Letters To The Editor, November 8, 2014

Tax on interest Raj Kumar, Suva At present people earning $16000 or less do not pay any tax. However, 20 per cent tax is charged on bank interest even though
08 Nov 2014 14:50

Tax on interest
Raj Kumar, Suva
At present people earning $16000 or less do not pay any tax.
However, 20 per cent tax is charged on bank interest even though a person’s total combined income from interest and all other sources is less than $16000.
I request the Government to review this unfair rule and not charge 20 per cent tax on interest earned if a person’s total income from interest and all other sources is less than $16000.

Missing bus stops
Mohammed Sabir, Nasinu
It is good to see developments in the form of footpaths along the roads in the Nasinu area.
However, it is sad to see the missing bus stop which forces the buses stopping by the roadside and causing a traffic jam.

Cup tragedy
Ashneel Prasad, Auckland, NZ
This year’s Melbourne Cup will forever be etched into history as one of the most tragic events ever.
Despite Protectionist winning the Melbourne Cup for the first time for Germany, this year’s event will always be marred by the death of two race horses – Admire Rakti and Araldo. Admire Rakti was the favourite to win this year’s Cup but alas, it was not destined to be.
Despite coming to a tragic end, Admire Rakti has earned, along with mine, millions of heart.
That horse knew something was wrong. He could have stopped midway during the race, but he did not.
Admire Rakti completed the race.
This is one Melbourne cup that I will never forget. RIP Admire Rakti and Araldo.

Exams and holidays
Kirti Patel, Lautoka
While some senior students in high schools have completed their external exams, some are still at it.
The rest, having done with their annual examinations, are probably waiting for their results.
Surely the number of students available in the school will be declining.
This is a good time to reflect on the whole year of hard work and get the fruit of it or for some a time to learn and think about ways to make improvements for the coming future.
The exam is not the end of everything. It’s the beginning of new things to come.
The holiday is approaching soon and I hope the students can make use of this time and think of ways they can prosper next year. Holidays are an opportune time to make positive plans and work towards them.
Taking a break and doing further studies can go together. Also useful activities at home can help one learn new skills.
I hope the students don’t get carried away during the holidays and not take some time out for productive activities that can help benefit them in many ways.
Hope safety will be taken into consideration.
I wish the students and teachers a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Cane trucks
Joji Toronibau, Tunuloa
Being a first timer in the Northern Town of Labasa I was in awe to see the hard work put in by the sugarcane farmers, and lorry drivers queuing up to the mill.
Little did they know how I had watched them heralding another season of harvesting.
They queued up in sizes, shapes and what amazes me are the enthusiasm put into the loaded cane a little décor like flowers, tree branches and wooden crosses and cane crosses.
Yes Friendly North. ‘Mamaca vei ratou’. Glad its over till 2015 season.

Seasonal work
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,
Before the elections, we were told that Fijians will be included in the Australian Seasonal Workers Scheme but only if the demand for workers is too great and could not be handled by Samoa, Vanuatu, the Solomon Islands etc who are currently in the scheme.
Now after the elections, we were told last week that Australia has lifted all restrictions and that we are on a level playing field with the other island nations in the Australian Seasonal Workers Scheme.
Today, even Australian friends are reminding us Fijians that seasonal work is now open for us.
Could the Australian Embassy put the people’s mind at rest by telling us where exactly do we stand right now?
If an Australian farmer makes a request for some Fijians to come over and do seasonal work for six months, would the Australian Embassy allow such requests?
With all the hype surrounding the news that we are included in the Seasonal Workers Scheme, the Australian Embassy website still maintains that we are not.

Dedicated to
Mr Y P Reddy
Vishwa Nadan , Lautoka
A philanthropist and workaholic at 80, not a mean feat to achieve.
My acquaintance with Mr Y P Reddy is well over three decades.
During this period I did not find an iota of change from his routine despite now being his twilight years.
I for one had neither questioned him nor made an attempt to elicit the fact for his reservoir of strength and energy.
His memory is as sharp as a memory bank. His eyesight is as good as an eagle’s eye – nothing escapes.
To my knowledge his financial contributions to the cultural, religious and charitable organisations in Fiji remains unparalleled.
We in Sangam hold our heads high for his guidance in taking the TISI Sangam to where it is today both in his capacity as the longest serving president and the past president.
Hearty congratulations on your belated 80th birthday (05/11/2014). Looking forward for your centenary celebrations.
Because of space constraints I am limiting the length of this letter. Thank you Fiji Sun for publishing this letter.

The German stayer
Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva
Protectionist the German stayer in the Melbourne Cup 2014 which on Tuesday beat other brilliant horses including the late Admire Rakti might have made some people rich.
Few local punters recognise the potential qualities of Protectionist. Horses that he has beaten were of no repute, and mostly in slow track. He was handed over to an unknown trainer recently.
In the end, Andreas Wohler realised he was a master of this craft at this level. On Tuesday he found out that Protectionist was a racehorse out of the common, of promise and quality that had not been seen in the Melbourne Cup before.
Wohler first prepared Protectionist at the Herbert Power in Caulfield regarded as the prelude to Melbourne Cup. He was unlucky to get left behind in the last few hundred meters several lengths.
But that made no difference to the result of the Melbourne Cup 2014. Protectionist powered home in the last few hundred metres and won the race convincingly by many lengths.
I think he should not be for sale at any price dead or alive.

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