Letters October 09 2014

Right decision Raghwa Nand Sharma, Brisbane, Australia Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama made no mistake in giving back the Attorney-General position to Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. I have no doubt in Faiyaz Koya’s capability
09 Oct 2014 00:23

Right decision
Raghwa Nand Sharma, Brisbane, Australia

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama made no mistake in giving back the Attorney-General position to Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

I have no doubt in Faiyaz Koya’s capability but the current portfolio better suits him because of his previous experience in the field.

As Attorney-General Mr Sayed-Khaiyum has attained remarkable success in the last eight years as it is not easy to rule the country with decrees. I have worked in the interim administration after the 1987 coup and know for sure what I am talking about. Persuading the public to accept various laws enforced by the interim administration is a most challenging job.

The administration of Prime Minister Bainimarama has not only successfully ruled the country by issuance of decrees for the benefit of the people but won the hearts of voters both locally and abroad. The overwhelming victory of FijiFirst shows the confidence people have in the Prime Minister and his team.

Virgin coconut oil

Selwa Nandan, Suva

The new Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation has urged mothers to use virgin coconut oil (vco) as a substitute for other cooking oils (Fiji Sun 4/10).

We all would like to support and promote local products so long as they are of an acceptable quality and are readily available and affordable. Unfortunately, the price of local vco is relatively high when compared to other commonly used edible oils such as soya bean, sunflower and canola oil. In contrast the price of vco is almost the same as virgin olive oil. Therefore, it is beyond the affordability of an average consumer.

It seems there is no comparative advantage in the local production of vco as is evident from the high cost of production which does not provide any competitive edge over its imported counterparts. Perhaps it may be worthwhile to conduct some research as to what can be done to enhance its competitiveness in the local market.

ECE education

Mohenesh Singh, Votualevu

I would like to welcome the Government’s move in making provisions for free education to recognised and accredited pre-schools.

I think this was one of the historical achievements of the current Government and the value that they give to the pre-school in Fiji.

However I request the government to please look into the working conditions of the pre-school teachers and uplift their salary according to their skills and experiences.

The ECE teachers have been the foundation layers of children and they need to be awarded for their noble profession.

We hope to hear something soon from the Minister for Education on this soon.

Dialysis patients

Khalil Rehman, Nadi

I would be extremely thankful to your newspaper if you could highlight the plight of dialysis patients.

The Western Dialysis centre in Nadi is the only one providing services to the patients from Sigatoka to Rakiraki. This centre is run by a private medical practioner. Thanks to him for providing such a service which the Government of the day should be responsible for.

I would like to highlight the costs involved in dialysis. First surgery in the neck costs $200 which is for temporary measure and then Fistula surgery costs $2000 which is for permanent dialysis process. The cost for one dialysis is $250 and patients get injections to have normal blood count which costs $50. Normally a patient has two dialysis checks per week which amounts to $500. If a patient continues for year it would amount to $26,000 plus blood injections at $100 a month; gets to another $1200 leaving other minor expenses. These costs, according to Fiji standard of income, are exorbitant. The majority of the kidney patients would not be able to afford this amount. I know of patients who cannot afford to have normal dialysis of two per week thus they have just one per week and I have witnessed the death of one such patient.

I would fail if I don’t thank the Government of the day which assist with $9000 to the beginners of dialysis which last approximately eighteen weeks. My request to Ministry of Health is to subsidise the salary of the western Dialysis Centre Staff and equipment and materials needed for dialysis if they cannot set up their own dialysis centres in major hospitals to lower the cost burden on the patients.

I would also like to appeal to professionals like doctors, lawyers, banks, business houses and whoever can come forward and form a Western Dialysis Foundation to assist kidney patients who need dialysis. I hope the elected Government would allocate some funds too in this area. Thank you.

Lovely food

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

A friend of mine flew in from Brisbane, Australia, and commented on how lovely the food was in that Fiji Airways flight.

I told him there was a complete revamp of meals on all Fiji Airways flight.

Then I added that some people in Fiji also need a revamp.

Prayers for wisdom

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

May God give brains to the selfish and inconsiderate people who despite knowing the fact of the dry spell surrounding us, continue to burn the canes and forest.

May God give brains for them to realise the impact they are leaving behind on planet earth and the people.

May God give brains and wisdom to the self-centered and nasty people who think this is the proper way to portray their jealousy by burning other people’s hard labour.

May God give brains to the people to think wisely about our environment by conserving the environment and not exposing it to hazards.

May God please give brains and wisdom to the unthinkable to think and react for the betterment of our environment, its people and the nation as a whole.

Group photo

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Avineel Kumar said it was great to see our parliamentarian’s group photo with their ‘bula’ smiles on the front page of the local dailies on Tuesday.

Jioji Kotobalavu commented on two moving messages he perceived in the group photo. It is sad that while most of us Fijians are happy with the group photo after the MPs have sworn to put Fiji first; we still have Fijians making negative comments about this group photo in social media.

Seriously, these negative people need to change their attitude, as four years of making Fiji the way the world should be, would turn them into more sick and bitter individuals if they do not change.

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