Letters To The Editor, December 27, 2014

Hypocritical call Dr Sushil K. Sharma, Lautoka   A call by the Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa in a daily newspaper (FT 26/12/14) to set our sights to where our
27 Dec 2014 13:59

Hypocritical call
Dr Sushil K. Sharma, Lautoka


A call by the Opposition Leader Ro Teimumu Kepa in a daily newspaper (FT 26/12/14) to set our sights to where our country was headed as a nation goes totally against the grain of what she and her “18 patriot” members have been doing the entire 2014. She wants to make the spirit of Christmas a permanent part of a national life, and claims that she as the opposition was leading the charge towards democratic accountability, openness, truth and justice.

It is quite rich for the Opposition Leader to grand-stand matters. She provides this type of hypocritical call to the Fijians, when every member of the Fijian society knows that she has been nothing but in the shadows as an opposition.

She has in no way been leading a charge towards democratic accountability by walking out during the national debate of the 2015 Budget.

This happened again when the Opposition walked out during the deliberations and final voting.

They had a right to challenge and question the items and expenditures presented to Parliament under all the 15 heads by the Minister of Finance.

She was quoted: “As we gather once more with family and friends to celebrate this momentous occasion in our Christian calendar, let us also reflect on our past as a nation and set our sights on where we are headed. We should commit ourselves to making the spirit of Christmas a permanent part of our national life.

We have established our national Parliament, and thirdly, we now have 18 patriots of democracy on the Opposition side to lead the charge towards democratic accountability, openness, truth and justice,” she said.

Our advice to the Leader of Opposition is that she try to learn and set examples for Fijians first by the way she and her 18 patriots behave in the Parliament, before she tries to fool us Fijians with this type of grand-standing call.

We question you through this column: How do you intend to the lead your so called “charge towards democratic accountability” from outside the Parliament, where you have spent more time since election than on the benches?

Further, you led the charge towards the shaming of our nation internationally, by boycotting the Parliament, as one prominent overseas PM “was bringing in funds and money through one door of the Parliament and you were running out of the other one”, as stated by a prominent Government member.

Please note that you do not have the credibility to even appear in print in the manner that you have done.

You have let your own supporters down by getting full pay and sitting allowances, when in fact you walk out saying that “it is your democratic right to do so”.

It is a pity that in your call, you say that it was a great achievement for Fiji, for the formation of a national Parliament when you and your team do not have the stamina, motivation, knowledge, acumen, strategy nor the wisdom to be around in parliament and be counted and for taking the fight to the sitting government of the day.

Ro Teimumu Kepa, you and your team, have made it clear by your actions, that there is no need for the Opposition till 2018 in the Fiji Parliament and that the sitting Government is ethical, knowledgeable, has the vision, interest of all Fijian -wherever they come from, and whoever they voted for — and with or without you –will forge ahead and look after and take care of all Fijians.

You and your team have been destined to the dustbin of history, by your own actions, by which you have established the Opposition is irrelevant, not with the times, does not have the interest of the country at heart, and that we Fijians should move all our alliances to FijiFirst from SODEPA/NFP in our own interest.

God Bless Fiji!

Response to Tukai
Amenatave Yaconisau,



Please allow me to respond to Tukai Lagonilakeba’s letter (FS 24/12/14).

Mr Tukai Lagonilakeba has this well known capacity to bark astonishing and cheeky things about people.

The upsetter from Nadi keeps on poking his nose into things that do not concern him and squirms absurdly doing it.

He labels me a kid with a disturbed mind which the contents of my letter do not verify.

It does not bear lies, boastfulness and personal vilification as his.

He ignores my letters and carries on with his barking and investigations treading on everything decent from his trench to smear others.

It is probably the absolute freedom of the press to offer writers of his type space to canker peoples lives.

He may have meant good advice and not malice then it should have been a private matter between him and the victims not the whole nation.

People who read this good newspaper would be incensed by his remarks riddled with lies, malice and distorted appraisal of our parlimentarians and the list goes on in the name of ‘good governance’.

Yet the gatekeepers of this newspaper keeps on printing his stuff with the importance it does not deserve amidst the many worthy letters that arrive on their table.

Worst of all he seems to think that our rulers in Parliament don’t have the answer or the petrol to move things and that our free press is the only way to publicly ridicule them.

But section 17(3)(d) of the 2013 Constitution is designed to protect people of this nation from such vexatious writers.

Lets change the carpet which has been smeared beyond recognition.

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