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Correction to Cheryl Saunders opinion ODPP, Suva I refer to the opinion piece by Cheryl Saunders entitled “Fiji: Building a Constitutional and Parliamentary Culture” in the Fiji Sun dated October
14 Oct 2014 15:24

Correction to Cheryl Saunders opinion

ODPP, Suva

I refer to the opinion piece by Cheryl Saunders entitled “Fiji: Building a Constitutional and Parliamentary Culture” in the Fiji Sun dated October 12, 2014.

Ms Saunders refers to long-standing institutions of government but singles out the Director of Public Prosecutions as an example of an institution owing its existence to more recent decrees. This is incorrect.

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) was established in 1970 and has continued in existence ever since its independence guaranteed by successive laws, the most recent being under section 117 of the 2013 Constitution.

As we intended when the ODPP was established in 1970, the ODPP remains a non-political office responsible for initiating, taking over, or terminating criminal prosecutions in Fiji.

The 2013 Constitution further enhanced the independence of the ODPP by providing it was separate parliamentary-approved budget and by granting the Director the power to directly appoint lawyers and administrative staff.
Super Suva coach

Davendra Sharma, Suva

Congratulations to Suva soccer team for winning the IDC. Its all possible because of the most dedicated and disciplined coach.

Mr Gurjit Singh is the best coach in Fiji.

He has proved himself once again. Under his guidance, a very young and inexperienced Suva soccer team won the IDC and the National League.

He has brought the vey best from Pita Rabo (oldest player) and Nikhil Chand (youngest player) in the Suva team.

This quality in the coach makes him the best in the game.

A big thank you to the players, management and the super coach Gurjit Singh. Suva all the way.


Congratulations Suva

Saiyaz Shah,


My hearty congratulations and best wishes to all members of the Suva team on the magnificent achievement of winning the just-concluded IDC.

I am proud of this historic achievement which has materialised after a gap of 31 years that is winning on the home soil.

Your achievement has come as a great delight and all your hard work, commitment and practice has paid off.

Thank you Suva.


Win a lesson for

Hamidan Bibi, Suva

It was fantastic to witness the Vodafone Fiji 7s teamwork displayed at its best.

Everyone did almost anything and everything to ensure tries were scored, tackles were made and the team goal achieved.

Much can be learned from this win, not just for sports, but also for businesses, government ministries and other sectors when serving citizen’s and or customer needs.

One lesson would be to cross-train everybody in all customer service-related job so that everyone rises to a customer’s need and help out, whether at front desk or at the back when in need.

Thus the ultimate goal of serving the customers promptly and well and meeting their needs, in particular during peak periods, becomes everyone’s business and not just a few.

Its also good to note that some service-based organisations are already practicing aspects of this.

Heads up for the 7’s team and to those organisations which continue to seek to create a motivating environment for everyone.
Inflight meals

Nirbhay Singh, Labasa

Fiji Airways most acclaimed meals are proving otherwise.

LA/Fiji bound flight on economy class is the worst.

Mouth and firsthand experience is an eye -opener.

It’s time to be proactive otherwise customers will flood in with adverse comments.

Wake up or lose image earned Team Fiji Airways..!


Displinary actions

Leonard Rounds, Nadi

It is always the case to hear about teachers instantly dismissed whenever any harm is inflicted upon a student regardless of whatever the circumstance is.

Why the same can’t be applied to some of our in-disciplined Forces?


Teachers and

students behaviour

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

Thank You Mr Tawake Kolinisau FT (11/10) for taking the words out of my mouth.

Indeed the very first thing came into my mind when I came to know of this situation.

You are so right to say that there can be various unknown reasons behind the teacher doing such downgrade act of spitting on a student.

I also am not against the ministry’s decision to terminate the services of the teacher spitting on that child nor think that teacher’s actions can be justified as spitting on the child is the worst thing a teacher can or should do.

However nothing changes the fact that in the present scenario where there are no corporal punishments followed by omission of some external exams and the student’s rights in schools which are so much being focused, there is a total different environment building up in schools where some of the student’s are getting out of hand.

The discipline of the students is just a downfall.

For some students school is just a place of enjoyment where they just come to pass their time.

Today in the world of the student’s rights the students are really taking advantage of it. One only has to check on the number of discipline cases and the absentee’s records in schools nowadays.

Mr Tawake yes true indeed respect is gained and is a give and take process.

To our new Minister for Education, we request you to please change certain systems for the schools which can at least prove to be positive impact on students’ behaviour which to some extend is becoming provoking.

Time has really changed many things as I still can remember how obedient and respectful most of the students were back during our times in schools but yes then rules and regulations were different as well.

Taking into consideration of the present situations in schools very soon a time can come when the word discipline will no longer exists in the student’s dictionary.

Yes teachers have to be mindful of their actions but on the other hand the ministry just can’t expect teachers to keep pulling their socks when the student’s are going overboard in the so call aspect of student’s rights which really is being taken advantage of.

I once again would like to reiterate that I don’t think corporal punishments should be brought.

But there certainly has to be other rules which can become helpful for the teachers to discipline the child and not vise versa.

Remember no matter how educated and well versed a teacher is with the student, if the student’s mindset is something other than school and education, than nothing the teacher does can make a difference and this will only create the frustrations in teachers themselves.

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