Letters to the Editor October 20, 2014

Ebola plague Epeli Qumivutia, Nabua   In listening to the BBC the other day, came the outbreak of Ebola plague in those West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra
20 Oct 2014 10:49
Letters to the Editor October 20, 2014
marijuana crops uprooted in the recent operations

Ebola plague

Epeli Qumivutia, Nabua


In listening to the BBC the other day, came the outbreak of Ebola plague in those West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. In Sierra Leone alone, more than one thousand two hundred victims have died from the plague.

Apparently there is fear that it is spreading fast to other African nations. There are no cures and vaccines for the virus and BBC have highlighted that more than 4000 victims have died from the virus.

Even richer countries like USA, UK and Spain are getting alarmed at the outbreak, and more recently one has died in the US.

Although these countries have high and modern technological infrastructures in medicine, they are still finding ways and means of its cure.

On the other hand, some of our new Parliamentarians have highlighted the virus in their maiden speeches in Parliament last week.

The Fiji Government have assured that it is monitoring the situation and that a taskforce has been mobilised since August.

Incidentally, some of our soldiers, policemen, UN workers, private security personnel’s and evangelical workers are out there, and the possibilities of its threat are very high.

No sooner our 7s rugby reps will be travelling to George, South Africa early next year for the third leg of the IRB tournament.

In conclusion, we the smaller nations can be very vulnerable, as we do not have the necessary latest resources to counter it.

And now that we have a mobilised taskforce and its prepared awareness and screenings are in place, we can wait and watch as the outbreak is moving at a rate then we can not imagine.


Deadliest virus
Wise Muavono, Lautoka


It is one of the world’s most deadliest viruses; it is the world’s worst outbreak; and it is occurring in the poorest countries of the world.                           This is not an African disease. This is a virus that is a threat to all humanity.

The movie “Outbreak” that was released in 1995 focused on an outbreak of a fictional Ebola like virus. Well Ebola ain’t fictional people.

By the way, I hear Allen is drinking a lot of warusi in Mulomulo so he can be immune to the virus.



Rajnesh Ishwar Lingam, Nasinu
Hearty congratulations and thumbs up to the National 7’s team, Vodafone and coach Ben Ryan for the scintillating victory over the weekend. While all eyes were on New Zealand and South Africa based on recent form, the Flying Fijians turned on the tables.

The power packed forwards were superb and combined with the backline produced tries worth cherishing. While the earlier performances looked shaky, the whacking Australia received in their backyard summed up the powers of the mighty Fijians. This was long overdue.

Wales too some extent tested us but England was completely shut down and blacked out with the crunching tackles and hard hitting defence. The expression on coach Simon Amor’s face summed up the well-deserved victory.

We took an early lead against Samoa but they almost turned the tables had it not been for Jasa’s try set up by the Player of the Tournament Osea Kolinisau. We were strong on defence and support play was excellent. Whenever a Fijian player scored a try, there was another Fijian to embrace him. This was solidarity in its best course and truly speaks of team bonding.

A big vinaka vakalevu to Oscar, the ever green Sete, the lucky charms Domolailai and ‘Ice’ Katonibau, Naqaliva, Jasa, Tuwai, Semi, Rawaca and Vatemo and the rest of the gladiators for the wonderful victory on Sunday night. Hearty thanks also to Nadroga Rugby Union for moulding Domolailai, Rawaca and Waqatabu.

I could not control my emotions when Osea dedicated the victory to the 44th Independence Day celebrations and Jashlini Nand, the 19- year-old who is seriously ill. Our Fiji Day celebrations definitely turned out to be sweet on Sunday night thanks to the awesome performance of the team.

However, rightly said by Ben Ryan and Willie Lose (the commentator) that the series is getting tougher and that consistency is a must and players need not be carried away with the victory and rest on their laurels. Lets’ focus on Dubai and the African leg.
Church role

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi


I am interested to know as a Methodist, can the President elect of the Methodist Church Viti kei Rotuma please inform the public through this column how by way of your appointment as the Qase Levu ni Lotu ko Viti explain the role of our church and how you intend to contribute constructively collaborating with the Hon Bainimarama’s Government in our new Fijian democracy as a stakeholder in moving our Fiji forward.

Including the learned reverend no one single person will be spared on the day of the Biblical rapture as recorded in 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17.

I fervently believe that it is the Methodist Church’s role to ensure that all souls of our beloved country are repentant through the word of God to qualify and be part of the rapture where the Lord Jehovah will judge and not dwell on the legality of our 2013 Constitution or Fiji being declared a secular state.


Not all

Pulotu Rika, Nasinu


I am compelled to respond to Mr Lockington’s statement (F.S 18/10/2014) about the closure of Party Offices throughout the country. Sir, please note that the FijiFirst spirit is truly well and alive in its little space at Beach Street, Levuka, Ovalau, from pre-election time until to date; with the approach ‘By the People, For the People’.

Yes, ‘voices’ are coming from it continuously and I understand that some have been responded to positively and others under consideration by the different Ministries while others are yet to be ‘sounded out’ accordingly. There you go; not all as you presume. Thank You.
Lami water

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu


Following the parliamentary session from home, my heart leapt with joy when the new Minister for Infrastructure said in his speech that the water woes experienced by Amenatave Yaconisau and all residents of the Delainavesi/Lami/Veisari corridor will end in six months time.

He mentioned that he has ordered the purchase of three boosters from overseas and these machines will be here in six months time.

Amena has been a regular voice of the people in the Lami area in highlighting the water woes they have been going through for some time now. I hope that residents in the Delainavesi/Lami/Veisari corridor would hang in there for six more months.

Kudos to the Honourable Minister and the rest of the Government team for tackling issues that were raised before the elections.

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