Use Eye Liner Like A Pro

Using the right eye makeup can guarantee that “heads will turn” when you enter the room. However, you best achieve this by giving more attention to your eye liner, then
14 Nov 2014 09:01
Use Eye Liner Like A Pro

Using the right eye makeup can guarantee that “heads will turn” when you enter the room. However, you best achieve this by giving more attention to your eye liner, then focusing more on your eye shadow. Eyeliner, correctly applied, can make a huge difference in your makeup routine. Not only will it emphasize the shape of your eyes, but it will also accentuate your lashes in ways that mascara alone can’t do. In fact eye liner, when correctly applied, can help turn your makeup routine from sexy, to classy, and all the way, to bold.

Eye liner is an essential part of your eye makeup routine as it defines your eyes and gives them depth. This is why women need to perfect their application techniques.

As important as eye liner is for women, not all of them apply it correctly or at all. You will need to learn everything there is about applying eye liner, whether pencil eyeliner or liquid eye liner. You will also need to learn important tips to help you when applying eye makeup as well as how to apply eye liner with airbrush makeup. In case you don’t know what that is, Dinair- the world’s leading airbrush makeup producer will be of assistance this week to those who wish to use eyeliner but do not know how to apply them.

To those already using eyeliner, you will need to understand what you have been doing wrong.

Here are the top mistakes women make when applying eyeliner:

– Using either too Little or Too Much Eye Liner – One of the basics on how to apply eye liner is using the right amount of product. By using too little, you won’t be able to get the best effect from your eye liner. On the other hand, too much eye liner will overpower the rest of your eye makeup, and waste your efforts in choosing the right eye shadow and applying your mascara expertly.

– Using Greasy Pencils on Your Lower Lashes – Applying eye liner may seem difficult at times. However, you shouldn’t use a slick pencil just to make your work easy, as you will be cleaning up smeared and smudged eye liner later.

– Lining the Inside Rim of Your Lids and the Area Between Your Lashes –  Before, when learning how to apply eye liner, you may have been instructed to make sure that your lids’ inner rim, and the area between your lashes, received a generous amount of product. However, applying it this way will only guarantee you to have perfect eye makeup for a short period of time. Afterwards, your eye liner will smear and deposit into the corner of your eye. Not only does this look unattractive, but it will also affect your cornea in the long run.

– Ignoring Your Eye Size While Applying Eye Liner – You always need to keep in mind your eye size when applying eye liner. Small or close-set eyes, for example, will not benefit from thick eye liner, because, this will make the eye look smaller or closer. So, first, you need to learn how to apply eye liner to suit your eye shape.

– Applying Eye Shadow as Eye Liner without the Proper Instruments – Many guides that teaching how to apply eye liner, recommend using eye shadow instead of pencil or liquid eye liner. However, unless you have the right brush (a small, precise, fine-tipped brush), you should avoid this technique. Besides, it can be a difficult method for those learning how to apply eye liner to attempt.

– Lining Only Your Bottom Lash Line – Some guides recommend using this product only on the bottom lash line. However, if you listen to those, you will end up adding years to your age. Lining your bottom lash line alone will make your eyes seem droopy and heavy, therefore making your face appear older

– Older Women Choosing Stark Eye Liner – Using eye liner that appears stark on your eyelids will make you look older. As it will draw attention to the lines and wrinkles you have around your eyes. So, if you’re above 40 and your skin is starting to develop symptoms of aging, you need to learn how to apply eye liner the conventional way rather than following the trends set by bolder young artists such as Lady Gaga.

– Applying Mascara Before Eye Liner – Some women believe that applying mascara first will allow them to assess how much eye liner they would use. However this is wrong, applying mascara after your eye liner allows you to compensate for any lack of depth or definition you may have caused by applying your eyeliner wrong. In addition, because you are still working on your eyes, you are bound to disturb your mascara causing it to flake.

Keep these mistakes in mind to avoid them.

How to Choose Eyeliner

Before you can learn how to apply eye liner like a professional, you need to find the right eye liner product for your eyes. To be sure to select the right eye liner, here are a few tips you can consider:

– If you are new to the world of eyeliner, consider using a soft-tipped eyeliner pencil. Not only does it offer you more control but it also ensures that your liner remains intact.

– When it comes to applying eye makeup, liquid eye liner is in high demand because it offers more definition than pencil eyeliner. However, you need to practice using it so that you can expertly apply it on your eyelids.

– You may be tempted to use dry powder eyeliner, but this is for professionals who know how to use makeup brushes and water-based makeup. Besides, it is a hassle since it requires that you clean the brush after every use.

– Colored eyeliner looks attractive, especially if you are young. Make sure to select the right shade, by basing your choice on the natural colors of your hair, eyes and skin.

– If you’re considering airbrush eyeliner, which is available through a few airbrush makeup producers, make sure that it is safe to use around the eyes.

5 General Yet Important Eyeliner Application Tips

The following are tips you need to remember to get the most from our how to apply eye liner guides.

– Use a little foundation or talc on your lids before applying eyeliner. This adds to the life of your eyeliner and guarantees the perfection of your eye makeup.

– Always start at your lash line and then build upwards. With this basic technique, you won’t have to worry about messing up your eyeliner or missing any spots.

– Always allow your eyeliner to settle before applying mascara.

– A great eye liner tip is to open your mouth a bit while lining your lids. This relaxes your eye muscles and ensures you of a perfect line.

– Avoid dark eyeliner if you have  prominent dark circles under your eyes. Unless you are using airbrush foundation to perfectly camouflage your blemishes, black or dark brown eyeliner will make you end up looking like a raccoon.

Tricks to Enhance Your Eyes with Eyeliner

Eye liner is a very useful tool because it can add certain effects which you may need to enhance your eyes.

– To make wide set eyes appear closer, simply use eyeliner from the inner corners of your eyes covering about one third of your eye. To enhance this effect, use a lighter shade of the eyeliner you used on the outer corner of your eye.

– For close set eyes, apply eyeliner on the outer corner of your eyes and line inwards, stopping one third of the way from the inner corner.

– Women with small eyes can use white eyeliner on their water lines to make their eyes look bigger. They can also apply a lighter shade of eyeliner in the inner corner of their eyes and then proceed to draw a thicker line along their eyes.

– If you have droopy eyes, you can apply eye liner close to your lash line starting 2/3 of the way from your inner eye and then sweep the line to the outer corner. This will “lift” the outer corner.

Now that you know the important basics of selecting and applying eyeliner, make sure to use what you have learned in your daily makeup routine.



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