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Part 2: Following Number Plate Regulations

Last week we began a two-part series on the importance of affixing proper Number Plate in your vehicle. We also looked at the various LTA regulations that governs the different
10 Oct 2014 17:11
Part 2:  Following Number Plate Regulations

Last week we began a two-part series on the importance of affixing proper Number Plate in your vehicle. We also looked at the various LTA regulations that governs the different types, colour and purposes of number plates.

This week we will continue by looking into the usage and purpose of Trade Plate and Number Plates and Labels.

Regulation 33 [1] of the Land Transport Act governs the proper usage of Trader Permit and Trade Plates.

The Authority may, upon application , issue to the holder of a vehicle dealing certificate a trader identification permit, if the Authority is satisfied that the permit is required as part of the vehicle dealing business.

2] The issue of a trader identification permit is subject to the following conditions-

A] that no vehicles is to be used under it except for the purpose of the holders business

B]that if the vehicle is a goods vehicles any load carried must be for the purpose of demonstrating the vehicle to a prospective buyer and that no reward will be received for the carriage of goods.

C  That the permit will not be used in relation to a vehicle that- 1] is not fit for sale

2] does not comply with the regulations in regards to vehicle construction

D] that no person will use any vehicle under it other than the holder of a permit or an employee, or a prospective buyer if he or she is accompanied by the holder of the permit or an employee or an authorised officer performing duties under this Act and

E] any other condition the Authority thinks fit impose

3] A permit issued under sub-regulation [1] is valid for 12 months

4] The Authority may, upon application, issue to the holder of trader identification permit a pair of trade plate indicating the identity of the permit holder and the identity of each trade plates held by the permit holder.

5]The operator of a vehicle dealing business may be issued with 2 or more pairs of trade plates

6] A person driving a motor vehicle under the authority of trade identification permit must prominently display on the front and back part of the vehicle and as close as practicable to the centre of the vehicle the trade plate.

7 The authority may cancel a trader identification permit if it is satisfied that the permit has been used contrary to the conditions imposed under sub-regulation [2]

8] If a permit has expired but not renewed, has been cancelled under sub regulation[ 7] is no longer required, the holder of the permit must return the permit and the trade plates issued under sub-regulation 4 to the Authority within 14 days.

9] It a trader identification permit and the relevant trade plates are returned to the Authority, the Authority must, unless the permit has been cancelled under sub-regulation 7 return on a pro rata basis the annual fees paid for the permit according to the number of complete month from the date of surrender to the date of expiry less 10% administrative charge.

Regulation 40 of the LTA Act stipulates about Number plates and Labels.

40-[1] A number plate issued by the Authority and assigned to a registered vehicle must be securely affixed to the motor vehicle or trailer as follows-

[a] in the case of a motor vehicle other than a motor cycle- a plate at the front and a plate at the rear

[b]in a case of a trailer- a plate at the rear and if the plate is not at the centre of the vehicle, located to the right of centre; and

C]in the case of a trailer being hauled by a motor vehicle to which a gross combination mass has been assigned-a number plate identical to the number plates on the hauling vehicle and the number plate is to located to the left of the centre at the rear of the vehicle.

2] No part of a vehicle or any fitting of a vehicle or the load on a vehicle is to be located so as to obscure any part of the number plate or registration label.

3] A registration label provided by the Authority to indicate the registration status of the vehicle must be displayed on every motor vehicle or trailer and the label must be affixed s follows-

[a]in the case of  motor vehicle fitted with windscreen-on the left hand side of the inner surface of the windscreen facing outwards

[b]in the case of a vehicle not fitted with a windscreen-on the inside of a piece of clear glass or other transparent fitted to a waterproof holder attached-

[i]in the case of a motor cycle-on the left hand side of the motor cycle not less than 500mm above the ground

[ii]in the case of a trailer or semi-trailer-on the back in a position near the number plate

4] A registration label must be maintained by the holder so that the label can be read from the outside of the vehicle

5]A registration label that has expired must be removed from the vehicle.

Note: Next week we begin a two part series of Vehicle Dimensions and Loads

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