Letters To The Editor, January 6, 2015

Natadola beach Allen Lockington, Lautoka A website says “Bula and welcome to Natadola Beach Fiji, situated on arguably the best beach in Fiji. Miles of pure white sand and clear
06 Jan 2015 12:14

Natadola beach

Allen Lockington, Lautoka

A website says “Bula and welcome to Natadola Beach Fiji, situated on arguably the best beach in Fiji. Miles of pure white sand and clear blue waters.”

Natadola Beach offers all-tide swimming and reef snorkelling at either end of the beach, a magnificent fresh water swimming pool to relax by, fantastic accommodation set amongest tropical blooms and beautiful, intimate restaurant. Beautiful isn’t it?

But I am told that there is a lot of rubbish left behind by those who use it.

The road sides are littered with rubbish.

Most of the people who have contacted me are Fijians who have returned to Fiji for a holiday with family.

I doubt very much that tourists will do such a thing, this can only be our very own local people who still have to master the fact that all of Fiji belongs to them.

But I could be wrong.

Anyway, who is responsible for keeping the place clean. Natadola Beach is known world wide, some people don’t care.


Flight meals

Nardeo Mishra, Suva

Thank you Fiji Airways for listening to the concerns of the public.

We have seen a vast improvement in the type and quality of food served on flights to and from Fiji by Fiji Airways.

This may not be the best but much better than cold roti parcels given in a box.

My only concern is that their flights are not on schedule and that is a concern to the travelling public.

Lets hope it gets better this year. Happy flying.


Truth will prevail

Mohammed Shameer, Auckland, NZ

I wish to express my thanks and appreciations to the relevant authorities in regards to the suspension of the Acting PS/ DSPS Education – Basundra Kumar.

It seems to me she is a very power hungry woman who wants to be in the lime light. Under her leadership she had made a lot of unfair decisions regarding promotion and transfers.

She favoured the elite group who were in her group.

People will not be mislead by her allegations.

Truth will always prevail.


Teenage pregnancy

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Teenage pregnancy is a rather frightening reality that can change lives in an instant.

Should we be expecting a rise in teenage pregnancy after this festive season? I hope not!
Home Invasion

Peggy Thomas, Deuba

Since Friday January 2, 2015 the street of Hibiscus Road at Pacific Harbour was volatile with gangs of foreign nationals invading a house across the street they reside in and destroying the property with Police officers witnessing the incident.

The victims said that it seemed that the Police were not prepared to stop the violent home invasion.

The foreigners invaded the property and naturally the tenants fought back so the question is why was the victim who was the tenant of the house invaded got put in to lock-up for a whole night?

Even when she was taken to hospital to nurse her injury the nurses actually told the victim that they witnessed the Police officers being bribed.

Can we put it down to coffee money, taxi fare since the Police are always lacking in transport when needed or skulduggery?

Foreigners who come over to our land and buy over properties like it is going out of style are not only creating endless problems for our citizens wanting to be owners of their own homes the perpetrators are also creating a false price hike in property market sales.

The leader of the attacking pack, who I have had dealings with before, however said I quote: “ Fijians are the most stupidest people in the world.”

We chastised him and told him to be respectful to the Fijian communities to which he replied “I don’t care.”

This is what happens when they think they can never be mindful of our rules and regulations.

A pocketful of cash seems to be the solution for them and will open all doors,this is not surprising at all.

I did report my misgivings of having to tolerate the disparity of planning permission given to these foreigners.

Absolutely ludicrous and shameless to those culprits who have taken payments from these guys and given them the authority to disrupt our peace and tranquility here at Pacific Harbour.

This is only the beginning of how foreigners will react to protect their interest but you try doing that in their country and you will arrive home unceremoniously in a coffin.

I think our Government should step up and sort this out.


Wellington and

Las Vegas 7s

Savenaca Vakaliwaliwa, Nasinu

We are currently on second place in the 2014/15 HSBC Sevens World Series with the New Zealand and USA legs coming up early next month.

While the majority of us will opt for the live TV coverage, those who want to visit New Zealand or the USA may apply for a visa to do so and you do not need someone to sponsor you.

All one needs is enough funds to look after your expenses and other details showing that you will return to Fiji after the 7s tournament. This is surely a great opportunity to visit these two nations and the other countries hosting the HSBC Sevens Series including Australia.

I have helped filled in visas for those who earn a living planting root crops and yaqona in villages, who do not have bank accounts and yet have had their visas granted.

We want our Vodafone Fiji 7s team to win this current series and be one of the top four for automatic inclusion in the up coming Olympic Games.

Let us support our boys all the way.

Go Fiji go.


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