Letters To The Editor, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Asenaca Tanidrala, Nabua Tomorrow will be Christmas Day and a few days later we will be saying goodbye to 2014. This has been a momentous year and it
24 Dec 2014 11:55

Merry Christmas

Asenaca Tanidrala, Nabua

Tomorrow will be Christmas Day and a few days later we will be saying goodbye to 2014.

This has been a momentous year and it appears time has gone faster this year compared to last year.

As I sit here in my Nabua house I reflect upon the major events that have made this year unforgettable.

At the top of the list is the general election in September. That will rank as the best thing that has happened this year. Despite the voices of dissent, I join the majority in this country, in saying that the return to democratic elections and the subsequent restoration of Parliament, has blessed this country. I say blessed because it has laid the foundation to a certain future.

Since the elections, we have witnessed the acceleration of economic growth as confidence continues to grow.

I am sure next year the momentum will continue. The Government policies are now clear to all. As I understand them, they are designed to include every citizen in this country.

This Government is big on equality. I know this is good for nation. I hope and pray that everyone will come on board and support this movement.

I am excited about the new year. I am sure things are going to be a lot better. The pending payout to Police for outstanding back pay shows the compassion of this Government.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
Season of joy

Neelz Singh, Lami

Dear readers don’t we agree and hope this Christmas season all will be peaceful without any grievances, lets enjoy responsibly and contradict the best out of family gathering and merry making.

Also a reminder to parents need to be vigilant and know whereabouts of their children.

Don’t let them play near the main road or send them to rivers for a swim without any supervision, otherwise something tragic might wait to happen.

Let’s share the joy and find the true meaning this Christmas, wishing all Fijians a prospers and merry Christmas, Vinaka.

One million

Allen Lockington, Lautoka

The one millionth passenger just got on our Fiji Airways and was acknowledged. May I congratulate Fiji Airways on the many flights in and out of Fiji.

However, If you divide one million by 365 (the number of days) the average sum is 2740 passengers per day.

That’s a heck of a big achievement, and wowza. And that is a lot of flights.


Yaconisau opinion

Tukai Lagonilakeba, Nadi

Amenatave Yaconisau’s personal venomous vendetta and attack against me in the FS December 19 and FS December 23 respectively requires correction and realignment.

The Delainavesi kid has to understand a letter that is written by anyone to the Editor Fiji Sun in the opinions and critic’s column will have already been edited by them before printing.

As a matter of fact my letters are not written or intended to meet his expectations or meant to disturb Yaconisau’s intellect.

Lest he forget, every letter written including that of Amenataves, if put through a classroom of 200 students there will also be 200 different answers and interpretations as they do not have to all agree or disagree with him in totality because we simply all think, express and experience life differently.

His personal attack FS December 19 irks of a very disturbed person who was carrying out a sarcastic academic exercise to prove otherwise as my letter was intended to expose the practicality and the relevance of the opposition to our Government’s desire in moving Fiji forward so they can see, improve their performance and justify the reason why they were voted into opposition by their supporters although out numbered.

Mark my word Yaconisau, your use of sophisticated fancy English jargons will not deter me but I endeavour to always write and express my opinion, praise or criticise whenever I see fit as that is our right to freedom of expression but nevertheless

I wish all the families of our brother and sister writers and readers who contribute daily to the Opinions Column a belated happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year but not forgetting, a big vinaka vakalevu also to our hard working Fiji Sun families Fiji wide for this wonderful exciting column.

Keep writing folks and let the editing and printing aspect of our letter’s be best left to the Fiji Sun Team.

Rugby Matches of 2014

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

Many rugby league and union matches were played in 2014 but there were some that stood out.

The grand final of the four nation rugby league series was a thriller as the New Zealand team proved that an earlier victory over Australia was not by chance but well- earned.

Despite desperate attempts by the Kangaroos, New Zealand defended whole heartedly managing to hold on until the final whistle.

One cannot deny the passion and determination of the South Sydney Rabbitohs which took the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs by storm, ending a 43-year premiership drought.

If there was one rugby 7s match in 2014, it definitely had to be the South Africans demolishing the All Blacks at the final of the Nelson Mandela Bay Sevens Tournament.

On the local scene there is no way one could dispute Nadroga’s status as the national rugby champions.

All in all, some excellent rugby matches in 2014 but one looks forward to more surprises come 2015.


Sri Lanka rugby

Sukha Singh, Labasa

How does Sri Lanka rugby union or the clubs manage to pay around US$8,000 a month to top Fiji rugby players .


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