With The Present Government Policies, Business Is Booming

Labasa businessman and builder, Tula Jaduram, is semi retired but still helps out at the Jaduram Industries Limited. The 77-year-old managing director of the company says there is a boom
25 Oct 2014 00:00
With The Present Government Policies, Business Is Booming
Tula Jaduram, managing director of Jaduram Industries Limited as well as a builder himself.

Labasa businessman and builder, Tula Jaduram, is semi retired but still helps out at the Jaduram Industries Limited.

The 77-year-old managing director of the company says there is a boom in the construction sector in Fiji.

Mr Jaduram has a twin brother who resides overseas, has three children and is the third of 12 siblings.

He got married in 1960. About a year ago, he lost his wife and longtime partner in the business world, Helen.

“I am semi retired, with two sons and we are builders. My eldest son is based in Suva and the youngest son is in Labasa,” he said.

“This company was a running family business in 1960, with all the brothers, we didn’t have to rebuild the company.

Earned his certificate in architectural and engineering at the Derrick Technical Institute now known as Fiji National University.

““When the businesses were divided, all the brothers took over what they were doing so I took over my company.

“In 1982, we formed the company with my two sons and from that time we have been growing. In short form the company  is called JIL.”

Mr Jaduram and his younger brother, hotelier and businessman Paul Jaduram are the only two out of the 12 siblings who now live in Fiji.

The company is specialised building contractors, hardware, joinery, structural steel, plumbing and boat builders.

What is the secret to the success of your business?

Being honest to small things, yourself and the client, it will build your name up like myself. Like I always tell my son, I build my company up and my name is good amongst the all the architects. Because we get our jobs from the architects, when the clients and they are happy, the builders too are happy. The architects will only recommend a builder they know will do a good job.

What were some of the interesting highlights in your line of work?

Being a builder, I enjoy it because with other businesses, all you do is a repetition.

But one building you built is not the same, because the next one is different. Like in Suva in 1986, I came to do a building contract for Housing Authority of Fiji – the 72 units at Raiwai.

When I travel past Raiwa, I still see the building standing and likewise in Labasa probably about 50 per cent of the buildings are still standing.

It becomes your achievement that you have done something really nice.

Being a builder is very challenging profession because every time you deal with something different.

What is your view on the construction industry now?

There’s a boom in the construction sector in Fiji. Like my eldest son Shalendra, who is the managing director Suva branch, he does the building and my younger son in Labasa does civil work.

Shalendra employs about 180 staff and is quite busy. I am semi retired but I try to give him a hand when he is very busy, because he is all by himself.

He has a son who is 18 years old who has recently joined the company If I can give him a hand I do that.

How is business progressing?

My son Shalendra is quite busy which is a good sign that all is well. He is a very good builder and is doing really well.

He’s about to finish the Reserve Bank of Fiji refurbishment which is his current project and there are a few more projects he has in the pipeline.

What are some of the challenges in a construction industry?

Building is quite an interesting job and I love constructing buildings.

If you want to be in business you have to be honest to yourself first then you can be honest to your clients. So that becomes a big challenge, looking after so many staff.

In my young days it was very challenging, because in those days there was a shortage of skilled people.

We had to train people to do the work.

How do you see the construction industry in the next five to 10 years in Fiji?

It will be booming, with the present government’s policies, people have faith in the country and the government which is important.

I think people have faith and they have spoken with our Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama getting thousands of votes.

When people have faith in the government, they are going to invest.

I don’t think the building industry is going to stop but it will keep on growing.

In my lifetime, I have seen the building sector has never slowed down but only once after the 1987 coup and then it went boom.

On A Lighter Note

– Hobbies

Fishing, hunting

– Favourite food
Chinese cuisine

– Most passionate about
Being a builder and helping my son, in whatever way I can.

– High point of life
Successfully running our businesses.

– One of your greatest achievements
When you build are building, and  you see it after a few years still standing you feel are sense of achievement

– Best advice ever achieved
To be a builder in life first you have to be honest. Like in my life, I have seen a lot of builders come up and gone down because they are not honest.


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