Letters October 13 2014

Festival of light Sanjani Nand, Suva I would like to thank the Festival of Light Committee, Nadi Town Council and Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry as they signed a
13 Oct 2014 08:38

Festival of light

Sanjani Nand, Suva

I would like to thank the Festival of Light Committee, Nadi Town Council and Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry as they signed a $10K sponsorship deal with WEBCOM, Nadi-based web development and email hosting provider.

We Ex-SVC Scholars Association have been provided with a free stall, where they have allocated for charitable group as part of the community services, also Projects Abroad will be providing free medical checkup at the grounds at the 2014 Festival of lights will be from October 16-18 at Koroivolu Park in Nadi.

People of all walks of life will enjoy the three-day festival of lights absolutely free, also free snacks by FMF, unlimited entertainment by Nadi for People of Fiji.

As the theme says it all “A Festival full of Joy, Unity, Colours and Prosperity”. Sincere gratitude to all committee members for working tirelessly behind the scene, especially Vineel Nand, Samuel Shankar, Dr Ram Raju and Robin Ali.

From the desk of ex-SVC Scholars Association, we invite everyone to come and enjoy the meals in Nadi, which is open to all walks of life.

Turagabeci’s Land Claim

Ratu Jekesoni Yavalanavanua, Taveuni

‘Yara na Yadra’:  This is in regard to the unsupported claim for land (Dreketi, Koroqele, etc) made by Tua Beci’s children and grandson which had been appearing in the newspapers every Mondays for the past eight to nine weeks.

I have been eagerly following this series and have been quietly asking myself as to the motive.
The subject matter is delicate to us the Lewenilovo family and request the author to produce documentary evidence of the claim to the portions of land mentioned in the articles.

Additionally the ‘matanigasau’ ceremony conducted was never discussed nor agreed to by the members of the ‘Mataqali Valelevu’.

As such,  the purpose and motive of the ‘matanigasau’ is only known by its architect.

There are proper traditional ways to discuss this  matter with us.

By intentionally ignoring traditional protocol before publicly claiming portions of land that do not traditionally belong to you and by virtue of doing so, bordering on defaming   the Lewenilovo chiefly family.

I urge that such misleading propaganda is verified first with the people concerned before it is publicly published to avoid confusion and misperceptions.

Gold Coast

Epeli Qumivutia, Nabua

After gauging the pool play between Australia and Fiji, it was highlighted and witnessed by many the pattern of game and ideology Ben Ryan has introduced.

The in-depth knowledge is tremendous, culminating with its practicality on the field with lessons learned.

Obviously with fine weather exhibited, not marred by louring clouds and driving rain, the time is ripe.  Go in and do your harvesting boys.

Not again

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

The United Nations should make sure that our peacekeepers are not rounded up again by blood-thirsty rebels whose only interest is money to fund more killings.

This country should not be prepared to have its men rounded up again only to be released after a bargain struck at the end of national prayers.

There is no reason for anxiety among our people, especially relatives of soldiers under rebel hands who may fear that their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers may be among those in danger.

Maybe change the rules of engagement or issue artificial fog to allow them escape routes in future.

Nausori Airport

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Three confirmed passeng-ers who were supposed to board the 10.15 flight to Sydney last Friday morning were told that they could not board the plane after standing in line for over 30 minutes at the Nausori Internation Airport.

What is sad about this situation is that it involves two elderly citizens; man is 87 years old while his wife is 64.

They stood in the queue in which the overhead screen indicated “Sydney” but when their turn came to be served, they were told that they were late and could not board.

This incident seems to indicate that those on duty at the  Nausori International Airport front desk were sleeping on the job.

A staff should have been present among passengers checking in, to see that they are on the right queue and to get passengers whose flight is boarding o be served first.

Overseas airports would announce the names of those who have confirmed seats to board within the next few minutes or miss the flight.

Sadly this was not done and no customer service was there at ground level to help the elderly resulting in the three passengers, one coming all the way from Labasa to miss the flight.

There is also a suspicion that three passengers on “standby” wishing to be in time for Saturday’s Fiji Day celebration in Sydney could have been slotted in ahead of this three confirmed passengers.

Fiji Airways should do the right thing and re-issue their tickets without making the passengers to suffer twice.

How late?

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

When the husband is out of the house and the wife calls or text and ask: “How late you’ll be?’ exactly, what time do the wives mean by late?

Sad I cannot ask Allen because his curfew starts at 6pm daily.

Spitting teacher

Jalesi Nakarawa, Hamilton, NZ

The uproar on the case of the spitting teacher is predictable, but interestingly the majority took up the abnormal approach in condemning the behaviour.

The paradigm of normal/ abnormal or human/inhuman behaviour persists with the underlying theme of what kind of human spits on a student. Human behaviour is a complex phenomenon rooted in our physiology and psychology, which develops under the inexorable influence of social, cultural and environmental factors.

Thus, the question is not what manner of human commits atrocious acts but rather when or how humans behave as such.

Despicable behaviours or crimes exist in all human societies of all eras and many have been found wanting for different reasons.

Unfortunate as it may, “normal” human beings act contrary to their better judgment whenever their moral compass is overrun by the pressure of the circumstances or the environment they are in.

Children on roads

Arishma Shivani Nadan, Makoi

Permit me to express my views.

After school hours I have noticed children flying kites at home and later they turn to be doing this on busy roads after sometime near Omkar Road and Kalokalo Crescent, Nasinu. Dear parents please see where your children are. Prevention is better than cure.

Please save our future leaders.

5SQRS Clearance

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