Letters To The Editor, November 6, 2014

Land surveys Timote Rupeni, Suva It is timely that our consumer watchdog, the Consumer Council of Fiji, has highlighted (FS 25/10) a case of mistaken identity in identifying land boundaries
06 Nov 2014 10:33

Land surveys

Timote Rupeni, Suva

It is timely that our consumer watchdog, the Consumer Council of Fiji, has highlighted (FS 25/10) a case of mistaken identity in identifying land boundaries when selling or building on a lot.

It is unfortunate that some of our public have not caught up with the fact that land boundaries in Fiji are defined by mounds or a line, not trees, or fences or other features. These boundary marks are identified by mounds or survey marks in the form of an 18 inch iron pipe or rod.

For any dealings in land titles whether by selling or constructing a building, it is advisable that a registered surveyor be hired to identify the boundary pegs and certify that the boundary pegs identified are the correct pegs to use of the subject land. Fortunately all local authorities now state in the development approvals they grant, that a registered surveyor must issue a survey certificate, prior to the dealing that the lot boundaries have been identified correctly.

The case highlighted is not an isolated case as mistakes have happened before and the consequences are traumatic and costly.   Our survey system follows that of Australia and New Zealand and is to enable the State to guarantee the land title registered at the Registrar of Titles Office.

Without the guarantee, the financial institutions will not be able to operate properly in transaction dealing with land title.

All survey plans of land have to be approved by the authorities and the Surveyor-General and it is a blessing that we have such a survey system to enable the public to transact their land titles with confidence. Like other systems, it comes with a heavy investment and cost but the cost in rectifying mistakes is more costlier.


Melbourne Cup

Dr Ram Raju


I spent some time at the New Nadi Farmer’s Club on Tuesday for the Melbourne Cup fun-filled event.

It was an exciting event put together by the management led by Tom and Tracey and their wonderful staff.

As promised in their flyers and ads, they executed all the promises beautifully.

It was a fun-filled and exciting, absorbing, enthralling and fascinating.

The final race gripped the large crowd, many of whom laid bets with Grants setting up the booth there.

The Calcutta auction by Tom Gore was far too good, spellbinding and engrossing and professionally done. He deserves special commendation!

The Walk on Walk Strong Fundraiser and Head Shaving was another bonanza and a riveting atmosphere.

The event was climaxed with the highly charged fashion show which was second to none. Artistically and expertly done by the beautiful models.

Just over four grand was eventually raised for charity, largely attributed to Tom and Tracey who deserve a huge pat on their backs.

Tourists and locals alike who thronged to this event were overjoyed and contributed handsomely to the charity chest.

Once again Tracey and Tom and all your friendly staff, vinaka vakalevu.

I hope readers have seen today’s Fiji Sun that captured the event extremely well with great photos.


Anti-riot training

Vishwa Nadan JP


I had the good fortune of joining the Fiji Police Force in 1964 under the tutelage of colonial masters.

The arms drills were both notorious and rigorous.

This included the riot drill where we were taught how to counter the civil disobedience and unlawful gathering.

Before we could activate the riot unit a “proclamation” must be read to this effect in English “Disperse or we will shoot”.

In Hindustani “Hat jao nahi toh goli chalegi”.

I only hope those 15 of my comrades going to China to enhance knowledge on handling riots will not deviate from the above – civilised rule.

Tiananmen Square comes to mind.


Real estate

Ronnie Chang


It must be acknowledge beyond any reasonable doubt that the real estate business is booming against all expectations.

Credit must go to the Government of the day for rekindling that “fire of democracy” and investor confidence, by way of holding free, fair and creditable general elections in the “eyes and ears” of the Multinational Observer Group that graced the length and breadth of our friendly shores.

Whilst such unprecedented growth will bring smiles to all concerned there is one section of our infrastructure that badly needs attention.

In my view, I do not believe that the proper proportionate incremental delivery of clean potable water, electricity and sewage services are paid due proper corporate planning and deliverance, in the national interest.

Respectfully, I seek answers, please.


Ebola error

Lawrence Narayan, Suva

Malakai Naduva’s statement of belief on Ebola virus is not connected with the wrath of God that is mentioned in the Bible.

The Book of Revelation, written by the apostle John, describes his vision of the future and serves as a prophetic message for the end times.

It has a sequential order of events in the Seven Seals, Seven Trumpets, and Seven Bowls/Vials which represent the final judgments of God that are poured out on an unbelieving world in the end times. Mr Naduva is erroneously connecting the Ebola virus to the judgment of the “First Bowl of the wrath of God” in Revelation 16:2 – “The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly, festering sores broke out on the people…”

Bible scholars know from world events that we have not entered into the phase where God’s judgment of Seals, Trumpets and Bowls has been activated in any case, the First Bowl judgment of “Sores” is to follow the Seals and Trumpets of God’s judgments. The judgments will be in order of events as decreed by God.

While it is good for Christians to be alert and ready for the coming events of the “Last Days”, it is absolutely necessarily for us to teach biblical truths and to always remain within the bounds of scripture.


Coin change

Sukha Singh


The Government is going to change the $2 coin because many people cannot differentiate between the $2 and $1 coins. I hope they can stop the Daylight Saving too because many people don’t like it either.



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