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Shirley Park Maude Elbourne, Lautoka As former administrator of Lautoka City Council and now Minister for Local Government, Parveen Bala should ensure that when an elected municipal council is in
06 Oct 2014 08:58

Shirley Park

Maude Elbourne, Lautoka

As former administrator of Lautoka City Council and now Minister for Local Government, Parveen Bala should ensure that when an elected municipal council is in place in Lautoka, it should be for that council to go back and re-look at the rules and regulations of how and why Shirley Park was put up for rezoning, and follow through if there is to be a public hearing.

The ministry and council should also show more maturity and start doing what is right with its Public Notices, by seeking wider coverage without its continued preference for the Fiji Sun.

Last month over 520 residents, ratepayers and visitors to Lautoka, said ‘No to Rezoning Shirley Park’ in a petition delivered to the Lautoka City Council office.

Written objections for rezoning Shirley Park have also been sent in by members of the Lautoka business community, and over the past few weeks because of publicity and articles in the Fiji Times, members of the public continued to voice their concerns and protest the council’s intentions to rezone Shirley Park in the letters to the editors, and this included a number of ex-Fiji residents with ties to the city who felt strongly enough to do the same, also writing directly to the council.

Social media site Facebook has generated its own group of supporters for preservation of the park.

Under Parveen Bala’s administration, credit is given to his office for the improvements and beautification projects carried out in Lautoka. However, building and rezoning inside our city parks is definitely not one of them. Nor the cutting down of flowering trees that for years graced Churchill Park and gave character and charm to our city  while offering shade to those who used the park, replacing this with a two story cemented billboard.

For all  who see value in maintaining and preserving the beauty and location of Shirley Park for the people, and saving green space for diversity in the cityscape , know that we also say yes to new development and employment opportunities, but do this in other potential areas in the city not in our parks.

Military titles

Ashwin Singh, Suva

We have a democratically elected government now so can we please have some journalists stop referring to some of the newly elected Members of Parliament as Rear Admiral (Retired), Lieutenant-Colonel, Captain, etc. How about you use the term “Honourable Minister” instead of using military titles?

Can we please exercise some responsibility and show some professionalism? We live in a democratic society and not in a military base.

No wages

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

Few months ago polling workers were recruited and trained for the big task on September 17. Little did they know that there will be problems with their final pay; that they would have to justify their personal details before being paid is annoying.

This is the task of the payroll and Human Resource manager who were recruited by the Fijian Elections Office. They should have ensured that the relevant information was in place before engaging them.

The Elections Office has done a brilliant job, except this hiccup. Parliament will sit today yet some people who were employed in the voting process remain unpaid.

MP Delana

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Iliesa Delana created history for our beloved Fiji by becoming the first Para-Olympian gold medallist in the High Jump event watched by millions the word over.

He also created history after being accepted by FijiFirst to be part of a movement as a candidate. He is the first in his category to become an Assistant Minister.

Can one of those big companies in Fiji please kindly donate a Prosthetic leg for him if he is willing?

Gold Coast 7s

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

The Vodafone Fiji 7s team have a big burden on their shoulders to win the Gold Coast Sevens title after the Vodafone Fiji 7s’ string side was crowned the new champions of the Oceania 7s held at Noosa, Australia.

The second team should be praised for winning the Oceania Sevens by defeating New Zealand 21-5 in the final and kudos to the Telecom Fijiana side for their third-placing.

We all know what Sir Gordon Tietjens is capable of doing and we all expect him to work out a game plan to counter a full set of fresh Vodafone Fiji 7s players.

The NZ dailies have already commented that if the Fiji second team could easily defeat New Zealand than imagine the strength of the first team.

We all hope that our boys don’t get too complacent on the win at Noosa but to equal the victory of our second team by winning the Gold Coast Sevens. Go Fiji go.

Internet café

Tomasi Boginiso, Nasinu

Suva has more internet cafes than ever before, some are so cheap that people flock in to use them. But the expensive ones most people try to ignore.

But the service they provide seems to differ, the cheaper ones has old system and very congestion spaces and very hot in some.

Even you expect to spend much longer because of the unreliability of some of their equipment.

But for the more organised ones you would expect to fulfill your requirement in the time required.

For printing you notice that in cheaper cafes it is expensive and in high-tech cafes it’s cheaper.

Government vehicles

Allen Lockington, Nadi

So some Government vehicle drivers still think they are exempt from traffic rules.

I have some advice – each driver must have at least 10 years driving experience before he or she can be given authorisation to drive a Government vehicle.

They must undergo a defensive driving course that they will pay for. They must have no previous record of accidents.

Each morning the driver, together with the officer in-charge, will inspect the vehicle for dents when the driver returns in the afternoon.

The office in charge will inspect the vehicle and damages will be noted and if it is established that it was from neglect, the driver will pay for the repairs. No excuses.

Just compare our Government vehicles with private company vehicles and you will see the difference. And just have a look at the Public Works Department yards all over Fiji and you will see all the old vehicles that could have been looked after a little better but are now wrecks rotting away.

We need to put our foot down and take drastic measures. Our tax is being wasted.

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