Letters To The Editor, January 1, 2015.

Need recognition Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi   I refer to our FS 27/12/14 titled’14 who made the diffference in 2014’. I don’t know the influencing factors behind the choice made here.
01 Jan 2015 09:26

Need recognition

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi


I refer to our FS 27/12/14 titled’14 who made the diffference in 2014’. I don’t know the influencing factors behind the choice made here. Obviously peace and justice are not considered important by the raters.

Why is it that four important people who laboured for peace and justice in 2014 are not even recognised in such list. What a shame!

The Chief Justice who is the head of the judiciary has been working hard through the courts to ensure that laws and conduct of citizens of this nation are upheld by the courts.

The military commander, Commissioner of Police and Commissioner of Prisons also played vital role in 2014 yet they are not cited in the list. These people ensured law is enforced by maintaining internal security and stability, peace, surpressing disorder and their general willingness to cooperate with Government in maintaining the constitutional order of the President as commander -in-chief of the armed forces. They have kept everything essential for our peaceful coexistence.

We must recognise them for making a difference in 2014. They shape our future today.

Shipping service

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

While those who depend on inter-island shipping vessels are grateful for the services provided by the shipping companies, I believe the shipping authorities are to make constant checks on vessels before being allowed to carry passengers.

There are three vessels that currently in service, Koro Island, the Lomaiviti 1 and 2 and the Patterson Brothers Spirit of Harmony.

I have no beef with the Lomaiviti 1 and Spirit of Harmony as they are both fast vessels and passengers are happy with its services.

The Lomaiviti 2 was under repairs before Christmas and those of us who were passengers for the trip to Koro via Gau Island on the 22nd and 23rd felt that the vessel was running on only one engine.

The vessel left Suva at 9:30 pm, reached Nawaikama in Gau at 1 pm and Koro Island at 7 pm.

Passengers who have traveled on quicker vessels thought that they will reach their destination in the morning of the next day but the slow pace is just a mental nightmare.

Imagine the mental and physical strain on those who spend up to a week or more on these slow coach vessels just to get to their destinations in the outer islands?

The public wants or   demands for excellent public service vehicles to serve them on our public roads. Is is too much to ask the maritime authorities and shipping vessels to provide the same standard for Fijians travelling by sea to their outer islands destination?

Staff departure

Kirti Patel


It seems to have become the norm to have members removed from their work place without appropriate reasons being made public. First, it was the two senior managers of Fiji TV and now the Fiji National University vice-chancellor Ganesh Chand.

While it is understood that certain provisions are in accordance to law per contract to layoff staff without reasons, it makes the general public confused about the scenario that is being developed thus leading to all sorts of speculation. The FICAC investigation at FNU is not made public as well. It does not take long for the public to jump to conclusions without knowing the mere facts. I hope the present happenings at FNU does not dishearten our students who wish enter for their future studies. I wish FICAC all the best with their investigation and hope the matter is resolved soon with whatever reasons so that the false speculation stops and things are out in the limelight.


Holiday sleep

Floyd Robinson, LNasinu

2014 was like a sleep that’s over but too soon. 2015 will come and go. There’s one thing for sure. There’s not a soul which will get younger by the day. In the meantime, enjoy sleeping over the holidays.

Blessed 2015

Wise Muavono


According to my observation, New Year’s resolution is a “to do list” for the first week of January. Kaila! May you all have a blessed 2015.


Fiji Television

Nardeo Mishra, Nasinu

As I read in your papers that Fiji Television has been extended their broadcast licence for another six months.

Last week I read that a radio station has been granted broadcasting license for 15 years. Where is the justice?

Does this also apply to the other two TV stations too?

The people of Fiji need answers as to why Fiji TV has been victimised where FHL has got the majority shares.



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