Soft Copy Online: Reddy

The soft copy of textbooks for Year One to Year 11 is now available on the Ministry of Education website. Minister for Education, Mahendra Reddy confirmed this in a press
11 Jan 2015 10:46
Soft Copy Online: Reddy

The soft copy of textbooks for Year One to Year 11 is now available on the Ministry of Education website.

Minister for Education, Mahendra Reddy confirmed this in a press conference yesterday.

He said it was Government’s commitment to do away with any obstacles in the free education system for children.

Four days ago, the ministry made an announcement that no childrenwere to buy their textbooks and novelsbecause it was in the process of printing.

Additionally students are not supposed to print any of the resource materials which include notes, workbooks – which are prepared by the ministry’s Curriculum Development Unit (CDU).

“No students are to buy their resource materials like notes and workbooks because the ministry is printing it for them,” Mr Reddy said.

“We will provide the resource material to every child in primary and secondary school.”

He said the two approaches by the ministry was uploading soft copies for all subjects from Year One to Year 13 as well as printing hardcopies.

“Log on to the Ministry of Educations homepage, you will find that we have uploaded soft copies of materials from Year One to Year 11,” Mr Reddy said.

“We have one of the subjects which are in the uploading process while the remaining would be uploaded before the school starts next week.”


Don’t rush into printing

The ministry advises students that the resource materials like notes, workbooks, textbooks and novels would be printed for them hence students should not rush into printing.

“Those students that have access to PC’s at home can download this material and save it on their desktop, each student can have a soft copy of the resource material,” Mr Reddy said

“But students should not rush into printing; the schools would not be doing any printing as well because the ministry is doing it.”

“The softcopy is interim measure but we are printing and binding and will deliver the materials to the school, so do not rush into printing.”

Those students that do not have internet access can get their softcopy from the schools.

“These soft copies will also be available from schools and students just have to take their flash drive.”


Boost textbook bank

The textbook issued to schools is to boost textbook bank at schools so all students can access text books and novels.

Mr Reddy said schools had a textbook bank so all they needed to do to provide the ministry with the data by the end of first week of school on their existing stock of resource materials.

Based on this data, the ministry would do wholesale purchase.

“So we are instructing the schools not to give out any textbook or novel list, the only think they can give out is the exercise book list.

“We will supply this to schools so students can borrow the books and return them at the end of the year. These would be circulated every year and of course these needs to be replaced.”


Sharing of materials

“To some extent in some cases, they might have to share but we want to avoid that so by end of week one, we will know how many students are there and how many copies we need to deliver,” Mr Reddy said.

Some schools are expected to get the copies delivered to the schools by the end of week one while others would receive it by the end of March.

Mr Reddy acknowledged that there had been some miscommunication that prevented the ministry to put out advance notice to parents on the provision of free resource materials.

“For those that can afford to buy or want to buy can do so if they want to make notes or write their names on it can go ahead with it,” he said


Appeal to donate

Meanwhile, the ministry appeals to the parents who have textbooks, resource materials and novels lying at home to donate to their nearest schools.

“There are thousands of books lying idle at home so we appeal if they can be donated to the nearest schools and this can go to the textbook banks,” Mr Reddy said.

“Those that have already purchase it to either return it or keep, you own it or you might donate next year.”

“We are appealing that if they don’t have a younger sibling, or a child is not using the text book or novel, to donate it.”


Teachers to teach

The teachers have been advised to teach the students with their resource materials and textbooks or novels.

“Every teacher has a set of resource materials, text book and a novel right now, they will use it,” Mr Reddy said.

“For example Pythagoras theorem you don’t need a textbooks, the teacher should teach them but we making it easier to students by providing them a copy each so they can take it home.

“From 8am-3.30pm the teacher will be there with the resources to teach, you can’t be there sitting and reading the text book while the teacher is teaching.

“When you have your set of resource material and text book than you can undertake self directed learning at your home, in your leisure time and in the evening.”



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