FEA Scoops Big Win For Quality Circle

Quality Circle was first introduced by a number of large Japanese firms. This was in a systematic attempt to involve all their employees, at every level, in their organisation’s drive
25 Oct 2014 00:00
FEA Scoops Big Win For Quality Circle
National Training and Productivity Centre director, Kamlesh Prakash, (third left) with FEA’s Team Kaizen, the Gold Award winner and the Most Innovative Team.

Quality Circle was first introduced by a number of large Japanese firms.

This was in a systematic attempt to involve all their employees, at every level, in their organisation’s drive for quality.

This year, the Fiji Electricity Authority soared and scooped majority of the awards at the 19th National Convention on Quality Awards held recently.

The awards are organised by the Fiji National University’s National Training and Productivity Centre.

These awards were Gold Award (Team Kaizen), Most Innovative Team (Team Kaizen), Outstanding Quality Circles Manager (Samuela Naisua) and main award – Outstanding Quality Circles Organisation.

FEA chief executive, Hasmukh Patel, congratulated the team on their win.

“I want to thank one and all who were involved in this exercise for their contribution and dedication. Congratulations and keep up the good work,” he said.

FEA Quality Circle Secretariat, Bob Mitchell, said, this is the platform to hear best practices success story from many organisations and individual paper presentations.

“This gives an insight as to how other organisations work through quality management principles and leads to success,” he said.

“Therefore, FEA sees this as a management development programme for personnel’s from different sections and who aspire to grow with FEA.

“The Prime Minister has stated he wishes to see Fiji adopt to a Singapore Model and grow like Singapore.

“Here we are at the FEA to ensure that we acquaint our Team to not only drive quality but live quality.”

One of the values of Fiji Electricity Authority revolves around innovativeness.

Since 2012, as part of the Strategic HRD Plan implementation, FEA adopted the Quality Circles Framework Model, across its operations.

FEA developed its very own Quality Circles Instrument and developed a Quality Circles Strategic Plan 2012 – 2016.


The process

Team FEA came up with its own logo, drawn by the Team and its own mission statement.

They developed their Team according to the fundamentals of the Quality Circles Programme with a intention of ensuring that they think beyond and innovate for FEA.

Mr Mitchell said they have invested heavily in their training and development programmes surrounding QC.

FEA has established 32 QC Project Teams.  These Teams are managed by the QC Secretariat and the Regional Coordinators. The Teams are based in all FEA locations,

43.14 per cent of FEA employees are part of the programme which equates to some 305 employees and the target remains for 50 per cent employee engagement for 2015.

Mr Mitchell said in 2015, FEA will have its very own first ever In-House QC Convention planned which is reflected in set operational budgets.

Mr Mitchell and his Regional QC Co-ordinators have just begun the plan for a third consecutive win in 2015.

In 2012, FEA had set a vision and in the next few weeks, the Secretariat and his Team will be contemplating new and improved ways of managing the QC Teams to reach this vision collectively.

National Convention on Quality Awards for FEA

– Outstanding Quality Circles Organisation Award – $1500

– Gold Award – Team Kaizen

This is the second consecutive year of the Gold Award at FEA. In 2013 it was Team Kinetics from Kinoya and in 2014 its Team Kaizen from Lautoka

Uniquely, this year the Gold Award Winner with a 4-member Team flies to Singapore to represent Fiji and FEA at the International Exposition on Team Excellence (IETEX) in June 2015.

This is solely sponsored by the FNU/NTPC including the award for the Outstanding QC Manager of the Year to Singapore

FEA had its largest contingent to take part at this year’s National Convention on Quality as part of its capacity building with a growing Team

– Most Innovative Team Award – Team Kaizen -$500

– Outstanding Quality Circles Manager Award – Samuela Naisua

Will fly to Singapore in 2015 to attend the IETEX




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