Letters To The Editor, December 21, 2014

Rugby 7s team Ronnie Chang, Suva Whilst we are thankful our national 7s rugby team has returned home safely from their unsuccessful campaigns in Dubai and Port Elizabeth, South Africa,
21 Dec 2014 12:11

Rugby 7s team

Ronnie Chang, Suva

Whilst we are thankful our national 7s rugby team has returned home safely from their unsuccessful campaigns in Dubai and Port Elizabeth, South Africa, to be with all their loved ones for Christmas, it is extremely hard and very insincere to try to “heap praises” and congratulatory messages for critical results that found us floundering.

National coach Ben Ryan’s going home to England for Christmas with his family is understandable.

It is very evident, some hard decisions will have to be made when we pick the “best” 12 to represent us in the Wellington 7s come, February 6-7, 2015.

Admittedly, the weak links in our once-solid chain were exposed. Complacency and inconsistency “reared its ugly head” once we had our tails up in the semis in Dubai against Australia. We “let slip” the handy and handsome 19 – nil lead against the Aussie. One bad pass, one silly mistake cost us very dearly in that game.

Similarly, in the quarterfinals in Port Elizabeth, once we took the lead 19-17, again against Australia, we lost momentum and through intolerable errors we paid dearly.

Though our 31-nil thumping of England was worthy of some praise, our shameful loss to the USA 14-21 in the plate final was very unbearable.

National captain Osea worked overtime in almost all matches. We need seven excellent players to work like a well-oiled machine full time, 14-minutes, in every encounter – Not 10; not 11; not 12; not 13 minutes.

I think, and I stand corrected, some playing members on-the-field chose to celebrate rather prematurely. Only they themselves can admit the guilt and errors that spelt our vital losses.

In our local lingo, they always say, “mo sivijia na koro, qa kalu……(sivita na koro, qai kalu).

In spite of the hard-to-take losses, may we all wish our national 7s team and their families a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY & PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR. (Please keep fit; watch your Christmas diet and family celebrations as Wellington 7s will beckon sooner than you know). Cheers !!!!


Seinimili Turner’s secret

Sukha Singh, Labasa

Could Seinimili Turner let us all know how she manages to still break weightlifting records at age 61 and yet people a few years younger than her suffer from joint pains and general lack of stamina. It would be nice if the papers can interview her properly so other people can be active like her. I would like to know if she has some special diet as well.


Sick religion

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

Normal people will call those who kill innocent children and other people in the name of their God or religious faith as “sick.” When such murderous acts are in retaliation or revenge for what another nation or group did, then this sick religion is saying that the God they serve is incapable of executing justice.

From a Christian perspective, we have our fair share of sick people and beliefs that gives the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ a bad name.

The God of the Christians became a human being to die for all humanity, teaching us that human life is the most precious thing in all of God’s Creation because He paid the ultimate price for its redemption.

The Creator dying for the created, is just mind blowing and beyond human comprehension.

This is the kind of God that is worthy of our praise and worship.

When we realise what the Creator did for us, we will surrender our lives to Him and He transforms and empowers us to reflect His character of love towards all people, irrespective of race, colour or creed.

We humans are religious beings and when our acts are termed as “sick,” then we are portraying the God we worship and believe.


Bonus payments

Ram Singh, Lautoka

It was starling to read in our dailies of the bonus payments beng given to staff of AFL and Fiji Pine Group.

Are these two entities not government owned! anyway you look at it.

Then why the bonuses.

We have a National budget and we need to account for every cent.

Then why are we sharing profits amonst a few who all have good jobs with good salaries anyway.

Life is so short

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Time has flown by so quickly and 2014 will be over within a few days.

So much has happened within a year. Peoples’ lives have been affected in many ways at many times.

Many changes have been experienced but all in all, one is learning to appreciate life more and value the people who have made life enjoyable, interesting as well as brought about challenges which have tested ones limits. After all, life is so short.


15s players in 7s

Ecelini Naivadra, Namadi

Shouldn’t Ben Ryan be now looking at recruiting suitable 15s players into the national sevens squad as Wayne Pivac did for his successful World Cup team?

The stronger speedier players are emerging as the ones to beat in the IRB Sevens Series and they are in our fifteens teams. Selecting from the Nadro players would be a good start.

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