Letters To The Editor, December 02, 2014

Plant mangroves Wise Muavono, Lautoka Since there will be no development on foreshore areas that have mangroves, I suggest the two gentlemen, Allen and Narayan Reddy to start planting mangroves
02 Dec 2014 08:53

Plant mangroves

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Since there will be no development on foreshore areas that have mangroves, I suggest the two gentlemen, Allen and Narayan Reddy to start planting mangroves on the foreshore side of Shirley Park. This will stop the proposed development of the park. What say gentlemen ?


Ovalau Club in Levuka

Mike Reid, Ovalau

For several years now the much revered and missed Ovalau Club is no more and lays in disrepair. I have asked several ministries, Public Trustee , Levuka Town Council as to what is the legal status of the building and property and no answer from any. What a shame. Such an opportunity missed. There are no trustees or membership. Simple question to the minister responsible is who has the rights to this property so that it can become an asset to Levuka again.

PNG saga
Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

A Suva recruitment agency has not been allowed to be part of the 2014 Roadshow and Trade Mission to Papua New Guinea this year.

It was part of the delegation that went last year and was able to sign two MOUs from prospective employers with regards to the employment of our Fijian skilled workers.

The agency applied to be part of the group again this year but it seems the Ministry of Trade on the advice of the Ministry of Home Affairs has rejected the application.

This recruitment agency was invited to be part of the MSG Round-table Talks in Vanuatu in April this year. It found the decision not to be allowed to be part of the 2014 Roadshow to PNG as questionable.

There are only two authorised recruitment agencies in Fiji at the moment and they work with the Ministry of Labour and Employment to search for and secure work opportunities for the 30,000 plus unemployed people registered with the National Employment Centre.

Are personal issues being used and weaved into the minds of those in leadership positions to shut out an iTaukei recruitment agency whose sole motive in paying their own expenses in the PNG Trade Mission is to find work opportunities for Fijians?

If this is the case, then heads should roll as they are not part of moving Fiji forward.


Holidays and
Dhirendra Prasad, Lautoka

It is really sad to note the death of a student just at the end of the school term not even beginning of the holidays. I have been always highlighting parental negligence and the lack of family organisational skills that is a matter of concern in our society. This death could have been avoided if the ones responsible for this life were duty bound and caring. No use crying over death that arises from neglect.

More worrying is the timing now as our young ones are at home for the holidays. I have already noticed idle minds moving along streets, roads and wandering aimlessly. They do not have any idea as to how this holiday time is to be spent. It is time now for our religious and social organisations to provide for them their fun time, their care and space for creativity. We cannot just pray and leave them to fend for themselves. Let us plan for their daily activities which may include tours, gardening, community work, projects and many more if we try to think on this. What an opportune time to reorganise our home settings to give it a better look. It maybe better to plan daily activities while at home or even on a trip away from home.

Each family should take the responsibility for their young ones and take necessary steps for their supervision. Holidays are for a purpose and should not become space for unfavourable situations but provide strengths to enhance the minds of our young ones. Deliberate negligence would bring situations detriment to the family as well as the society.

I hope this one death will be enough to arouse our family heads and leaders to take charge of their young ones and not wait for more tragedies.


What is compassion and justification?
Peggy Thomas, Deuba

My family and I like thousands of people have been to the Lami Medical Centre, as very, in fact extremely satisfied patients for numerous years.

This was because ,firstly Dr Ali is an excellent physician and in our case never failed to cure our problems and set us at ease. In addition I would gladly say he has wonderful bedside manners.

Now,all these years I have been there the clinic is very well kept in pristine condition not forgetting the reception with such warmth personal touch.

I have no doubt wondered why the Lami City Council has not made any effort to perhaps have some form of compassion for the sick people and improve the accommodation area. Even so it never fails to draw patients from all over Viti Levu to see Dr Ali .

He reminds me of Robin Hood because his charges are affordable for the poor and by not robbing the rich. I personally cannot afford the exorbitant charges of the private hospitals and since insurance companies will not insure the old and sickly, I can only rely on the kind and generous consultation of Dr.Ali.

The point I am making is why is the Lami City Council so adamant on putting up the rent of Dr Ali’s Clinic ?

What have you done in the many years it has been operating to justify the rent hike? I am inclined to believe after over-hearing a conversation of three men outside the building beside the clinic saying “This fellow is occupying our parking spot whenever we want to park

( just how often is that?) for meetings. We should chase the fellow out” I wonder if this merits a price hike? Come on, think about the poor especially the ones who are diabetic and amputees who need treatments.

Dr Ali is obviously doing a fabulous job and that’s why everyone flock to his clinic. Please reconsider and be merciful .


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