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Nadi town intersection Vineel Nand,  Nadi I was surprised to get statistics from the Fiji Roads Authority for the Nadi town end roundabout. Since 2011 events Fiji has been proposing
04 Dec 2014 09:35

Nadi town intersection

Vineel Nand,  Nadi

I was surprised to get statistics from the Fiji Roads Authority for the Nadi town end roundabout.

Since 2011 events Fiji has been proposing a waterfall garden, one of its kinds in Fiji, but this was the response: ‘Since 2000, there have been 17 reported crashes; 16 damage only, and one non-hospitalised crash’.

They cannot discount a significant rise in crash severity in the event that a vehicle mounts the roundabout and collides with the structure.

It is also likely that any structure or garden installed within the existing roundabout will reduce visibility between eastbound traffic on Queens Road and westbound traffic on Nadi Back Road.

As part of their commitment to the UN Decade of Action of Road Safety (2010 to 2020) the Fijian Government is looking to halve the number of serious and fatal crashes on their network by 2020.

To allow a structure that could potentially increase the risk and severity of an accident is counter intuitive to this goal.

I totally agree with them, but can they work alternatives to reduce these road accidents or just completely removed the roundabout they have.

Luckily there were no  deaths. Also I would like to work on the overhead crossing in all town and cities to reduce accident and traffic issues.

Mini buses

William Gardiner,  Lautoka

The alarming case of yet another minibus mishap adds to our road fatalities yet again.

Not only did the recent accident lead to the death of a passenger, the driver allegedly does not have a valid driver’s licence, he allegedly does not have 3rd party insurance. And he somehow thinks he can disappear?

The LTA must shoulder some the blame for allowing this allegedly unlicensed driver and 3rd party less vehicle to operate in combination, as a public service vehicle driver.

All minibuses should be pulled over for checks of driver suitability and correct documentation. Such is their history of accidents and dishonest operation.

One has only to be out early in the morning or late at night, to see these speed merchants operating in total defiance of the law.

Please LTA, either get these maniacs to follow the rule of the law, or get them off the road altogether.

We have not learned from the many fatal minibus accidents of the past it seems, turning a blind eye to their idiosyncrasies.

For their relatively short time in operation the ratio of accidents of these demons must be extremely high.

Please also ensure the owner of this vehicle is charged for allowing this multiple lawlessness to happen.

Who deserves more?

Jo Turagarere, Lautoka

The Opposition Finance spokesperson has done an excellent job responding to the Government Budget.

I agree that while the budget has some positives, in most parts it is unrealistic and based on very optimistic assumptions and revenue projections.

One expenditure item in the budget that completely baffles me is the $8m allocation for the Natadola Golf Tournament.

The explanation by the Minister for Finance, to justify the $8m extravagant expenditure as “investing in tourism initiatives” does not make sense at all.

Such a large sum of money should have been put to better use than a weekend of golf.

Besides, the Government has separately allocated over $20m for the tourism marketing and promotion and this additional $8m investment in golf is an injustice to other sports.

If there is one sport that deserves that $8m, it is rugby for its immense contribution to the Fijian economy and promoting Fiji.

Rugby has been promoting Fiji and tourism around the world for years, yet has never received the kind of funding that Government has announced for golf. Rugby has been given nothing more than lip service.

There are numerous players contracted who also send remittance back to Fiji.

The Government is quick to mention rugby when the team wins to steal the limelight or when it suits them politically to say rugby unites the nation yet when it comes to putting money behind the sport words are not followed by actions.

Rugby is in dire need of some urgent funds to put the house in order.

We are hopeful the Government will reallocate part of the funds from the Natadola Golf to support rugby which deserves it the most.

Potatoes shortage

Wise Muavono,  Lautoka

I am surprised that some people have been complaining about the shortage of potatoes.

With the abundance of substitutes we have locally such as cassava, breadfruit and even vudi, we really shouldn’t be complaining.

Allen has resorted to picking breadfruits from his backyard tree (which he didn’t plant) as a replacement for potatoes.

We should all take a cue  from this fellow.

Mentor programme

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa,  Nasinu

I received an email from a mentor in the New Zealand funded Pacific Business Mentors Programme saying that they have been informed that the NZ government has not renewed the funding for the programme.

The programme is on hold, not only in Fiji, but across the whole Pacific.

It appears that all the NZ Government aid funding is being subjected to a routine review which will happen early next year.

Our NZ mentors are disappointed, particularly because the programme had been achieving significant improvements with businesses right across the Pacific.

Our FijiFirst Government and the Indian Government have set aside big money to help and encourage Fijians to start their own income generating business.

We have capable people in Fiji and with Government funding; we can create and organise our own Fiji Business Mentors Programme.

That is if we are really serious in helping all recipients of funds to start a business and those who are struggling in running their existing business, to succeed.

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