Letters To The Editor, January 8, 2015

Political talk Kirti Patel, Lautoka How nice it will be to read that the ministers rather than saying that ‘’we will do this and that.’’say that “we did it.” The
08 Jan 2015 09:33

Political talk

Kirti Patel, Lautoka

How nice it will be to read that the ministers rather than saying that ‘’we will do this and that.’’say that “we did it.” The public is more interested to know the outcome than the planning. We know all in powers but we want to know the positive effects of it.


Polluted shores

Allen Lockington, Lautoka

The people who defy orders not to fish in the no fishing areas may be forced to do so out of necessity.

Anyway, before the waste spillage, how clean were the waters? Our shore lines are polluted and full of rubbish. We often see pictures of fish and turtles tangled in plastic bags.

Anyway, I have a question.What usually happens to the sewage that has now spilled into the river?

And us in Lautoka, we do not have a sewage plant , where does our sewage go? It is a fact that when you go past Natabua on the way to Nadi the aroma of raw sewage permeates the air. I am told that the place where the sewage pipe ends is the best place to fish.

If the authorities care, how about coming to the waters outside Natabua and testing the waters, and tell us if it is safe.

But back to the people whose livelihood has been affected by the spillage, can government assist in anyway?


My congratulations

Waisale Ramoce, Suva

May I reiterate my hearty congratulations to our seventh formers who are still basking in the success of their exam results.

Those sleepless nights, perseverance and commitment have come to fruition. For a nation whose focus, among many other things, is the education and welfare of her citizens, a number of these students who will begin a new milestone either in tertiary education or employment opportunities, will be a part of that realisation that this nation become a knowledgeable society.

However, I would like to plead on their behalf that they be treated equally through scholarship awards, employment opportunities and other learning facets that come their way. In the past we have witnessed how some have succumbed to an unjust and a manipulative system

The least that every deserving student together with their parents and benefactors are expecting is a demise of their fate for a great future.ying.


Taxi service

John William Tamani Nausori

Veivueti Taxis should be commended for the service they provide to the communities.

Whether the need of a lift is from my highlands in Naitasiri, South or Northland Tailevu or the delta of my naita in Rewa, Veivueti will be there to serve you.

Thank you Veivueti Taxis.



Rugby standard

Wise Muavono, Lautoka

Vinaka Ben Ryan for clearing the air on overseas-based players wanting to secure a spot in the national 7s team.

I lift up my bowl and salute you for saying, “Gone are the days where they can get back on the plane and come back and don’t do extra fitness work.” It’s also absolutely true that we have to stop looking in the past and look more towards the future.

This is exactly one of the reasons why we should have a foreign coach. There is no vakanua business.

Drug bust

Neel Singh, Lami

Starting of the year and the recent drug bust, human trafficking, uprooted marijuana, stabbing and terror.

Do you think is Fiji safe? So far, we’ve been safe from the terror that Middle East countries are facing. Our country of happiness soon will turn to major changes as it grows in technology and economy-wise.

Development can happen in many ways.

Shall it approach through right directions so will be the crime.

Watch dogs need to be more vigilant, smart to secure our boarder, so can we help fight crime?


Gas delivery

Ronnie Chang, Nadi

Having been a loyal customer in excess of at least 42 years and as a true “kai Nadi” through and through, I am certainly not-the-least amused with the absurd decision to discontinue gas home delivery services in my ever-growing township.

Like me, thousands of residents in Nadi may be forced to reluctantly “switch” to the alternate choice.

I am utterly disappointed.

The contractor for home deliveries is not able to properly cope at best of times.

Extended waiting periods for such deliveries are somewhat unpalatable.

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