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Guns for Police Vishwa Nadan Lautoka It was interesting to read that the Commissioner of Police, Bernardus Groenewald, is looking at arming his officers in future operations. I suggest that
01 Nov 2014 16:54

Guns for Police

Vishwa Nadan


It was interesting to read that the Commissioner of Police, Bernardus Groenewald, is looking at arming his officers in future operations.

I suggest that the Commissioner go through the armoury file and he will find a stockpile of sophisticated guns that was hijacked from the Police armoury at Nasinu nine miles during the events of 2006.

Therefore, he doesn’t have to look for additional funds as long as he is able to trace the whereabouts of these guns.

Overgrown grass

Mohammed Sabir


With the assistance through this column, I would like the concerned authorities to remove the overgrown grass that are covering parts of Khalsa Road in Newtown, Nasinu.

It is dangerous and hazardous for both motorists and pedestrians using this road.

Five weeks ago I spoke to a media company and it assured me that it will push for the work to be done, but to date nothing has been done.

Rosy Akbar

Josaia Rayawa


Very encouraging to see the Ministers going about their work and using the opportunity to engage the citizens first-hand.

As we often acknowledge in marketing circles, “the most important member of any product team is the customer”.

The non-inclusion of customers in any product formulation is the bane of any company.

The principle rings true for any other institution, Government and Parliament, included.

I want to acknowledge, especially the efforts of Rosy Akbar. I have never met the Minister in person, but that caring spirit that she projects will no doubt, carry her efforts further than her ministerial budget can ever do.

There is just something about having a genuine spirit.

Narendra Modi

Ashneel Prasad

Auckland, NZ

It is great to know that the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, will make an official visit to Fiji on November 19.

It will be an historic event.

I hope Fiji’s and India’s diplomatic ties will strengthen after this visit.

We have a long history with India – coming that our forefathers are from India.

I hope Mr Modi finds Fiji a pleasant experience and takes with him loads of memories of a better Fiji.


Water woes

Amenatave Yaconisau


Since the new Minister for Infrastructure assumed office water cuts has really been a thing of the past.

We are enjoying the moment in Delainavesi, Lami area. I am sure for the rest of Fiji, it has improved as well.

Whatever difficulties we have yet to face waiting for the pumps, we have great cause for rejoicing.  We rejoice with heartfelt thankfulness to almighty God and the new Minister for this milestone. Someone was tolerating WAF before the new Minister.

Relieving people with these water woes is the best news received from this Government.

North roads

Rajesh Lal


As a taxpayer of this nation, I am still waiting for a reply from the Fiji Roads Authority as to why the following tarsealed roads have been reverted to dusty gravel roads:

1. Siberia Branch Road;

2. Batanikama Road; and

3. Prince Andrew Road [Bulileka]

These roads are in a pathetic condition and riddled with potholes. I wonder if Neil Cook, the CEO of FRA, takes note of the number of potholes these roads have.

I believe the contractors who have been assigned to carry out the road repairs are really sleeping on the job.

The residents living in the above areas are fed up with the poor service delivery and therefore requesting our Minister to look into this matter.

Sevens saga

Allen Lockington


We celebrated in Dubai when our boys won and the boys were promised a bonus.

In all the excitement, we didn’t know that the boys weren’t paid “that” bonus.

In modern sporting times, money is in the forefront of things. Players have to make a living and thus they play and get paid. Gone are the days when players played for the love of the game only.

Pio Tuwai has put it properly. He has gone to Sri Lanka because they look after the players better.

If our boys drop their level of commitment and play miserable, I will not blame them. The FRU will be to blame.

Seasonal work

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


A recruitment agency in Suva is ready to send seasonal workers to Queensland. Their Australian agent has set up work with farmers out there who desperately want Fijian workers in November and December.

Our biggest problem is getting the much anticipated seasonal workers scheme to get the official green light enabling Fijian workers to create a win-win situation for the farmers and workers including both economies.

We are keeping our fingers crossed in the hope that Julie Bishop’s visit this week would be good news for us Fijians with regards to seasonal work and the proposed three months holiday work visa.

Our name

Neelz Singh


Our common identity gives us one big opportunity as people of all races work together to be the name behind the Fijian Made products.

We salute all those who put in the effort and made it possible. Now everyone abroad and at home prefers to buy or look for products with the Fijian Made logo.

There is vast development both in the economic and employment sectors. Our main goal is to keep it local with quality so that we can grow financially.  Just one concern though, we need to trust our local organisation and avoid tendering jobs outside Fiji. We can perform better and build our Viti.

It’s a blessing for those who have made it possible. Soon the “Fijian” name will be globalised.

Back to the future

Osea Sivo Naisau


During his address at the opening of the new 2014 Parliament sitting on October 7, the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, categorically stated that in the next four years the present Government have put in place policies that will improve the living standards of all citizens of this country.

That sentiment have been recently re-echoed by Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama in Labasa during his recent visit there. The current climate of economic growth will be beneficial for all in improving their livelihood.

Since winning the election, Mr Bainimarama has often stated that he is the Prime Minister of all Fijians. So the welfare of all will be foremost in the services provided irrespective of race, colour or creed.

Hopefully with reforms on the Government’s agenda, we will witness an improvement in the services provided by those who choose to serve the people. All key departments should at least have a branch in all urban centres so as to minimise financial and time consuming losses as experienced in the past.

Forgetting about the past and staring anew is welcoming for the future always beckons.


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