Draw A List, Budget And Don’t Rush

When you live alone, stocking up on your groceries or doing your shopping is always not considered a priority. Bachelors, in particular, do not usually have a very healthy diet.
12 Nov 2014 17:25
Draw A List, Budget And Don’t Rush

When you live alone, stocking up on your groceries or doing your shopping is always not considered a priority.

Bachelors, in particular, do not usually have a very healthy diet. They often live on food that is easy to prepare and whatever meals put on the table.

But this is not the case for television personality, Taitusi John Kurucake.

Tai, as he affectionately known by many, makes sure that his cupboard is filled all the time. He also makes sure that fresh vegetables are stocked in the refrigerator for the duration of a working week until he stocks up in the weekend.

As the chosen shopper for the week, Tai chose to share his experience on shopping and one will find out what makes this bachelor stands out from the rest.




Tai has had a very long career in radio having worked in both companies – Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (FBC) and Communications Fiji Limited as an announcer before joining the Fiji Television Limited as a multimedia journalist.

Tai said the recent switch to television was because he wanted to try something new and so far, it has been very exciting and at the same time challenging.

He is joined by Mavis Gaunavou Koroiuli, who featured as last week’s Shopper, as hosts of Fiji and the Pacific’s first ever local morning show called Breakfast at Fiji One.

One can always catch them live every week days from 6am to 7am.

He is originally from Nadi and his mother is from Kadavu.



Tai usually does his shopping at the end of every working week mainly on Saturdays, outside his work schedule.

Why? He said because it would give more time to draw his shopping list and of course to shop without rushing.

“This is when I have more free time to carefully run through my empty cupboard to see what I need first and foremost,” Tai said.

“Without the rush, I enjoy taking my time from aisle to aisle picking out what I need and making sure I’ve got what I need. I’ll pick up on the basic milk, butter, tea groceries and most importantly, rice which I eat a lot with everything.”

It is only understandable that the concept of taking ones time to do his or her shopping will enable the shopper to shop smart by comparing price of products according to the prepared list.

Once the groceries are done, Tai goes to the market to buy vegetables and fruits.

Market is always the best place to get your freshest supplies.

“I love vegetables which I’m thankful to my mum who forced me and my siblings to eat them when we were little.

“And that’s why I love picking up on more greener vegetables which are my favourites like moca, bok choy, mustard cabbage and anything that goes well with my stir fry,” he said.

“I enjoy the local fruits more so whatever is in season, I will definitely buy.”



Tai makes sure he draws up a shopping list, especially to meet his needs before going out shopping.

“Because I’ve done up a list of groceries I need first and foremost, I’ve also budgeted the amount I’ll use for shopping.”

He agreed that sometimes, he goes a little overboard because he gets carried away looking at the other stuffs.

“But then I normally have a strategy where I ask myself if the item is really important and if I really need it? (Mostly are chocolates, frozen meat pies, snacks etc). That works for me so I just nicely place the item back,” he said.

Tai’s experience above clearly outlines the importance of having more time to shop without rushing so you have time to think of what about your needs over your wants.

He added that if you’re doing a big family shopping or for yourself, it should be something that’s fun.

“Pick a day where you have more time on your hands and spend as much time as you can, picking what you need. I feel it’s important to enjoy shopping and to shop healthy too rather than having rushed through it.”



He seldom does his shopping for clothes and shoes.

This is because he is a bit of a spoilt brat as he gets those things from his family overseas which doesn’t affect his budget.

This also explains why Tai lives alone because most of his families are abroad with his parents spending their time in between overseas and Pacific Harbour.

He goes to market unlike other bachelors because he loves to cook.

“Most of the families, from my maternal side of the family are gifted cooks, including all the males which include my brother and I.”

“When in the kitchen there’s no stopping us,” he said with a laugh. “I think we owe our skills to our Chinese links from my maternal grandfather who came to Fiji from China and was a chef cooking in restaurants in the 50s in Suva,” Tai added.

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