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Coconut Wireless Pita Dovibua, Suva When will Fiji Sun journalist and custodian of your “Coconut Wireless,” column,  Jyoti Pratibha, wake up and realise that she has fallen way behind time
14 Nov 2014 07:40

Coconut Wireless

Pita Dovibua, Suva

When will Fiji Sun journalist and custodian of your “Coconut Wireless,” column,  Jyoti Pratibha, wake up and realise that she has fallen way behind time and standard? The same applies to her mate, Leone Cabenatabua.

Their constant referrals to individuals as a “SODELPA”  or “FLP” etc , candidate and the usual slanted reporting that follow, are annoying, to say the least.

Leone and Jyoti must be reminded that the elections are well and truly over and people want to get on with their lives as citizens of this country and not be tied to a political choice they once made for a purpose in a particular time in our history. Jyoti’s story on SODELPA candidate, Vane Seruvakula, applying for a government job (Fiji Sun 13 November) and her inference that it signifies a switch in political allegiance is sheer ignorance and so naïve of her. It absolutely holds no water in this post election period and reminds me of the known gossips of old women folks in our villages (no offence) – so fired up in the wrong direction!

With a Government democratically elected by the people and legally in place, aren’t all citizens of Fiji allowed to apply for employment in any government ministry or agency and be viewed fairly without their past political affiliations?

Years ago, Coconut Wireless used to be the column I always referred to for a laugh or to read about an event that stimulated the thinking process. Unfortunately today, it is quickly becoming my “pressure igniter” because of its constant reporting flaws that seem to deliberately overlook simple logic. Oilei!

Party office

Indar Singh Mathura, Nasinu

I refer to Allen Lockington’s letter 20/10/14 where he had stated that all political parties office have closed down and they don’t need us anymore.

I would also like to share my experience which I had faced during the 1972 General Election. At that time, the Alliance Party had connected water meters in Kalabu squatter settlement before the election, and guess what?

The water meters were disconnected just after the next day of the election. Poor people were the mockery of this joke. In regards to the closure of political offices, we should not worry at all as they will open the office again after four years because they will need our vote in the next election. That’s what the politics game is all about and once again the poor and ordinary people will be manipulated for voting. And the trend will continue during each election.

Remembrance Day

Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

While we celebrate Remembrance Day, I think of one of the world’s most historic event, the surrender of Japan to the allied forces on board the United States battleship USS Missouri in 1945.

The words of General Macarthur echoed in front of allied generals and 11 men of Japan.  Those words will never die away reminding all future war makers of the gloom and doom of war.

More than 100 high ranking officers of the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, China, Australia, Canada, France and New Zealand were present to witness the unconditional surrender whilst the band played martial music as they witness the humiliation and funeral of shattered military ambitions.

The call of battle had taken men of every race to every continent and sea.  The question to ask of this generation and the next “were those wars fought in vain”.

High price was paid for the right to live as free people.  Will that price be paid again?

Christian priests

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva

The reason so many Christian priests are living in sin in our generation is simply because the Lord’s apostles did not command the establishment of a human priesthood modelled on the Old Testament Jewish priesthood.

Neither did they instruct that special buildings should be erected or that there should be special robes and religious suits, or special terminology to make worship acceptable.

The New Testament account of the early Christian church was an active, lively, and rapidly growing community. Although believers performed many different functions, there were no distinctions in terms of status: “For as in one body we have many members, and all the members do not have the same function, so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another” – Romans 12:4,5.

It is clear from this that no one person, or group of people should dominate the fellowship of believers. Otherwise it would effectively dethrone our Lord Jesus Christ, “Christ is the head of the church, his body, and is himself its Saviour” – Ephesians 5:23. Jesus warned His followers about the dangers of treating some men or women differently from others. “You are not to be called rabbi, for you have one teacher (Christ), and you are all brethren…” – Matthew 23:8-10. The Christian fellowship is to function on brotherhood through Christ not on human leadership.

Each believer becomes individually responsible to God for the answer he makes to the call of the Gospel. “None can by any means redeem his brother, nor give to God a ransom for him” – Psalms 49:7. His only mediator is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Understanding politics

Gurdial Singh, Savusavu

In his interview with Ajay Bhai Amrit, Amitabh Bachchan the superstar says he left politics because he could not understand politics.

He may have been right otherwise he could have easily become the Prime Minister of India before Manmohan Singh. But then again he would have lost millions in acting fees.

Tax on interest

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Raj Kumar makes a valid point that those earning less than $16,000 per annum do not pay tax but are charged 20 percent on bank interest earned even though the person’s total income is less than $16,000 (FS 8/11).

Come to think of it, on one hand the Government has done us a big favour by increasing the tax free threshold to $16,000, but on the other penalised the same people for being smart in earning extra income through bank interest rates. From memory, I know that all Fijians earning less than $16,000 but are taxed one way or the other should lodge their tax return and get a refund of all the tax deducted.

I believe that the 20 per cent tax on bank interest falls in the same category.

Bad situation

Allen Lockington, Nadi

We just went pass the furore of the general elections. Lots of stuff was said about political parties and individuals but we went on and we now have a legitimately elected government. Some low life even went so far to make fake Facebook pages. Now we have the furore about the Public Accounts Committee.

Let’s get on with the issues at hand and stop the nit picking. I’m sure many people want justice to take place. Forget what the professor said and let’s debate the Auditor-General’s report. Please don’t be frightened by one man’s comments. I, for one want to see justice done because of the gross misuse of public funds. We have bigger things to tend to, please.

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