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Powerful punch Raghwa Nand Sharma,  Brisbane, Australia The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola delivered a powerful punch to the self-proclaimed police of the South Pacific
18 Oct 2014 07:58

Powerful punch

Raghwa Nand Sharma,  Brisbane, Australia

The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation, Ratu Inoke Kubuabola delivered a powerful punch to the self-proclaimed police of the South Pacific – Australia and New Zealand – when he delcared that Fiji would not be subservient to any country.

The Minister has been very straight forward when he bravely stated: “We are a small and vulnerable country. We can never again permit ourselves to be dependent -politically, strategically or economically-on a narrow group of powerful countries.”

Out of courtesy he did not mention the names of these powerful countries but even a vision impaired person would know that  his comments were directed at the neighbouring bullies – Australia and New Zealand.  For these two countries democracy was paramount even at the cost of oppression by a corrupt and impotent government of Laisenia Qarase.   The Fijians would never forget that when we needed help from these two nations to steer us back to economic resilience they were the first two to betray our friendship.

They not only condemned the Fijian leader Voreqe Bainimarama but terminated all ties with the tiny nation. That was the time China and Russia, along with other nations extended their hand of friendship and as a result Fiji was never forced to beg these bullies for help.

I am aware that Kevin Rudd was accorded an opportunity to mend his government’s stand when he was foreign minister but he failed to uplift the image of Australia as a true friend.

Now that Fiji has a democratically-elected government in place, the hypocrites would form a queue to forge new friendship. Fiji would be better off without such friendships.

Leader of Government

Samu Bola, Kinoya

Now that’s a maiden speech. Not only did the Leader of the Government in Parliament (LGP) say his thanks but had a rebuttal to those naysayers. If this was a boxing match LGP just hit the opposition with a massive knockout combo.
Uraia’s opinion

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi
The election results and the win by outright overwhelming majority to the FijiFirst is a clear indication of what all Fijians want their country to become.

Yes I totally agree with Dan Urai’s comments that Felix Anthony’s votes was just a wee bit higher than our HonJioje Konrote our Minister for Labour, together with our Hon Jone Usamate the Minister for Health, but Felix vote alone did not achieve the maximum threshold required for him to enter Parliament.

The answer to Dan’s opinion is embedded in the majority votes that our Hon Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama collected. A strategy the
FijiFirst employed and it did the job even if one has to tally all those total votes of loosing independent candidates and political parties including the opposition bench put together, it still would not reached what the majority Fijians gave our Prime Minister let alone the total votes  FijiFirst Party collectively obtained.

Yes the Hon Konrote was good all the way in his maiden speech as all eligible union member voters and their families outrightly rejected all union candidates and their lies irrespective of which ever political party they represented because they have now come to understand what a tremendous job the Hon Bainimarama government was doing the past eight years whilst the union movement leaders were all travelling offshore lobbying for trade embargoes and adverse travel ban on tourism which both negatively affected the very union workers they claimed to represent with their immediate families and our country’s fragile economy.

All that amounted to them union members and their families when going to the poll on September 17, they voted for the current in-form FijiFirst Government to carry on and complete the excellent work they have been doing the past eight years to move the country forward in the next three and a half years.

I applaud the Hon Konrote in his maiden speech in that the Government and his ministry will not be bullied or coerced by outside influence specifically from those losing union stalwarts past and present but to maintain workers rights and collective bargaining equally to all workers of this country irrespective if one is part of a union movement or not as protected and enshrined in our world acclaimed Fijian 2013 Constitution.

I am pretty sure that even if those barred unionists were allowed to stand for election, it will never have changed the way their union members voted and the election results will not change.

7s glory

Osea Sivo Naisau, Ba

Our 7s team have won the first IRB series title for 2014/2015; the Gold Coast


Though they took the Samoans apart in the first-half of the finale with a 26-0 lead, the Samoans came back strongly in the second-half to close the gap by a mere two points: 26-24 before that last try which gave our boys the victory.

The game of 7s is bulking up not only in a player’s size but also in speed, strength and intensity.

The Gold Coast tourney has shown that most countries are targeting the Olympic Gold Medal in 2016. As already being showcased, anyone of the top teams can be medal winners in the Olympics.

Some new players like Jerry Tuwai have stamped their mark in the international 7s arena. The new kid in the block has shown that he possesses the quality of a good rugby player.

Kameli Rakoko said in his column (FT 15/10) that both the Tuwais (Pio and Jerry) aren’t related. In fact they are, because both have blood links with Nailaga Village in Ba. Pio through his dad while Seremaia (Jerry) through his mum.

Hopefully our boys will keep the momentum going for the rest of the tournament.

Not forgetting to give credit to Mr Ryan and his staff for the positive input from the engine room

Suva soccer

Akhila Nand, Samabula

My hearty congratulations to the Suva Soccer team for winning the Courts Inter-District Championship and  the National Soccer League for year 2014.

Also I congratulate the Fiji Rugby team for the Gold Coast victory.  The Rakiraki soccer team, Lautoka Primary and Kamil College of Ba are also congratulated for their victories during the Inter-District Soccer Tournament.

I wish my Suva Soccer Team the best of luck for 2015.  May God Bless Suva Soccer.

Go Suva Go.

Allen Lockington, Nadi

Before the general elections political parties had offices almost everywhere in the country.

They have all closed down.

Don’t you need us anymore?


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