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Visa on arrival Vishwa Nadan, Lautoka The magnanimous gesture of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on the granting of visa on arrival for visitors from Fiji and other Pacific
21 Nov 2014 07:52

Visa on arrival

Vishwa Nadan, Lautoka

The magnanimous gesture of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, on the granting of visa on arrival for visitors from Fiji and other Pacific nations should be applauded by the frequent travellers and visitors from Fiji.

This no doubt to a large extent will be a big relief to those seeking visas at the local embassy where like other embassies are subjected to rigorous procedures.

In the same token, it would be highly appreciated if Australia, New Zealand, Canada and America would also review the visa eligibility of genuine visitors. Already people seeking to obtain visa from these countries have to fork out large sums of money in the form of visa application fees plus voluminous accompaniment of documents.

To many of us this exorbitant amount in the form of visa application fees with other associated costs is already costing the applicants a leg and an arm.  (Notwithstanding the success rate of obtaining a visa).

I strongly suggest that these countries, where Fiji citizens frequently travel, are also given visa on arrival for those visitors who intend to stay for less than three months. This, however, should be substantiated and verified with the financial limitations of the visitor.

I am highly hopeful that now our relationship with all these countries have been fully restored, after the general elections, a similar goodwill and kind gesture will be given serious consideration by the relevant authorities.

SODELPA boycott

Timoci Gaunavinaka, Nausori

The boycott by SODELPA Members of Parliament from attending the Parliamentary address by one of the world’s most influential leaders shows the calibre of their mentality. Pure arrogance and childish.

In his fifteen hours in the country, Narendra Modi gave over a $150 million to the people of Fiji which will benefit everyone including many who voted for SODELPA.

The Government has every right to set the programme and if they choose someone else to do the vote-of-thanks and so be it. What guarantee is there that SODELPA’s vote of thanks will not turn out to be a political speech?

I beg the current Government never again to include SODELPA on any discussion of national interest and keep them confined to their tiny insignificant corner of the house. Warden Narsey can join them there. Cut down whatever they bring in to Parliament and bulldoze out the door any proposal they present. Give them a taste of their own medicine.  You have the overwhelming majority in parliament to do it.

Government does not need SODELPA in the next four years

Our national interest and focus must never be subservient to the childish and useless agenda of a group of individuals whose total votes in the last election was just a fraction of the votes won by the Prime Minister alone. That is the people’s mandate.

Government cannot realistically expect to develop and build this nation to great heights while holding hands with those who try at every chance to collapse and destroy it.

Modi visit

Praveen Chand, Nausori

The visit by Shri Modi Ji to our shores has been a momentous occasion which will be our centre of discussion for many months and even years to come.

The leader of the largest democracy made his presence felt not only locally but regionally and globally. The relationship between the two countries will be elevated to another level. The ultimate beneficiaries shall not be Mr Modi or Mr Bainimarama but the ordinary citizens of both the countries.

The country will soon welcome the President of China, the most populous country in the world.

The visit by two great leaders to a tiny island nation speaks volumes of the direction that our country is heading. We are indeed excited that Fiji would soon become a major global player.

The global image of our nation has been raised by our very own “home- grown” revolutionary and iconic Bainimarama.

Dr Sharma bitter

Amenatave Yaconisau , Suva

Dr Sushil Sharma’s analysis titled “Getting up close to Ro Teimumu”(FS 15/11/14) needs clarification.

It is amazing that a scientist of such calibre can stoop so low in a bitter attack against these two opposition members.

There are things to be said in such columns although it is his right of expression to say anything.  I appreciate a scientist developing into a philosopher and poet as well.

On parliamentary emoluments he can refer to section 80 of the 2013 Constitution and he may wish to read the written laws prescribed for such emoluments.

He has said things targeted to hurt the Professor and the Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi in a drumfire of criticism on their salaries, politics, offensive symbolism and poetry that is best forgotten not for its authenticity but fabrication.

I agree that politicians are always being attacked either openly by mass circulating columnist like Dr Sushil Sharma or covertly through a whispering campaign.

Professor Biman and Ro Teimumu despite their impressive performance in their own fields are not immune from such criticism.

It can only stir up the Opposition especially the NFP camp, interferes in state affairs like membership and operation of PAC but more so affects liberal and bi-party democracy that we embrace.

Dr Prasad was a top professor in economics from the University of the South Pacific and Ro Teimumu a renowned educationist and traditional leader-but still people hear unkind comments about their activities in Parliament.

It must be clear by now that no parliamentarian has monopoly over voters like the professor and Ro Teimumu apart from the PM himself who scored the highest. As a determined columnist sounding off in print about every issue under the sun (most of which has gone too far), he lays himself too much criticism.  It can only get him down a little now that everyone is reading his articles.

Smear artists and mud slingers should be toned down and this newspaper particularly should have a restraining hand. Anyway readers can enjoy the ham in the sandwich and not worry of where it came from.

Dr Sharma writes with vigour and enthusiasm, but is not a particularly gifted writer and thinker and against social scientists like the Professor and Ro Teimumu he will have a difficult struggle.


Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

If Digicel did really pay $20,000, then it would class it as goodwill payment. If that is the case, then there is no legality issues involved. Vinaka Digicel.


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