Raiwai Raiders Joins League

When it comes to sport there are no boundaries because not only does sport bring people together but it is also used as a way to deal with issues that
17 Nov 2014 10:07
Raiwai Raiders Joins League

When it comes to sport there are no boundaries because not only does sport bring people together but it is also used as a way to deal with issues that arise in certain communities.

Crime is one problem that cannot be eradicated globally but it can be reduced starting from communities and what better way to do that, then through sports.

The Raiwai Youth and Community Council have been concerned about the amount of petty crimes that has been going on in their community.

However, they have reduced crime in the neighbourhood substantially and they did that by forming a rugby league team called the Raiwai Raiders.

Raiwai Youth and Community Council secretary Josefa Nasilasila said by setting up a rugby league team and involving the youths, this will hopefully kick start their chances to doing something with their lives.

“The hard work we are doing as a community is to try and help our youths for the betterment of their lives for the future, there is a lot of opportunities for the youths and especially in rugby,”he said.

“Rugby is well known and all of our young rugby players are going overseas for contract and that is one of our main targets as it could be another form of employment for these young boys.

“These boys are school dropouts and they are involving themselves in petty crimes and we are concerned about them and we are working hard to try and establish a form of assistance for them not only sports but in other activities.

“But right now we are trying to keep them actively involved and occupied in doing something constructive with their time.”

Since the rugby club was set up a few months ago, Nasilasila said he has seen major changes in the communities and a sense of purpose in the players.

“We have seen some very big changes since we formed the new rugby club, they have been very delighted with what we are trying to do because they are the ones who came to us and requested this.

“For the past two months they have been committed to their training, this is something new to them and they have been very excited about the opportunities we have opened up for them especially with the new FNRL season starting.” he said.

But the Raiwai Youth and Community Council do not tend to stop there, as they will continue the initiative by setting up a variety of sports in the community.

“Setting up this team is a way to keep them (the players) occupied because the crime rate statistics has gone down from red zone to green zone,” said Nasilasila.

“We intend to re-establish the Raiwai Volleyball Association and also the Raiwai Basketball Association, these associations used to be active in the past and we are also working to revive netball too in Raiwai for the women.

The Raiwai Raiders have received jerseys from Margy and Henry Fisher of the Fiji National Rugby League but still need the help of corporate businesses, said Youth Coordinator Southern Division Police Command Inspector Ravu Dansey.

The Raiwai Youth and Community Council committee will start approaching business houses next week to look for support for the initiative they are carrying out in their community.



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