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NFP lost cause Pravind Kumar, Queensland The National Federation Party (NFP) still wants to survive championing the rights of Fijians of Indian origin and the sugar cane farmers. Let me
25 Oct 2014 11:37

NFP lost cause

Pravind Kumar, Queensland

The National Federation Party (NFP) still wants to survive championing the rights of Fijians of Indian origin and the sugar cane farmers.

Let me go back to 1982  when NFP/Western United Front (WUF) was eyeing to win the general election.

It did not succeed because it did not focus on winning the four national seats in the South East of Viti Levu. In Ba, NFP was in a tight contest for the North Western national seat.

In the late Siddiq Koya’s wisdom, the late Sir Vijay R Singh was nominated to contest the seat. He stood against his relative the late Uday Singh from the Alliance Party. The nomination of Sir Vijay R Singh disappointed many of the electors and sugar cane farmers in Ba. When the going did not go right in the National Federation Party, Mr Koya then appointed Sir Vijay the general manager of the Sugar Cane Grower Council. The NFP kept on being a party for the lawyers and the rich who in vain were keen on holding their economic/political status in Fiji.

NFP had no strategic direction or brainstormed with the leaders and engaged the grassroots communities.

In 1985, the NFP decided under the late Siddiq Koya that James Shankar Singh was going to contest the by-election for the North Western National Seat.

This time again, Uday Singh contested the seat and won it in a three-way contest in which Mahendra Chaudhry stood for the Fiji Labour Party. From Ba to Lautoka, voters were angry and disgusted with James Shankar Singh contesting the seat but it fell on deaf ears. James Shankar Singh and Sir Vijay R Singh were failures in their capacity as Ministers in the Alliance Government. They did not achieve any economic development or a single item or project that could be classed as a gain for the Indo-Fijian population. The two  were very prominent individuals of the Arya Samaj Society/Association of Fiji.

The Arya Samaj was the main supporter and the core of the Indian Alliance in many ways from fundraising for the Alliance Party and ensuring that the Indo-Fijian population was divided politically.  They ensured that the sugar reforms did not occur because they were Ratu Mara’s men. These individuals survived and prospered in Fiji both under the guise of Alliance Party and National Federation Party. It is a pity that Indo-Fijians supported NFP “blindfolded” or similar to a “flock of sheep”.

I came to Fiji in June and July this year and toured both the main islands. NFP is very lucky to win three seats. This only translated because of Dr Biman Prasad being professor of economics and a local Vanua Levu boy born near Dreketi, otherwise he would not have won his seat. What baffles me is NFP forming a coalition with the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA).

How is Dr Prasad going to convince Ro Teimumu Kepa and all her pro-nationalistic elements that they (SODELPA) need to drop the QoliQoli Bill, drop the idea of Great Council of Chiefs (GCC), drop the idea of Senate etc?

What is the party manifesto for the Indian population which make up roughly 35 per cent of the population and declining?

The Fiji dollar after devaluing under late Savenaca Siwatibau twice in 1983 of and further devaluations by the Qarase Government devalued the Fiji dollar by close to 100 per cent. These are the key reasons for the high cost of living and inflation and not Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

On my recent trip to Fiji, I visited a high school in Vanua Levu. There was hardly a novel in the library and not even a measuring cup to bake cakes and scones in the Home Economics section. I was left speechless. I decided that my family was going to assist this school for the next few years of our own accord.

I recently read that the Fiji Sugar Corporation (FSC) thinking of converting the Penang Mill to only a syrup mill.

I nearly had my heart  stop with shock. Penang Mill reportedly harvested 179,000 tonnes of cane and roughly 25,000 tonnes of sugar this year. This mill used to crush 750,000 to 850,000 tonnes sugarcane.

It is the best sugar cane growing area in Viti Levu. It produced the best quality sugar of all mills till 1999. There has been no comment from NFP or any Indo-Fijian  leader about revitalising the sugar farming in Ra and getting the industry back to pre -1987 levels.

Proper titles

Ronnie Chang , Nadi

Allow me to register my personal disappointment with one popular radio and television station incorrectly addressing His Grace, The Most Reverend Archbishop Peter Loy Chong as Father Peter Loy Chong.

Such incorrect references by both reporters and presenters must be corrected with every respect.

Reference is made to His Grace, Archbishop Peter’s celebration of The Diwali Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral, yesterday Thursday, 23 October, 2014.

When I attended primary school in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, amongst other things taught were the proper terminologies used in addressing dignitaries.

I guess the curriculum these modern days has changed, somewhat. So much for development.

Fiji standing
Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Fiji’s standing in the world is an acknowledgement that our election was free, fair and transparent.

I can only congratulate our Government for their consistency, in that the country will now witness an influx of investors and world leaders.

They will visit our shores and acknowledge our small island nation’s input in the world arena through our very own Fijian statesman, the Honourable Rear Admiral (retired) Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama.

Fijians unanimously through their September 17th votes empowered his FijiFirst Party to continue to govern and take our country to many more levels with his current team of cabinet ministers.It is a state obligation to welcome Narendra Modi, the Indian Prime Minister who in his foresight and political will changed the face of the worlds largest democracy.

We Fijians can also proudly say, yes, our very own Prime Minister ranks the same with him. With all the above, we Fijians will all benefit from these high level visits irrespective who we voted for and what others may say about our PM.

Auditor’s pay

Sukha Singh,  Labasa

Looking at the amount of work done by the Auditor- General shouldn’t he be paid more than the Prime Minister or the Finance Minister?

Watchdog act

Amenatave Yaconisau Delainavesi

Mr Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa is recognised by this newspaper and people alike as the champion of justice welfare and development  in this country.

We appreciate his comments on the water issues.

His watchdog act in this newspaper carries on even though he was not voted into Parliment.  He carries on his investigations regardless.

Thank you Save.




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