Letters October 17 2014

Whose mandate? Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori Can someone please tell us what is SODELPA trying to achieve? Before the election, they called Bainimarama a dictator and boasted that they will win
17 Oct 2014 08:35

Whose mandate?

Timoci Gaunavinaka,  Nausori

Can someone please tell us what is SODELPA trying to achieve?

Before the election, they called Bainimarama a dictator and boasted that they will win and form a Government. After they lost the election they say that it was fraudulent.

When international observers ruled that the election was fair, they say that they will work for the good of the people.

When they were invited to attend and contribute to the 2015 Budget discussions, they choose not to attend. Today, when all seems to be running smoothly, they say that there will be another coup if the constitution is not changed.

Have they forgotten that the whole of Fiji has voted and have given our “landslide” mandate to the current Government to run for the next four years ?

On whose mandate are they basing their parliamentary speeches on ?

If they cannot say anything constructive for moving Fiji forward, I beg the madam speaker to suspend them from Parliament for a session or two together with their perks.

Perhaps that is the treatment they need to clear up their mind before they can contribute positively.

This has been done before to Sakeasi Butadroka and I am sure it will work brilliantly with Niko Nawaikula and the likes.

We switch our TV to listen to constructive parliamentary debates on moving Fiji forward. Please do not insult our intelligence.

Win a lesson for service

Hamidan Bibi, Suva

It was fantastic to witness Vodafone’s Fiji 7s teamwork displayed at its best. Everyone did almost anything and everything to ensure tries were scored, tackles were made and the team goal achieved.

Much can be learned from this win, not just for sports, but also for businesses, government ministries and other sectors when serving citizens and or customer needs.

One lesson would be to cross-train everybody in all customer service-related job so that everyone rises to a customer’s need and helps out, whether at the front desk or at the back when in need.

Thus the ultimate goal of serving the customers promptly and well and meeting their needs, in particular during peak periods, becomes everyone’s business and not just a few.

It’s also good to note that some service-based organisations are already practicing aspects of this.

Heads up for the 7s team and to those organisations which continue to seek to create a motivating environment for everyone.

Jerry Tuwai

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

I call him the missing factor that our Vodafone Fiji Sevens team was looking for. One commentator at the Gold Coast Sevens said that his fleet foot goose step reminded him of Serevi.

To me, he was my man of the match or player of the tournament in Gold Coast.

While the other Tuwai has gone to Sri Lanka for greener pastures, we all pray that Jerry will remain committed, use his skills well and soon he will reap great rewards and be a great blessing to his family.

Sowing and reaping

Osea Sivo Naisau, Ba

We may possess a like/dislike point of view on individuals.

Especially leaders we look up to who have failed to deliver the goods as evidenced in history. I have to agree with Rajen Naidu concerning a loving and caring God.

Who allowed selfish and cruel rulers such as Idi Amin, Caligula, Adolf Hitler, etc, to create so much misery to fellow human in a massive scale?

Basically according to the Bible, the Almighty allows such personalities to showcase their deeds in order for us to realise that there is something very, very wrong with our “Fallen human nature” in this “present wicked world”.

As Daniel the Prophet said: “…And he changed the times and seasons: he removeth kings and setteth up kings: he giveth wisdom unto the wise and knowledge to them that know understanding…” [Daniel 2:21]

Our freedom of choice is what sets us apart as humans. The “caring and loving God” has given us the right to choose between right and wrong. He is not an enforcer.

Our will power will finally determine our destiny. For what we sow, we shall reap.

US trade relations

Epeli Qumivutia, Nabua

We welcome the business community in the US to take trade and investment between our two countries to greater heights.

In the aspects that Fiji would remain committed to pursuing policies aimed at promoting the expansion of markets at bilateral, regional and multilateral levels and also the inclusion of Fiji’s diversified export products, as relayed by PS for Trade, is also most welcomed. Apparently and on the bottom, we also want to assist US investors and businesses take advantage of what we consider to be best trade and investment climate Fiji may see. Obviously something worthy of note.

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