Letters to the Editor October 21, 2014

Nadroga rugby Eroni Seuseu, Sigatoka The dust has settled at Lawaqa Park and I look back in pride and amazement on the magnificent performance of the mighty Nadroga team –
21 Oct 2014 10:35
Letters to the Editor October 21, 2014
Building fully engulfed in flames in Rakiraki town.

Nadroga rugby

Eroni Seuseu, Sigatoka

The dust has settled at Lawaqa Park and I look back in pride and amazement on the magnificent performance of the mighty Nadroga team – from the Skipper Cup competition to the recent HFC Farebrother challenges.

The Farebrother is the prestigious trophy that any team will do its utmost to lay their hands on as the opportunity comes only once.

Fans could expect nothing, but scintillating rugby when it is at stake.

This year was no different as some of the best rugby ever played were witnessed at Lawaqa Park.

From the highlands of Naitasiri and Namosi, the South and North of Tailevu, the mines of Vatukoula to the Capital City and Jetset Town.

They came from far and wide to wrest the holy grail of rugby trophy away from the Coral Coast.

The Stallions defied all odds by engraving their names in the record books for the number of successive wins in a season.

Half-century scores, length of the field tries, powerful forwards, sleek backline movements and a never-say-die attitudes, there is only one word to describe their performance.


I thank the coaches, managers, trainers and all the support staff who worked tirelessly behind the scene to make Nadroga enjoy the most successful rugby in a season.

Thank you BLK for stepping in and sponsoring the team as your sponsorship has made them play ‘Beyond Limits Known.” Special thanks to the boys for the mesmerising performance both on and off the field which has made the ‘vanua’ of Nadroga stand proud to this day.

The million dollar question really is, “Can Nadroga be beaten?” The answer is yes, but it will take a million dollar team to beat them.


Request to Minister

Mohenesh Singh

Votualevu, Nadi

It is great to know that the Education Minster has a vision of changing Fiji’s education system.

I hope he also looks into school management operations and how they are appointed.

I think there are lots of village politics in school management committees, mostly in rural schools.

I also like to request him to look into the monitoring systems in schools.

There are so many polices, but how many of them are actually implemented by school heads? Please, do make a visit and you will be surprised with the answers.

Rarawai Mill

Rattan Sharma, Varadoli, Ba

Can somebody tell me what exactly happened to Rarawai Mill?


Death questions

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


It is heartbreaking to read the story of a 45-years-old sole breadwinner losing his life after falling from a height of three metres and most probably head first onto the concrete footpath below. (FBCNews 19/10)

The sad thing about this incident is it could have been prevented, had simple safety work measures been put in place.

From the photo published by FBC News online, we would like to know if the man was working alone.

The mobile stand or platform he was standing on should have someone on ground level holding onto to it to keep it steady.

Normally those who work on heights, cleaning windows or other work from outside of a building need to have a harness around their waist so that if an accident happen, they do not hit the ground.

It seems that safety measures were not considered in this case as one would reason, “No one dies from falling from a height of three metres.”

Workplace safety measures are there to ensure workers’ safety and we pay the price when it is ignored.


Nawaikula views

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

The Honourable Niko Nawa-ikula says he is now personally in fear for his own personal safety after being on record for his disrespectful and inciting maiden speech in Parliament.

Whatever his followers may think, this is my personal opinion and interpretation of his unwarranted and unruly behaviour in Parliament seen by many around the Pacific and the world.

Niko is an actor and he only was trying to impress and justify his existence the first time in Parliament emulating the very non-inclusive extremist nationalistic ideals by what my late tauvu from Rewa, Sakeasi Butadroka stood for and as is seen through my eyes that he is childish, immature and irresponsible.

He purports, no one else in the House is smarter than him as a lawyer specialising in iTaukei matters, but is now crying foul and claiming how his speech has been blown out of context in its interpretations.

In the iTaukei Bauan dialect; Taura vakatagane Niko na nomu vosa ka mo kakua ni rere.

You were captured on camera saying it under your parliamentary privileges, you are on record and is responsible for all those ill-conceived negative remarks made and you will certainly not get any respect and good mileage for that from right thinking Fijians.

He should, as a learned personal of the legal fraternity, must understand that if his speech is put through a classroom of a million students, there will also accordingly be a million different versions of interpretations and opinions.

The majority of Fijians do not agree with your statements in Parliament because it does not help positively move our country forward in a constructive manner as they would normally be called, “A good shot with no brain speeches.”

I personally feel that if his SODELPA caucus cannot discipline the bloke, then there is not much goods their supporters can expect from them in the next three-and-a-half years.

Shame on you Niko for bringing disrepute to our new Fijian democratic Parliament and I wish to pledge and ask specifically our SODELPA opposition members, please take note that our teenage future Fijian leaders are watching our live parliamentary TV coverage everyday.

Show them constructive quality and sound leadership qualities through your parliamentary debates because they can also interpret wrongly.

Parliamentary business should be all about answers and solutions to reflect the honourable members’ willingness to deliver to all Fijians irrespective of who they voted for together with giving them hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel to end the long suffering we have all endured as a young nation since the handing over of the instrument of Independence in 1970.


A special team

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

It would be difficult if not impossible to argue the fact that the BLK Nadroga team is the undisputed king of rugby in Fiji.

There is something special about them which separates from other provincial teams.

Even though some of the players are not originally from the province, they never fall short of giving their best on the rugby paddocks.

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