Letters to the Editor, November 5, 2014

National project Leba Halofaki – AhabiYA Y-M Lami I refer to the front page article published in the Fiji Sun on Monday November 3, 2014. In particular to the portions
05 Nov 2014 09:40
Letters to the Editor, November 5, 2014

National project

Leba Halofaki – AhabiYA Y-M


I refer to the front page article published in the Fiji Sun on Monday November 3, 2014.

In particular to the portions of the conclusion of the Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum’s address to the Human Rights Council in Geneva.

I quote “Because after all, Mr President, if a person does not have access to clean drinking water, if a person lives in abject poverty, if a person does not have a roof over his/her head, does not have access to education, if a family does not get a square meal a day, then how can we expect to claim that there is equality, that there is freedom and there is human dignity?”

“Indeed, how can we expect to have true democracy and stable institutions of the State?”

Profound statements indeed!

The A-G further stated that “Fiji is committed to working with all stakeholders to promote the dignity and rights of Fijians.”

In my humble opinion as a voluntary community worker, I am recommending a national project that can advance the human rights of the women, the elderly, the widows, the disabled, the single parents, the poor, and the housewives in the villages, settlements, peri-urban and urban areas and farms in a tangible manner.

This is to assist in constructing a smokeless kitchen /bathroom/toilet and laundry unit with a water tank as an extension to their existing “family” home (BIG HOUSE). This is the ‘equaliser’ that addresses basic needs and the dreams of those marginalised in our society. At the end of each day, family members come home and “expect” an evening meal. Sadly, the onus to produce this falls squarely on the housekeepers–the women.

In the rural areas firewood is the main source of fuel for cooking subjecting the women to breathing “smoke” day in/day out in preparing the family meals. Research has shown that in time this exposure adversely affects not only the eyesight of the women, it causes respiratory ailments and in the worst prolonged cases may cause cancer.

If the women had a proper kitchen consisting of a proper kitchen sink and food preparation benchtops, and smokeless fireplace with chimney and a woodstove, the burden of food preparation is reduced drastically. Having a proper bathroom/laundry and toilet next to the kitchen and a water tank outside to provide clean and regular water supply, this is the least these “engine-room drivers” in Fijian families deserve. No matter what social or economic status a woman has, give her the dignity of having these basic necessities under one structure next to her big house.

Honourable Minister of Finance, please include this national project in your budget next year and the next four years until the entire Fiji group is covered. It can be a cost-sharing project for those with ability to contribute in cash- or -in -kind.

Include US: the women, the elderly, the widows, the disabled, the single parent, the poor, and the marginalised, part of the “silent majority” who are really the “engine-room drivers” in Fiji. It will certainly go a long way in addressing those vital needs you so succinctly described in your address at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva.



Magan Lal, Suva

On the eve of the recent Diwali Festival celebration, it appears that people who could squander money on fireworks, had no regard for pollution that this festival could cause, leave aside the pains of the sick people.

We believe that the Government had imposed some restrictions on the type of fireworks which the local importers could import, but somehow it does not appear to be that way.

The type of ground sparklers and sky rockers available to the people shows that there is complete freedom on the use of fireworks.

Our country has joined in a world campaign to keep the country free from pollution. Is it therefore not proper for our Department of Environment to seriously look into the future importation of firecrackers which has somehow turned into the fireworks?


Climate change

Arif Khan, Ba

According to UN climate experts time is running out and the current emission trends will lead to disaster.

If you are driving on our freeways with your windows down, you will be blessed with carbon emission from most of the passing buses and cane trucks.

Our trucks and cars are a major cause of global warming that threatens our health and basic human needs. There should be measures put in place now to curb this trend. Smog testing is important. We also need to promote fuel efficient vehicles, cleaner fuels and a tax incentive for electric vehicles.

Fiji is poised for an accelerated pace of development. We need to be cognizant of carbon emission as we plan a sustainable development. Environmental laws need to be more stringent.


Best wishes

Vineel Nand, Nadi

It’s that time of the year where all students are glued to books. Study hard and stay away from social network like Facebook. Wishing them the very best.


Mango worms

Neelz Singh, Lami

The mango season is here and we all love to enjoy eating it. But be careful friends. The mango may look delicious from the outside, they may tell a different story from the inside.

Some friends of mine recently bought some mangoes for $2. After eating them, I cut open to check and guess what I found. I saw small larvae inside the seed. I wonder how it got there.

Some may have come across this in the past! Yes, it was mango worm. Can any medical expert explain how these got into the mango seeds? Is there any illness associated with mango worms?

The next time you buy some mangoes, please ask the vendor to cut it open or just buy some other fruit instead.


First casualty

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa


A fellow writer has alleged that Daylight Saving has claimed its first casualty. (FS 4/11)

We are told that the student was crossing the Koronivia Road on his way to school in Nausori when he was hit by a truck heading towards Suva.

There is a speed sign in Koronivia saying 50km/hr and I am not sure if it still exists.

All drivers are aware that they need to take extra care in the morning and after school because this is when we see many students on our roads.

Daylight Saving should notbe held responsible for this death.

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