Pay FRU, Pio Tuwai Warned

Pio Tuwai will not be able to play in Sri Lanka until he pays Fiji Rugby Union the salary that was paid to him through his contract. This was revealed
22 Oct 2014 12:16
Pay FRU, Pio Tuwai Warned
Gulista Dean outside the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.

Pio Tuwai will not be able to play in Sri Lanka until he pays Fiji Rugby Union the salary that was paid to him through his contract.
This was revealed by Vodafone Fiji 7s head coach Ben Ryan yesterday indicating that the lanky forward still owes money to FRU.

“He will be in Sri Lanka for the next six months and we haven’t received any sign off yet from the Sri Lankan Rugby Union asking for his release because we won’t give that straight away since there is money to be paid back,” the no-nonsense coach said.

“We had an agreement, but my stance is, for something like this, I am not going to stand in the way. He made his decision and has already gone and didn’t call me about it.”
Ryan confirmed that Tuwai only signed the first page of the 32-page FRU contract.

“It’s tough because there is a lot of grey areas. He signed the first page and because the actual physical contract- the 32 pages of all the legal stuff hadn’t been given to him.

“I think if we dug our toes into the ground, we could hold back everything and stop him playing in Sri Lanka and I don’t want to do that. He has made the decision himself and it’s not the right one.”

The Englishman strongly believes that Tuwai’s decision to play in Sri Lanka was not a good one as far as rugby is concerned.

“It’s not going to help his rugby. He is probably going to lose the BLK ambassador contract. It’s unfortunate this has happened but we will move on. We got so many good players to choose from.” the coach said.

“I didn’t want him to go. He was injured and needed to sort his back out. Stay at home and recover, get fit. I am disappointed I’ve got a lot of time for Pio. He is a wonderful rugby player and I wish he had stuck with us and we could have got him fit to the right level so he could have been part of what is going to be an amazing year for Fiji, so it is disappointing.”

Meanwhile, Apisai Naqaliva who has also signed a contract with Sri Lanka goes with the blessings of Ryan and FRU.
“Naqaliva signed his contract during summer in Sri Lanka before he came in. He hadn’t been in any of our national squads or training and didn’t really expect to get into the team,” Ryan said.

“It was a new thing for him, I guess if all that had happened before he signed the contract he wouldn’t have gone and stayed and had been awarded a central contact with us. But he goes with all our blessing as he needs the money and wants to finish off a house back in the village, so that was bad timing.”

Skipper Osea Kolinisau is the only player with a contract with the Vodafone Fiji 7s and is getting paid every two weeks. More players are expected to sign contracts in the upcoming weeks as the team prepares for the World Sevens Series legs in Dubai and South Africa.


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