Letters November 27 2014

Second shameful act Ratu Tubu Uluiviti, Suva Leader of Opposition and SODELPA Opposition members, should be ashamed of themselves to even think of, requesting a salary review, and to expose
27 Nov 2014 16:05

Second shameful act

Ratu Tubu Uluiviti, Suva

Leader of Opposition and SODELPA Opposition members, should be ashamed of themselves to even think of, requesting a salary review, and to expose it on FijiLive and this local daily, is far worse particularly, when you haven’t even started with what your voters voted you in for.

First shameful act was created when you boycotted PM Narendra Modi’s Fiji visit, and now, the second.

Review of salaries

Sukha Singh, Labasa

I don’t know if it’s right or wrong for Ro Teimumu to ask for a review of the salaries of the Opposition leader and the other Parliament members .

I would like to know how many hours of actual work does a member of parliament do in year.

You can include sitting in Parliament as double time .

I have always wondered what criteria was used for determining the new pay rates   of all our  new members .

The difference between the Prime Minister and the Opposition leader’s pay is huge and I know this must be causing a lot of stress  to our Honourable Opposition Leader.

Non-residents and freehold land

Mike Reid, Ovalau

I am very concerned about two recent  articles printed by the other daily claiming that the Ministry of Finance stated in the budget speech that non residents or foreigners could no longer purchase freehold land in Fiji.

If this story is factual I feel it could have  a very detrimental impact on our economy.

Could the Fiji Sun please investigate this story and clarify the situation?     Editor’s note: See page 7 for clarification

Provincial levy

Debby Mue, Suva

It is that time of the year when my village leader in Suva starts reminding us iTaukei members of my village in Koro Island to chip in so that we could get our soli ni yasana (Provincial levy) out of the way.

This is not the first time I have raised this issue through this column and it will not be the last if we iTaukei do not get a clear cut explanation from authorities.

What bothers me is that we hardly hear of other provinces remind its iTaukei residents to pay their provincial levy.

We have just heard of the 3.3 billion national budget for next year and the other grants and help from other nations and I believe the Government has provided a reasonable budget for our provincial councils.

So why are some of us still being asked every year to pay this levy?

Furthermore, nothing is receipted and we do not get any feedback on where this money is being used.

If we are all called Fijians then all Fijians living in each province should be levied, not only the iTaukei.

Could someone out there please clarify this issue once and for all.

SODELPA boycott

Abendra Ram Tahal, San Franciso, USA

The boycott by SODELPA and its leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa of the official visit of the Prime Minister of the biggest democratic nation in the universe, Mr Modi shows the lack of statesmanship and lack of leadership to lead any nation by international standards.

The SODELPA voters and supporters were let down by the Opposition Leader, Ro Teimumu for her misjudgment and extreme views against democratic rules.

The right thing for Ro Teimumu to do is to resign from her position as leader of SODELPA, and save the party’s image and credibility if any left, in the eyes of its voters and supporters.

However I would like to commend SODELPA’s coalition partner, NFP and its leader, Biman Prasad for the bold and right move in breaking ranks with SODELPA and joining the Bainimarama Government in giving and warm welcome to the most powerful democratic leader on the planet.

Fiji, a small nation is blessed with the visit by such big dignitaries like the Indian, Chinese leaders etc.

Even the neighbouring island nations met Mr Modi.

SODELPA has been counterproductive and a hindrance to the growth of Fiji’s economy growth, peace and prosperity since its foundation.

SODELPA still follows like always the old SDL racial and discrimination policies where the poor iTaukei underprivileged struggled to come out of poverty yet never succeeded.

Mr Bainimarama’s fight against the racial discrimination polices of past governments of Qarase, Chaudhry, Rabuka in the last eight years brought hope and joy in the life of the Fijian people.

The Fijian people acknowledge and appreciated the elimination of racial policies by Mr Bainimarama’s Fiji First and giving the party a land slide victory.

The nation is blessed with free and fair rule under the Bainimarama Government where everyone is treated equal with respect, dignity and of course one identity, the Fijian.

God Bless Fiji.

Doctor shortage

Allen Lockington, Nadi

Every person who has gone to a government hospital knows what it’s like.

The wait is long and the time in the doctor’s examination room is/can (sometimes) be short. Heck the doctor has to see so many and he/she has to try and see them all.

Some people will undergo a through examination and some will get a fleeting glance and the doctor has made a diagnosis. For the experienced doctors, they will know the genuine case and the one who came in for a sick sheet. (Here I speak from my days as a customs officer – re sick sheet, but that’s another story.)

Sometimes people who go there do not really need to go and see a doctor.

They probably have a headache in their stomach or big toe. But they have the right to go and see a doctor if they so need.

We, the people who go to the hospital can see that doctors and nurses are sometimes stressed.

And I ask, how well can a person under stress perform? No wonder some people get the wrong medication prescribed to them.

Furthermore, there has been a huge exodus of our medical staff in the recent past.

If you ask me why, I will say that they have gone to greener pastures.

Because over there they get better pay and better working conditions.

Then we go and bring in expats and we have to pay them the expats wage.

Why cant we just hike the doctors pay so that we can retain them in Fiji.

When will we learn, for goodness sakes.

I have written about this so many times that I sound like a stuck record.

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