Nanuku Development Reveals Estate Plans

With the international marketing campaign for Nanuku Ocean Estates having begun, the sales team at Nanuku is expecting to have a diverse mix of future home owners. The Real Estate
18 Oct 2014 07:09
Nanuku Development Reveals Estate Plans
Residences are oriented to the shore.

With the international marketing campaign for Nanuku Ocean Estates having begun, the sales team at Nanuku is expecting to have a diverse mix of future home owners.

The Real Estate Sales director of Nanuku Ocean Estates, Sean McLaughlin, said they are starting to receive interest from customers all over the world.

Although the primary overseas markets are Australia and New Zealand, China is one of the other areas from where they are starting to see prospective owners.

Mr McLaughlin said: “There seems to be a growing coalition between the two governments so Chinese customers are being exposed to Fiji more.

“The more they are exposed to Fiji’s gorgeous natural features, abundant fresh water, great year-round climate and clean air, the more they will want to live here or have a holiday home here.”

Also given the direct flights to/from Hong Kong, it makes getting to Fiji much easier, he added.

“Due to this interest, we are developing partnerships with Chinese-related firms and exploring options of marketing directly to this segment where it makes sense,” he said.

“We believe they will ultimately be an integral part of our customer mix as the community develops.”

American market

Like the Chinese clients, the direct flights from Los Angeles, USA to Fiji provide a great opportunity to bring affluent Americans to this market.

“We believe Fiji has distinct advantages over other options West Coast American customers have nearby, particularly Mexico and Hawaii,” he said.

“Mexico has been receiving bad press for several years due to crime and political issues and has seen a strong decline in tourism from the US as a result.

“There are still many very nice resorts there, but the issues have opened US customers’ eyes to look beyond that market. Hawaii has also historically been a popular destination among those on the West Coast of America.

Hawaii loses ‘charm’

“But it’s overdevelopment in many areas has caused it to lose some of its previous charm, which Fiji has in spades.

“Also, with the exchange rate and the typical cost to duplicate a similar lifestyle property being drastically higher, we expect West Coast buyers will see the value at Nanuku Ocean Estates.”

Mr McLaughlin added although Fiji is a longer flight, the logistics of it, along with the time zone difference, allow you to fall asleep at a normal time from LAX.

“Sleep through your flight, and wake up the next morning in Fiji.  Several California customers have told me it’s actually easier than most flight options to Hawaii for them.

“In general, we expect the interest from the States will increase as more people are exposed to Fiji and see just how special the people, landscape, and culture are here.

With these flights from LAX consistently full, Nanuku expects to have its fair share of Americans recognizing how incredible it would be to not only visit, but ultimately own a home here.

Nanuku Ocean Estates

Nanuku Ocean Estates is the real estate offering that is connected to the newly opened and highly acclaimed Nanuku Resort and Spa, just minutes from Pacific Harbour.

The first phase of homesites available will include both oceanfront and ocean access home sites.

American firm Bixby Bridge Capital owns the Nanuku Ocean Estates and Nanuku Resort and Spa.

They are proud of their debt free status and maintain a great standing with the community employing well over 100 employees.

The Nanuku property is 500 acres in total. They have a private airstrip and helipad to allow for an extremely convenient arrival for their clients and guests.



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