Letters To The Editor, January 3, 2015

Reply to Dr Sharma Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi   I thank Dr Sushil Sharma for his learned advice on section 17(3)d) of the 2013 institution(FS 2/1/15). The provisions for the correct
03 Jan 2015 15:10

Reply to Dr Sharma

Amenatave Yaconisau, Delainavesi


I thank Dr Sushil Sharma for his learned advice on section 17(3)d) of the 2013 institution(FS 2/1/15).

The provisions for the correct interpretation of any section of the 2013 constitution can only be determined by the High Court and not by anybody else.

The learned meteorologist is equally dissatisfied with the performance of Opposition parlimentarians. I don’t know what has deepened his abhorrence of the Opposition’s conduct.

He hopes that disappointing comments and criticising parlimentarians in a free country as Fiji will destroy their confidence, and will paralyse their power to hit back.

I think they have their own orchestra of followers, who will continue to serenade the nation with their views of ‘proper’ governance.

To be in opposition is a glorious task even with Dr Sushil around, the free press of this country should be there to prime them and back them up. All parlimentarians including opposition parlimentarians were decided on by the desires of free people and they stand to the sword of the people who chose them at the ballot box.

The destruction of the Opposition has throughout this duel been his aim.

Peoples ancestry and status has been ridiculed, parliamentry intergrity has been trashed, and former PMs rubbished.

May I also warn Susana Tuisawau not to apologise and pay honour to Tukai Lagonilakeba as a way out of this exchanges.   It will only strengthen their position.

May God save her from such writers who paint gloomy pictures of things and cannot restrain themselves from malignant criticism in the name of ‘absolute’ freedom of speech. We must aim resolutely at resisting malignant criticism in our midst.

If they maintain such vile behavior no one will play with them.

Someone is working hard to crush the normal decency that our society is known for. Something is poisoning human hearts.

In the end they will say, “I appreciate your comments and cooperation in the paper” but in the end you will be a victim too”.

If the winds of political change happen they will be the first to have doubts about their opinion, and maybe decline opportunity for candidacy, the last unexplained disappearance from sight.

I advise them to go back to their jobs and assume responsibility for building a new Fiji. They will render far greater service there then criticising in this good newspaper.

This country too has taken great interest in the current whether condition of dry spells with sudden onset of heavy rain.

With refined metereologists like Dr Sushil Sharma involved in this debate, the nation may be deprived of accurate meteorological recordings and advice.


Sewer systems

Floyd Robinson, Nasinu

With much celebration involving the heavy consumption of food and drinks over the holiday season, there is surely going to be overworked sewerage treatment plants and systems.            Let’s hope that this does not worsen the current problems to our sewer lines in the Suva area. All in all, after the celebrations individuals do have to relieve themselves.

Exciting year
Kirti Patel, Lautoka


Having stepped in this new year, let’s hope to have an exciting 2015 ahead of us.

We have arrived at a new and fresh space which should allow us to let the bygones be bygones and move ahead with positive thoughts and vibes.

This new year, there would be many making plans for the whole year as to how to take each step for each events. Let’s hope this year will be different and unique.

For all those who regretted in 2014, you have another chance to prove yourself. We all make mistakes but we also learn from them. As it has been said “Success is not forever and failure is not fatal.”

We also wish this year will have less mishaps like road accidents, fire and drownings.

We do realise certain things are not in our hands, but always precaution is better than cure.

Also let this year to be free of hatred and ill feelings towards each other by being forgiving where possible by showing we are stronger as the weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.

So lets join hands to make a difference both for ourselves, people around us and most of all for our beautiful nation Fiji, the way the world should be.


FBC programmes

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Someone asked why FBC TV is always airing programmes and movies from yesteryears.

I said maybe they can’t afford present day programmes and movies. It does bother me at times,but I’m thankful I have a collection of “Sponge Bob.”

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