Letters To The Editor, November 29, 2014

Musoniwai creek Isireli Bolaniveimau, Lautoka   Since 2002, I joined 200 plus residents stay put in a housing lot in the midst of life and death situation. Currently, though we
29 Nov 2014 11:44

Musoniwai creek

Isireli Bolaniveimau,



Since 2002, I joined 200 plus residents stay put in a housing lot in the midst of life and death situation.

Currently, though we are still not out of the woods yet, as Mother Nature always appears unwelcome and the disaster is unbearable to say the least.

Since 2002, the SVT-led government, Labour-led government, and the Qarase-led government all acknowledged and took interest to address the problem we faced beside the creek known as Musoniwai Creek.

The Bainimarama Government, through the Commissioner Western office, categorically informed one of our community members that our project will be tabled in Parliament and included in the 2015 Budget.

Come January 2015, there will be a concrete solution in view of two fold pertaining issues:

1. The transfer of those living near to the Musoniwai Creek

2. To make rock line facelift to the vulnerable creek edge.

We certainly believe that there will be someone up in the higher pinnacle of our Government who will take notice and work something out for the betterment and secure living for those of us living close to Musoniwai Creek.


Curious writer

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Don’t misunderstand me because I am a FijiFirst supporter and what they stand for is rooted deep within my soul.

My question is why when a letter (positive and negative) is sent to the two English newspapers regarding the Government, only the Fiji Sun prints it. I am very curious indeed.


Jewish priests

Lawrence H Narayan, Suva


Kelepi Lesi (FS 23/11) would have by now read the Bible and understood about the Jewish priestly system and how God substituted the physical nation of Israel to a new people in spirit. God’s people are not an ethnic group anymore but those who inwardly bear his Holy Spirit – Romans 2:28-29.

There is no Jewish temple today therefore there is no need for a temple priest.

The Jews now stand and mourn at the “Wailing Wall” in Jerusalem at the remains of the Jewish temple just as prophesied by ancient prophets of God.

Furthermore, the appointment of priests in the Bible was restricted to men from the tribe of Levi from the descendents of Aaron and not any other Jewish tribe or even any other Levite clan.

Kelepi Lesi should know by now that the Jewish priestly system did not pass on to any Gentile nation, it ceased at the Crucifixion and Jesus is now the High Priest representing all who believe in Him as Saviour – Hebrews 4:14-16.

No human agent today can claim the position that is currently being occupied by the Lord Jesus Christ. Those who worship God, must worship Him in spirit and in truth –John4:24.


General elections

Dan Urai, Lautoka

Lagonilakeba’s rant (F/S/19/11/14) is but shallow and erroneous. He needs to be corrected once again. Firstly I was barred from contesting the General Elections for a minor matter where I was fined $20 thirty-five years ago.

Secondly, I never lost my union job nor whipped in the September General Elections.

Thirdly, Lagonilakeba does not have the quality or the experience to talk on parliamentary privilege for the simple fact that he has never been there.

Lastly and not the least, I have never lost an election and   given an opportunity in the next General Elections, I have the capability to reduce the number of seats Fiji First will win.



The letter below has been re-printed because the author’s name was incorrect when it was first published on Thursday.

The correct author is Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, not Debbie Mue. The error is regretted and we apologise to them.

Provincial levy

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

It is that time of the year when my village leader in Suva starts reminding us iTaukei members of my village in Koro Island to chirp in so that we could get our Soli ni Yasana (Provincial levy) out of the way.

This is not the first time I have raised this issue through this column and it will not be the last if we iTaukei do not get a clear cut explanation from authorities.

What bothers me is that we hardly hear of other provinces remind its iTaukei residents to pay their Provincial levy.

We have just heard of the 3.3 billion national budget for next year and the other grants and helps from other nations and I believe the Government has provided a reasonable budget for our Provincial Councils.

So why are some of us still being asked every year to pay this levy?

Furthermore, nothing is receipted and we do not get any feedback on where this money is being used.

If we are all called Fijian then all Fijians living in each province should be levied, not only the iTaukei.

Could someone out there please clarify this issue once and for all.



Neelz Singh, Lami

There are many alleged scams involved behind the name of development.

Misuse of taxpayer’s fund, overpaid salary, abuse of office and power, and other factor is involved.

Funds have allegedly been used without any accountability and transparency, tender protocol not been followed.

Major reforms are needed regarding this.

So the question is, what role can you play to put an end to this?



Allen Lockington, Nadi

Trees are being cut down in Lautoka and soon we have none left in the city.

I just pray that those in power will have some compassion for these living things.

Tress do so much for us, I hope everyone understands that.

One thing good about Vatukoula is that it is illegal to cut down trees.



Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Does the 10pm ban on fireworks really matter?

There are individuals still lighting fireworks well after 10pm.

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