How To Reduce Your Fuel Cost?

To own vehicle brings comfort and convenience to a household but keeping it up is not cheap – you have to pay for fuel. Fuel for your car is as
29 Nov 2014 00:10
How To Reduce Your Fuel Cost?

To own vehicle brings comfort and convenience to a household but keeping it up is not cheap – you have to pay for fuel.

Fuel for your car is as important as food for the family – when you are drawing up your shopping list for the fortnight or for a month, you do have to budget for the fuel.

Quite a chunk of your money is spent on fuel but what consumers can do is to be smart.

They must properly plan their fuel consumption. Consumers must act to improve their vehicles fuel economy.

However, the question is how to save fuel if vehicles are not fuel-efficient.

The council has the following tips for consumers to help reduce their fuel cost:

Watch your speed: A recent survey by Consumer Reports, independent product testing organisation in the world, showed that the faster you drive on the highway, the more fuel your vehicle will consume and reducing speed improves your vehicles fuel economy.  Now, maintaining speed reasonably low will also mean safer roads for the motorists as well as the pedestrians.

Maintain your vehicle: Well-maintained vehicles not only improve fuel economy but also keep you safe while on the road. This means, making sure that your vehicle is properly tuned, your tires are properly inflated and using the right oil for your vehicles. Vehicle owners should note that underinflated tires require more energy to roll and this wastes fuel. Bad wheel alignment, dirty filters and a dodgy spark plug can let your vehicle down but they are easy to fix. An improperly functioning vehicle part can reduce fuel economy and create unnecessary wear on the vehicle.

Combine errands to one trip: Letting your car to cool down and warm-up while making short trips eats up extra fuel. Vehicle owners should note that vehicles run most efficiently when they are warm, so it is advisable for drivers to properly plan their trips and combine errands into one trip. This will surely save consumers’ time and money.

Plan your route: Mapping out the most efficient route for all your stops is a great way to increase your miles per gallon.

Knowing exactly where you are going will reduce unnecessary running of the vehicle.

Remove excess weight: Avoid keeping unnecessary stuff in your trunk. To carry extra weight on your vehicle can reduce your fuel economy. In addition, if you are driving a smaller car, the benefits can be even greater.

Don’t be a drag: At highway speeds, more than 50% of your engine’s power goes to overcoming aerodynamic drag, or simply driving through the air. Thus, carrying things on top of your vehicle adds to the resistance.

The council is advising consumers to control the things that they can contain to positively influence their fuel consumption.

Changes to consumer behaviour and strictly following maintenance routines of their vehicle could make a significant impact over the life of your vehicle your safety and your budget.

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