football administrators have had the reputation of playing to the whims of the top brass, and putting their own interests before that of the sport.
Those who have genuinely tried to change the culture of mediocrity and challenge the current leadership have been eliminated, often with no legitimate reason.
I challenge the district football administrators to do the right thing this time around and exonerate themselves of this unflattering reputation. You owe this to the sport you love and to the football fans of this country. Do not let the beautiful game be captured by a group of people who have not done any real justice to their positions.
Let’s not deny the youths and other enthusiasts the opportunity to administer the sport and take it to greater heights.

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