Joe Jackson Father Of The Stars

Joe Jackson is the father and manager of the biggest pop star the world has ever known and that of course is the late Michael Jackson a name that is
02 Nov 2014 16:39
Joe Jackson Father Of  The Stars

Joe Jackson is the father and manager of the biggest pop star the world has ever known and that of course is the late Michael Jackson a name that is known not just in America but throughout the whole world.
Joe Jackson was born on July 26, 1928 into a working class black family. At that time racism was very much alive and to be a black man growing up in America meant you were a second class citizen, and without the rights white people had.

Joe’s father was a strict disciplinarian and very domineering which led Joe never to question or react to his father’s will.
His childhood was a very ordinary one and after leaving school began work for a renowned steel company and eventually worked his way up to becoming a crane operator, he also worked a second job at a food factory.

In 1948 he met Katherine Scruse and married her the following year in 1949.
Things moved quickly for the Jackson family and in 1950 Joe purchased a small three bedroom home in Gary,  Indiana and it was here he was to raise his nine children.

Little did we know that this family of 11 was to become a dominant force globally in the entertainment industry.
In the 1960’s Joe formed a band for his eldest sons Jackie, Tito and Jermaine, after forming the band younger sons Marlon and Michael were to join.

This was the beginning of the legendary “Jackson 5” group. This group shattered all records that had previously been held in number of record sales, number of hits they accumulated, etc.
They were the talk of the whole music industry and the fans couldn’t get enough of them.

It was now a case of a band that could not walk the streets in fear of being mobbed.
Joe Jackson had masterminded through his strict and sometimes unique style a young band to be reckoned with in the very competitive world of show business.

After great success the band changed its name to “The Jacksons” in the late 1970s and once again fame and fortune followed them churning out hit after hit and more Platinum Albums.

During the 1980s the brothers worked on solo careers and Michael Jackson rose to the top of the musical mountain making himself the most talked about celebrity on earth.
Joe was never far away from his sons success but now wanted to launch his daughter Janet Jackson into the music industry.

He did this by  creating a unique image and singing style for Janet and this once again worked making Janet Jackson a huge star.
Joe Jackson is a larger than life figure in the States and has managed to turn his family into a legendary name worldwide.
Joe also attributed hard work and sacrifice from all members of the family made the Jackson family what it is today.

When I interviewed Joe I had to ask him who was the most talented out of all his children, taking off his parental role and being objective.

Joe felt that Michael Jackson was without doubt the most gifted and talented person he had ever encountered and said his hard work and stubborn determination to get things right attributed him to being so good.
He also told me Michael would train for hours on end to perfect a dance move or a song long after all his brothers had left for bed.

The saying “practice always makes perfect”  applies to the Jackson family including hard working Father Joe the ever present mother Katherine and all his children who one by one carved out their own piece of entertainment legacy.

The writer is a Fiji Sun columnist.

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