Letters To The Editor November 24, 2014

6 o’clock news William Gardiner, Lautoka Did we hear an expletive, uttered live on Fiji One budget summary on Friday evening 6pm news? Not only is this unacceptable but avoidable
24 Nov 2014 09:24

6 o’clock news
William Gardiner, Lautoka

Did we hear an expletive, uttered live on Fiji One budget summary on Friday evening 6pm news?

Not only is this unacceptable but avoidable if proper measures are taken.

This is not the first TV or radio station to have suffered this humiliating experience, as many an overseas station has been in a similar position.

But not only is the reporter guilty, but more so, those who produce and proof read broadcasts prior to its airing.
Everyone can make mistakes, and it is in the auditing system, where these slips are picked up.

Do not fully blame the person saying the word, but look at the system the TV station has in place to make sure they are never heard.
To the TV station’s credit, an apology was broadcast very quickly.

Timoci’s labour
Amenatave Yaconisau, Suva

Timoci Gaunavinaka seems to squirm absurdly at everything happening in politics even from the rear end of the highest level of it he seems intent on continuing free labour for certain political parties (FS 21/11/14).

His comments warrants the authorities to look at section 17(3)(d) of the 2013 Constitution.
He believes that his comments are acts of grace and may hang somebody’s grandmother for it.

We all know that the act of boycott is part of the democratic system, the refusal to deal with anybody, organisation or person. Even in India, refusal to partake in the election is a democratic choice.

It raises the question whether boycott is freedom of expression or an act of dishonor in Parliament. Will such pressure bring about changes on the things intended?

On the flip side will the Opposition’s continuous boycott breach any parliamentary standing order which may disqualify them from any future debates of bills in Parliament.

This would be sad because these are elected representatives who need to be involved in parliamentary debates for the sake of people who voted them in.

Be that as it may, it seems that the affirmative will have everything by simple numerical supremacy. That has been tested already.

Live coverage!
Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Is Fiji Television broke that they couldn’t show the live coverage of the Fiji – USA match?

Around the world
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

If you live in Suva, you must have heard or are aware of a suitcase recruitment drive for people to work in the laying of railway lines in the United States.

Now we hear that the same work requires people in Russia, Korea, Germany, Malaysia and other countries with those who have been picked doing physical training in Suva and Nausori.

One batch should be leaving on Tuesday and having paid $30 each, they still have their passports with them and no visa applications have been filled out.

It saddens me that here we have a Government who wants us Fijians to be smart but it seems some of us just can’t add one plus one, that it is just a con.

This so called recruitment drive reminds me of the movie, “Around the world in 80 days.”

Budget planning
Kirti Patel, Lautoka

I have a humble request to the authorities to please fix all the street lights in Lautoka and even other places outside Lautoka.
I also request for all the traffic lights to be fixed and functioning again.

I hope this year’s budget will help break the trend of the non-working lights just for decoration purpose.
Please fix it or remove it permanently.

Joe Gonewai, Suva

I did not see the logic why the State has to increase the duty from 0 per cent to 32 per cent on deodorants, perfumes and after shave for its citizens when it is already an expensive essential item to us.

An average body spray for men are now retailed at $7.50/bottle which can last for 2-3 weeks and for this increase, it will be retailed at $13.00/bottle. Do the State want its citizens to be reeking with body odour? Also this item is not manufactured locally and therefore this increase does not justify anything at all but penalising its citizens from decency and refreshing scent in their body. Secondly, why increase the duty rate of the blank DVD’s from $2 to $5 per DVD? This will deny many low income household from accessing cheaper entertainment and most of them are their voters. Is this the State’s avenue to reward its majority voters who put them in office by denying them some access to entertainment which can only be afforded by people who are making these policies?

Lastly, why do you have to penalise our people with high rate of duty on alcohol? Do you figure out that NCDs are only caused by the alcohol and you can stop it by increasing its cost to the people? Do you see that the voters who put you in office do not have to access to this luxury except only those who have the resources such as those who came up with these easy policies and those of you who endorsed it?

Please stop this nuisance of penalising the 80 per cent of the population who are classified as low and middle income earners to maintain your lifestyle that people accorded to you through their votes.

Also please be sensible and think deeply of what you are trying to inflict to the people of Fiji with this senseless measures of idiocy.

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva

Kelepi Lesi (FS 17/11) has sidetracked from the issue because he is not familiar with 2Timothy 3:16 which teaches us that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness.

My letter on “Priests” was not addressed to any particular denomination it was a general reference on priests in our era. God had ordained the Jewish priesthood at Mt. Sinai through Moses and it ended with Christ on the Cross – Col 2:14-17; Heb 8:6-7. 4:14-16.

The Levitical Priesthood traces through the three sons of Levi (third son of Jacob) whose names are Gershon, Kohath and Merari and through the Sadducees until it went extinct at the death of Christ.

Aaron and Moses were sons of Kohath, the second son of Levi, they had special pre-eminence over all other Jewish tribes including the Levites.
High priests were appointed for life by Moses, but at the time of Jesus were appointed annually by the Romans.

This is why we have multiple high priests at the trial of Jesus (Annas and Caiaphas). Annas was High Priest from 6-15 AD.

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