Chew Finds Niche In Info Guide

Finding a niche market in a competitive sector can be quite a task. But a woman, whose footprint is in marketing and media found her own when she saw a
03 Jan 2015 10:30
Chew Finds Niche In Info Guide

Finding a niche market in a competitive sector can be quite a task. But a woman, whose footprint is in marketing and media found her own when she saw a need for a ‘visitor-information guide’ on Fiji.

Connie Chew’s years of media and publishing experience have helped her take advantage of this. As a result, Chew Publishing Company Limited, a privately-owned Fijian business, was established.

The company’s flagship magazine EXPLORE Fiji grew out of a 2003 unique, handy-sized product to offer visitors to Fiji with ‘useful and entertaining information’ at their fingertips.

EXPLORE Fiji is the innovation of its producer, publisher and owner Ms Chew who is a proud Fijian, educated here and hails from a pioneering Suva family.

EXPLORE Fiji magazine plays a pioneering, crucial and important role in shaping ‘Tourism’ as it complements Fiji’s #1 economy.

 This is an industry that touches and benefits all people of Fiji and its visitors.

The publication markets Fiji through editions of the free print magazine, plus through digital innovation (print magazine in interactive, flip-page technology).

Additionally, it has strong social-media presence on the World Wide Web.

The company is one of three to be finalists in the Services & Support category for the 2014 AON Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards.

Ms Chew said: “It’s humbling and equally wonderful to be recognised, especially among the big leagues of Fiji’s tourism industry.

“This includes product supply, marketing and or promotional initiatives and support services that either individually or collectively, have contributed substantially to the sustainability, awareness & success of Fiji as a tourism destination.)

“I am elated that EXPLORE Fiji has for the first time made it to the AON FETA finalist list.”

Ms Chew continues to share, the importance of the EXPLORE Fiji in the tourism industry and through EXPLORE Fiji, be able to grow the industry in this Hard Talk edition.

How would you describe our tourism industry?

It is a vibrant industry that touches and benefits all people of Fiji and our visitors. Essentially, it is the lifeblood and the backbone of our beautiful country, our home.

So in a nut-shell, EXPLORE Fiji supports Fiji tourism industry’s aspirations to reach every corner of the globe to lure travelers and holiday-makers (individuals, couples, families, business people, investors, seniors, groups, adventure seekers (divers, surfers), to-weds, honeymooners, MICE (Meetings/Incentives/Conferences/Entertainment), sports teams, etc) and schoolies to choose Fiji.

How is EXPLORE Fiji performing currently?

As the dominant and popular travel publication that visitors (and even locals) find in many resorts & hotels, tour desks, adventure and activities outlets, cruise vessels, select restaurants and cafes and hospitality locations within Fiji, I will say that EXPLORE Fiji magazine is performing rather well. The magazine will celebrate its 12th year in business (end of January 2015).

The colourful and informative travel guide is “ubiquitos” (everywhere) in Fiji.

In line with the social media growth, EXPLORE Fiji has gone digital – global – for better engagement with readers, advertisers and the community.

EXPLORE Fiji (print & digital version) is available free. The main target segment is tourists.

These potential travellers, especially those who are frequently online, can check EXPLORE Fiji via our quarterly e-magazine (past issues also available).


How is EXPLORE Fiji performing currently

Arrival tourists can grab a hard copy from our many distribution points or browse the magazine on their computers, smartsphones or tablets.

The secondary targets are local Fijians and expats who seek out updates for sightseeing, mini escapes, places of interest, investments, dining destinations or new products.

Plus, we added an interactive QR code on our magazine cover to aid in easier weblink and information.

In line with social media mobility, EXPLORE Fiji included digital and is free to view globally.

Our EXPLORE Fiji Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+ pages continue to grow with friends/fans/followers, and we intend to boost our presence in the social media arena to engage better audiences.


What investments is your publication looking at?

There is definitely growth potential. Yes, EXPLORE Fiji’s parent company Chew Publishing Co Ltd has plans for further investments including the creation of an even greater digital presence for the magazine.

What else would you like to share about EXPLORE Fiji?

EXPLORE Fiji welcomes visitors to the only country on Earth where you are welcomed with a warm ‘BULA’ everywhere you go.” EXPLORE Fiji fills readers with the BULA-spirit and makes them want to come and experience, explore and engage Fiji.

The goal and focus of EXPLORE Fiji is to promote Fiji to the world – and it overwhelmingly achieves this with, amongst many wonderful features, warm and vibrant pictures of all aspects of Fijian life, articles on Fijian “escapes (resorts / cruises), and bountiful things to do in Fiji ~ uniquely exotic and natural.

20,000 printed copies of EXPLORE Fiji magazine every quarter allow visitors and locals alike to gain a greater understanding of what Fiji offers not only in adventure, dining, destination escapes, eco-tourism, Fijian culture & traditions, local holidays, multi-ethnic events and local trends, it also offers useful traveller information on Fiji, history, and other product information.

Background Note:

2012 – EXPLORE Fiji goes GLOBAL through the digital world

2008 – Ahead of the Olympic Games in Beijing, Chew Publishing continued to pioneer EXPLORE Fiji into China. A second edition of EXPLORE Fiji Chinese edition was delivered ahead of the 8-8-2008 Olympic Games in Beijing where the world, including Fiji, competed.

2006 – EXPLORE Fiji’s first Chinese language edition broke new ground when Chew Publishing pioneered the way into the mammoth emerging CHINA market.

2003 – EXPLORE Fiji was born! a pre-2003 Fiji that had nothing in terms of quality and reliable tourism information and today has grown.

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